Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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So You Don't Want to Suck at Red Orchestra: A Guide to Help Correct Common Mistakes
By billy herrington dakimakura
New players will be quickly alienated by a rather small veteran community, especially during these sales. This basic guide will help provide a hand to players who are familiar with mainstream shooters and those who simply do not know the game.
Let's Get Started
Alright, so if you're new to this game, you've probably bought it during one of these sales, thinking this was going to be an easy game to get into, after all it's just an FPS, how different could it be?
Well, that ends up being your first mistake with this game because, on the surface, it seems to be nothing more than an average World War 2 shooter but after diving into the single player campaign or a 64 player multiplayer server, that opinion will quickly turn around. Red Orchestra 2 is an experience that may overwhelm some new players so let's begin by describing some of options that are given to you when first booting up RO2.

1. Single Player
Yes, there is a single player, and no, it's not very good. There's a really basic story but at the end of it all, it ends up just being a bunch of bot matches. It would be comparable to the Battlefield 2 single player experience if they had added a few short cutscenes that are essentially useless. It's a cool little addon but not necessary. If you're rather intimidated by online play at the start, this wouldn't be a bad place to pick up some of the game mechanics but don't let it become a crutch, the multiplayer makes this game what it is.

2. Multiplayer
Tripwire created three different ways of play, so let's go through them.

A. Action
It's comparable to Call of Duty: World at War on a hardcore server. Everything is rather streamlined, for better or worse. Every class has a sidearm, the mechanics have been tweaked to encourage more run and gun play, and in general, is just more faster paced, which is a big turn off for veterans of the series and to some new players that were hoping for a tactical WW2 experience. I personally don't recommend this mode because it's the exact opposite of what the game should be but if you really want to play it, go ahead.

B. Realism
It holds onto a lot of the gameplay of action mode while making it far less forgiving. For instance, only a select few classes hold pistols, the mechanics heavily punish players who run about, and encourages players to be way slower and tactical than action mode. It still has its own quirks because it is still extremely fast paced compared to RO:Ostfront but is typically extremely populated.

C. Classic
It's a more recent addition to the game but it's a welcome one. Tripwire designed it to be more in tune with the original Red Orchestra, and with that comes slower gameplay, the removal of the ability to zoom while using sights and bleeding out, and a greater focus on locational damage than the other two modes. I highly recommend trying out this mode but it sometimes suffers a population problem.

There are also different game types but for the most part, Territoral Domination is the most popular mode played. It's rather similar to Conquest from the Battlefield series, one team tries to cap zones and the other defends. After a certain amount of zones capped, the map will progress to other locations. Sure, it's basic but it can bring in many hours of fun.

So now with the very basics of the game squared away, how the ♥♥♥♥ do we play it?
How do i shot? (Gameplay 101)
Alright, you're finally in a server and uh oh, there's a bunch of classes. Considering this is your first time playing the game, never ever, for the love of god, pick Team Leader, Squad Leader, Tank Commander, Tank Crewman, or Marksman. An inexperienced Team Leader can completely neuter a team, inexperienced squad leaders will either not throw smokes or throw smokes that hinder their own team, inexperienced tank men can easily cause losses for teams, and marksmen are not vital but the average new player can do far better with a regular rifle than a scoped one. This isn't picking on new players, it's just informing that people will most likely ♥♥♥♥♥ you out when you do this. Anyways riflemen are the best class to play from the start because they are no limits on them, they have a basic role which is just fodder, really, and it's just easier to learn the mechanics that way. But before I get started on some tips on that, let's go over identifing friend and foe.

Yes, this game does always have friendly fire on and you will typically kill your friends and enemies in one shot so you have to be extra careful. It seems easy to identify soldiers at close range, after all, they have their name over their heads if they're friendly, easy enough. When targets get far enough out of range though, they lose this. So here's how you identify them at long ranges.

1. Identification

a. Germans

Germans almost always have helmets. There are rare exceptions but when you come across them, it's obvious. Their stalhelm has also has a more slim silhouette compared to Russian helmets. Not to mention, when they run, they hold their weapon with one hand, to the side. Also, obviously, the Germans sport green as their color but it becomes harder to identify at longer ranges. Same applies to the Russians.

b. Russians

Most of the Russians do not wear helmets and the ones that do have fatter, almost rounder helmets. Russians run carrying their rifle with both hands so make note of this when spotting a running target in the distance. Also, the tan colors of the Russians can help identify them but it's unreliable at long distance.

Knowing how to properly identify enemies will help minimize friendly fire and keep you from getting booted from servers. So let's go onto class basics.

2. Classes

Every class in the game has unique roles but most do share gear. For instance, most classes have AP grenades at their disposal which help for clearing out rooms and enemies from behind cover. Some even share their primary weapons, such as the Assault Trooper, Engineer, and Squad Leader. However they all serve distinct roles so let's go through them

A. Assault Trooper

They come equiped with SMGs and are typically the point men. Typically, they should serve to clear out close quarters such as trenches.

B. Rifleman

Riflemen come with rifles (duh) and serve as basic ground forces. Not much to them but are still vital.

C. Anti-Tank Trooper

They have an anti-tank rilfe which requires great precision and an anti-tank grenade which can destroy tanks in one hit but explodes on impact and has a short throwing distance.

D. Engineer

Engies have SMGs but their main goal is destruction. They come with a timed satchel charge which can be used to blow up important structures on the map, tanks, or even infantry men, however they have to be careful because the explosion is massive.

E. Semi Auto Riflemen

Exactly what it is. Their rifles are capable of semi auto fire. Cool but similar to the riflemen.

F. Squad Leader

They can lay down artillery coordinates, throw smokes, and act as a spawn point for their squad. Also can use semi auto rifles and SMGs.

G. Team Leader

He can call in arty strikes, recon planes, and send out order. Not much else to him.

There's also the tank crewmen but their jobs are pretty self explanatory.

In the next section of the guide, we're going to be looking at the Riflemen's inventory.
Riflemen 101
Let's go over the inventory of the class most people will end up playing for their first few hours. Most other classes follow this formula with the exception of the main weapon but the differences are obvious and easily adaptable.

1. Your main weapon

Russians start out with the moist nugget

Germans start out with the Kar98.

They're functionally the same with some rather minor differences such as their iron sights. Both are capable of melee attacks (mouse 3 by default) and after prolonged use, you will be able to equip a bayonet. These weapons also have adjustable sights but very rarely will you have to use them. The default range almost always gets the job done. You can check your ammo count by holding down R, which gives you a rough estimate of how much ammo is left in your clip.

Another helpful tip is to go into options and turn on manual bolting. It's much faster than automatic bolting which is helpful when you miss a target or you're in close quarters.

2. Grenades

The Germans and the Russians have different grenades but for all intents and purposes of this guide, they have the same function. To quickly go over their differences, the German grenade has a longer timer when compared to the Russian F1. There's no real need to go over what they do because they're nades. However we must delve into how to use them properly.







if you don't have proper map awareness. Tossing nades where ever you damn well please will make you the most annoying team mate ever because either it will kill your own comrades or cause them to run which will most likely KILL THEM.

So, besides identifying team mates, how do you gain proper map awareness?
Map Awareness (i.e the most important aspect of gameplay)
Now by default, the game does not have a HUD, so you're going to meet your next best friend.


By default, it's bond to T so let's look at this informative image to point out the different aspects of this view.

The minimap in the bottom right corner shows where enemies have been spotted, where the objectives are, and friendly artillery strikes, which is important because no one likes being the guy that gets a good Team Leader kicked because of bad map awareness.

Not to mention, the objective and friendly arty strikes are displayed in the player's FOV so be aware of this. Sticking to the objectives is vital for a game like this.

Another important tool is


By default, team voice chat is bound to caps lock. This is vital for knowing where to go and where help is needed most. As always, toxic players are annoying players and are almost always booted so don't be a ♥♥♥♥.

Also, an easy way to get a visual assessment without getting your ♥♥♥♥ shot off is to take cover and instead of aiming to peek out, press a movement key (W,A,S,D) to peek out. This exposes a very minimal part of your body that very few can hit and allows you to see what's going on.

These two tools are important for being a good team player which is incredibly important for a game that focuses so much on it.
So are we finally done?
Yeah, we're pretty much done. This will help you starting off with the game but you will have to learn some of the strategies of the maps. There's a learning curve to this game and you will die a lot at the start and that's okay. Following this guide will help get rid of some bad habits and ease your way into the somewhat abstract gameplay of Red Orchestra. Sure, they're will be some more veteran players that will critcize you and complain "♥♥♥♥ing newbies" but listen to their advice, if they have any and disregard their more cutting insults. Once you get past that, it's smooth sailing.

So with that, good luck and have fun, because this game brings plenty of it.
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Kangaroo Mar 15 @ 7:05am 
That's right! Yes yes! just like Frank Zappas' uber album Sheik Djibouti, track 'Broken Hearts are for Assholes'... that's right, yes yes!!! DO NOT TAKE SL OR TL as a new beginner or learning player, its tantamount to public naked cartwheeling or otherwise making a right royal dingbat of oneself. SL and TL take a lot of practice time & experience to manage suitably & be effective. Personally i am level 94 now and STILL RARELY do i take SL and almost never TL on packed servers, leave that to the Comrade IntensEs' The Generals' & the Black Gloves' of this world. IT AINT COOL TO TL LIKE A FOOL. Best leave it to the experts and like me, be thought a moron, than take TL on a packed 40-1, Bloodbath or Divided server and remove all doubt.
Too much RO2 is grossly inadequate, kind regards Kangaroo.
Mothbanquet Nov 28, 2017 @ 8:41am 
Late to the party here but thanks for the guide!
[BOOM!] The_Rusty_Geek May 27, 2017 @ 8:24am 
This guide is really informative.
I like the humor.
Its up to you to take this guide seriously.
If you don't, then that is your loss.
Misanthropy Aug 10, 2015 @ 2:31am 
How the fuk is anyone suppossed to take this guide seriously when you have "How do I shot?" and "moist nugget." Agreed Shadow LMFAO
ShadowHunter Sep 23, 2014 @ 4:48pm 
also moist nugget... lmfao
ShadowHunter Sep 23, 2014 @ 4:47pm 
Thanks for the guide, just bought this game and decided to read a few guides before I play! I think that was a good call from what I can tell sofar lol
The Asian Driver Mar 3, 2014 @ 6:04pm 
Except when you land on the grenade prone-wise. You just die. Not your teammates.
Hecker24 Feb 14, 2014 @ 3:19pm 
Grenades kill everyone and i learned that the hard way
Hecker24 Feb 14, 2014 @ 3:19pm 
the moist nugget
The Asian Driver Feb 9, 2014 @ 7:41pm 
Hey author. I found something very useful that can help in the game. If there is an armed grenade. And someone is proned on the grenade, there will be no fragment spread. Meaning that only the person on the grenade prone dies and not anyone else near it. Can you please put that in your guide? Thanks.