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The Endless Dungeon
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Jul 15, 2013 @ 5:27am
Jan 16, 2014 @ 4:25pm
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The Endless Dungeon

This Mod introduces a new endless dungeon, The Eternal Realm, that can be accessed from any town in the game and from the Mapworks.


* An infinite dungeon that starts at your level and increases in difficulty as you descend. If it gets too hard, you can return to town and re-enter the portal to the Eternal Realm and the whole dungeon will be different. See how far you can go in one trip!

* 26 Different floors to encounter, all randomly chosen as you run through the dungeon. These include the normal floors and monsters like you would find from the Mapworks, but a number of floors can be populated by any monster in the game.

* Even outdoor floors with newly designed entrances and exits can be found. For now only the Temple Steppes and the Frosted Hills (and 2 variants of each) are included. Eventually Outdoor areas from Act 2 and Act 3 will be included. These areas are larger than most dungeon floors and contain extra loot to be found.

* Major bosses from throughout the game can very rarely show up in the dungeon and drop significant loot if you take them down.

* Each floor has a good chance to spawn either an Enchanter or a special gold treasure chest.

* New Transmutation recipes to make the most of the loot you will find in the dungeon and shore up any gaps in your gem collection or re-roll those Rare Blue items you don't want into a number of different items.

Screenshots show some of the non-standard levels that can be found. **Note, there seems to be some issues with some of the current screenshots**

* A portal to the Eternal Realm shows up far below the Final Boss Room due to a merge bug. Be careful while fighting it. Worst case scenario, temporarily disable the mod if you are preparing to fight the final boss until this bug can be fixed.
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Wayback  [author] Jul 10 @ 9:11pm 
Accepted. I've seen about 40 sum odd folks subscribing to the mp beta version with no notes of problems so far. I've also taken the opportunity to make a handful of new tileset/lighting mixes and laid the foundation for making the desert style random levels like I wanted to before I burnt out on it years ago. Once i feel happy about testing those, I'm going to integrate them into the main version.
Nemmay Jul 10 @ 6:46pm 
Don't apologize, I did most of it to myself throughout the years of abusing substances to mask all of my pain, and tweaking my brain's neurochemistry on my own to enhance performance for various things for a short moment of time; however, when you're an addict, you can't stop yourself because you'll never feel as if you've had enough until you're so beat down you want help.

I added you as a friend, me and another developer friend of mine are going to test it; accept the friend request and our inquisitive asses may be able to help narrow down some problems.
Wayback  [author] Jul 8 @ 8:36pm 
Sorry you had to go through that and I certainly hope you are feeling better now.
Nemmay Jul 8 @ 8:01pm 
It was crashing when a person joined the game; I have yet to test the new version.

I've been getting my medication sorted out as being put on the wrong med drove me insane over the weekend and I was convinced I was dead and in hell for a bit, demons were after me, bad times.

Needless to say, I noped out of most video games, and TL2 would have triggered me in ways unimaginable. I'm a recovering drug addict with some psych issues as a result, so my medication being messed up can be very dicey for me and off to psychosis land I go.

Seriously, imagine playing this game thinking you're in hell, everyone's a demon, and I had momentary thoughts of just going full doom guy for a bit until I reached out for help lol.
Wayback  [author] Jul 6 @ 5:06pm 
So, I've taken some time to compare with other mods that have dungeons like mine and have re-done a number of setting in an attempt to have them mimic something that seems to work. I've uploaded this as a new mod (can be seen in my workshop); I encourage everyone that has been having trouble with multiplayer and this mod give it a try and let me know how it goes!
Wayback  [author] Jul 6 @ 2:45pm 
Just reinstalled the toolset, lets see what I can come up with!
Wayback  [author] Jul 6 @ 9:55am 
As far as I've seen, there isnt somewhere where you set the 'seed' for the randomizer, but I'd think it would be based on who is hosting the game. If there were any way to collect crash logs for why it is failing, it would be a lot easier to zero in on the problem, but I personally have never been able to reproduce it, so I don't know what the root cause is. You could try removing the setting that repopulates levels when re-entering. Its been so many years my memory of all the settings is a little fuzzy.

In your experience, do people crash when joining, when entering the dungeon, or re-entering it after an initial visit? If it is only when using the portals, see if the same crash occurs when using an endless dungeon generated from a map scroll in the mapworks.

Hope that helps a little bit.
Wayback  [author] Jul 6 @ 9:55am 
The Torchlight 2 Forums had (or still have) a lot of good resources that I used for references. I know at some point it worked multiplayer as is since I saw people uploading mod review videos playing through it with other people.

If you are going to try modding it, you can try removing the portals from the maps since I had created map scrolls to enter it as well, and the actual dungeon itself is in the 'map' section of the modding tools where I put all possible levels as part of the same dungeon and check off options to where the next level is randomly determined; you can see in the normal map files how the linear dungeons are defined.

Nemmay Jul 5 @ 3:15pm 
I don't know anything about TL2 modding; can you recommend any resources to get me started?

I have experience with other games throughout the years on various platforms.

Anyways, how is the dungeon itself decided? I've noticed that when you climb up and down it resets a the floor you initially came from.

Since it's randomized, is the randomized variable different for each player in MP or did you design it to specifically be for everyone on the server?

I don't know enough about the game to understand what Mapworks is, but why not just remove the portal from Mapworks entirely?
Nemmay Jul 5 @ 2:58pm 
I don't think there has been.

Does it work in MP without any other mods? I haven't tested this, and I haven't seen anything recent that uses your mod. Anyone know of anything that uses this or something similar that plays friendly with popular mods?