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Dec 28, 2018 @ 10:40am
Dec 3, 2019 @ 1:17pm
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♦Мод добавляет очень, очень много крутого различного оружия. Каждый парень или девушка, найдет свое любимое оружие.
♦The mod adds very, very many cool different weapons. Every guy or girl will find his favorite weapon.
♦♦♦♦♦♦ ВНИМАНИЕ ♦♦♦♦♦ ATTENTION ♦♦♦♦♦

♦Любые действия в файлах моего мода ЗАПРЕЩЕНЫ!!
Нельзя перепаковывать, нельзя брать текстуры и модели, нельзя вырезать, ничего!
Свою работу я узнаю всегда. Буду кидать страйк!

♦Any actions in the files of my mod are FORBIDDEN !!
You can not repack, you can not take textures and models, you can not cut anything!
I always recognize my work. I'll throw a strike!


UPDATE 04.12.2019 -Обновлен под новый патч -ТОЗ-33 теперь работает как нужно (2 патрона 12г) -Новых предметов нет. -Updated under a new patch -TOZ-33 now works as it should (2 rounds 12g) - No new items.

class name

Many thanks to these guys. You are the best. Model authors SG 552 - Krycek PP19 - Krycek AS VAL -SAM61 m9 - damkung13 SCAR - Krycek TT -SAM61 ACE 23- Alec Markarian \ Karti HX 762 - r_populik PBS4 - r_populik rpk - BOOLY KAC - everything colt1911 - WaedoeThanez m1 - KnechtRuprecht sr1m - SAM61 r0tzbua 590 - Hemingway svt - sam61 glock 18- tigg psg1 - Noodum, Krycek p99 - LATTEH axe - Yogensia VSS - Yuri Mamonov (SAM61) pn23 - Paul Yakushev nailgun \ CBJ-MS - syn m28+scope - SYN MAC10 - Kutejnikov \ KingstonCarte ak74um - Sarvs SR2 - The Edge 5.56 silencer -ImBrokeRU bandeage - elouisetrewartha м1935 Paul Yakushev Mr.Rifleman GSH-18 SAM61 Alexandr_I SIG SG550 -Krycek r_populik p220 -Noodum SAM61 TOZ - SAM61 ChinaLake - Kosai106 k6-3 shamanoff oldhelm-VirtualBG vsk94-Adept1993 ddm - Boolyq case-diaspora helmet seva - FIDOv K98 - SAM61 CS5-Everything OTS - RedRogueX IIIIIacTyX MP44 - Saghen The Edge PM - SAM61 M98B - 3DMaesen MP40 - Tactical_Beard Tactical Helmet - Simon Coenen USP - Chris Zirk AN94 -SAM61 Krysek butt + ak handguard - Frobin_G Banka - Evan Can - Horus3dart SV98 -SAM61,Krysek, 8Bal M24 - debarjun.das PKP - SAM61 G36C - arby26 L85A2 - tigg APS - r_populik HK416A5 -SAM61 Alexandr_I AK12 - Krysek and RahGun ppsh - egorka RPD - egorka AEK - adept1993 Street-you SOCOM - Ivan Laus FNC - Ivan Laus SnipeMask, Kerchief - Krusak VSSK - Ivan Laus Gitar - IDALGAME M200 - Denys K P90 - Ivan Laus & SAM61 M1 Garand-Raymond SA_VZ58 -Sam61 Mp7 -Ivan + SAM61 Armsan RS-X1 - Yksnawel CheyTac M300-Ole Gunnar Isager DrMask -Luan M.S. R870 - Ilya Gorod Bags - Starmod82, GenryP, Texterues Kyratic PoasBag - Dizz MesokBag - Ivan Yacovles L96A1 AWM - TEC 9 RK62 - SAM61 Mossberg 500 - Dave Watts F2000 -SAM61 EDEAL Nodaty -mSameja Thompson - creationwasteland CTS 7290 Flashbang - thanez f1- SAM61 Alexandr_I PPSH-Artem Goyko Desert Eagle - LukaszKmak G43 \ Lee Enf - SAM61
The mod used models with free distribution and use. Rights are not violated!
Immediately I warn fans of quack quack, about the models. In this mode, models with free use and distribution are used. FREE! USING FREE, WITHOUT A PERMISSION MEANS!

Do a good deed, and support the author
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PINNED: types.xml and Trader Entries <incomplete>
Nov 25, 2019 @ 8:55pm
COMPLETE Trader Config sorted by Categories by | RaG | 19.09.19
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Sabandra 5 hours ago 
When buying your rpk from trader it causes the entire server to crash, Not sure if it's because of Dayz's recent update, but i wanted to inform you in case your mod needs an update to work with 1.07
✯ sp34gl3-3y3 Feb 8 @ 7:40am 
I suggest you actually edit weapon stats so every 556 gun isn't just a m4a1 clone with somehow worse behaviour
.:: Spooky ::. Feb 8 @ 4:40am 
Hello FIDOv, I have sent you a friend request, would like to talk to you privately about a mod. I would be very grateful to you for that.
Komito Feb 6 @ 9:40am 
I see there is a slot for the HUNTINGTOP backpack, what is it you can attach?
Ghost Feb 3 @ 12:26pm 
complete the types pls
rastaFEARian Jan 31 @ 4:22pm 
Buggy as hell, won't verify under any circumstance, and installed on almost every server I play on. Therefore rendering those servers useless. Wouldn't recommend this one unfortunately.
flyzest Jan 31 @ 1:10pm 
conflict FIDOv PACK 4 and CJ187-Cars
BlackPlombeer Jan 31 @ 5:20am 
Ребята, доброго дня всем! Какое название класса для синих патронов которые помогают убивать монстров?
Weyland Jan 30 @ 11:05pm 
The FP4_Nodaty turns invisible when it's in the FP4_Nodaty_Sheath. Please fix, I love the Nodatay!
タラオスマ Jan 29 @ 9:05am 
(Client PBO could not be verified: @FIDOvPACK4\addons\fp4.pbo)
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