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DarkRP Reaping Module
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Dec 28, 2018 @ 8:36pm
Oct 15 @ 1:33pm
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DarkRP Reaping Module

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Initiate a spooky lockdown with eerie fog.

Stray away from the normal lockdown and make sure your citizens are scared to go outside. With thick fog and spooky music, strike fear into the hearts of your rebellious residents.

DarkRP Reaping Module is a module for DarkRP that entirely replaces the default lockdown system. This addon removes the /lockdown and /unlockdown commands and replaces them with /reaping and /unreaping respectively.

When the mayor initiates a reaping, a thick, eerie, black fog moves in until the mayor ends the reaping. The start is accompanied by a chilling tune that is sure to scare. When the reaping ends, it's all over. The fog disappears and everything returns to normal.

This addon retains the base lockdown functionality, meaning that other addons that test for DarkRP lockdowns in the normal way should still function properly, though nothing is guaranteed.

I made this a couple months ago to be a Halloween alternative on my friend's Halloween-themed server.

This will only work in DarkRP and direct DarkRP derivatives.

This is incompatible with StormFox and likely any other weather addon.


FPtje - Base lockdown code
Me - Editing code
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Oct 15 @ 11:17pm
It's not working.
< >
goldio Oct 12 @ 8:54pm 
Will do, glad to know you still work on your old addons. :lunar2019wavingpig:
SweptThrone  [author] Oct 12 @ 4:33pm 
alright well i was unable to make it not work, as it works fine in two different environments, but i pushed an update that fixed some minor problems it had. if, after allowing your server to download the updated addon, it still doesn't work, could you check the server-side console and see if it creates any errors?
goldio Oct 8 @ 12:02am 
Yeah, perhaps I need to have a proper check however when doing /reaping, !reaping so on and so forth. It never said that it was an unknown command. Just... didn't do anything. Perhaps there is something I've got to fix or... uncheck in my DarkRP modules/config but... not sure:lunar2019piginablanket:
SweptThrone  [author] Oct 7 @ 11:47pm 
i'll look into it, pretty sure it's working on my server so that's odd
goldio Oct 7 @ 8:48pm 
Yeah no, I hoped the discussion "It's not working" was false however, it doesn't seem to work at this time. Thanks for the really neat idea tho
Perry Jan 2 @ 4:15am 
Delycan Black Dec 28, 2018 @ 10:46pm 
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