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VIET Events Reborn - A Flavor Event Mod
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Dec 24, 2018 @ 10:08pm
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VIET Events Reborn - A Flavor Event Mod

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Current Version: 2.0.15 "Scarbrough Fair" (Released 8/30/20, Compatible with Patch 3.X and Holy Fury)
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Hello all! As of 8/30/20, I have uploaded my last official update for VIET and will no longer release any further updates (barring major bugs or issues), as I will now be moving to CK3.

I want to thank all for your support over these many past years, whether you’re one of the original VIETerans who’ve played my mods when I first started modding or you’ve just found out about them. For those who don’t know, I modded CK2 on and off since August of 2012 - literally 8 years - and began work on the old version of VIET later of 2012, so it’s been a long journey that intersected with some of the most interesting times in my life, both good and bad.

For those who will stick with CK2, I hope you will continue to enjoy the “final” versions of my mods for a long time. For those who will move onto CK3, I intend to start work on a VIET equivalent for CK3 called Events About Simple Things (EAST, since I like dumb acronyms) - after I play some CK3 first and have fun with it, of course.

I wish to thank everyone who’s helped and supported my mod work over the years, whether you worked with me directly, provided me with improvements to my codework or helped me maintain it, or simply just enjoyed playing my mods. Thanks again all for your support, and enjoy, as always!

- cybrxkhan


VIET Events Reborn is the reboot of the Events module from the VIET mod (once part of HIP) that I created over six years ago before I retired three years back. Features include:

  • Hundreds of new flavor events and event chains that add immersion and a diversity of experiences to your playthroughs, ranging from small talk with courtiers and eating local cuisine to epic tales about love, philosophy, and the human condition
  • Game rules to disable sillier events for those who don't like them, with three levels to choose from: Balanced (Default), Serious (Restricted), and All Events (Full)
  • New artifacts to collect and nicknames to acquire from these events
  • Plenty of new event pictures, including cultural and religious variants of vanilla event pictures
  • Performance tweaks and miscellaneous improvements over the old VIET Events (many courtesy of the WTWSMS, LI, and Hide Your Jewelry mod teams)
  • Compatibility with almost everything since it doesn’t touch any vanilla files
  • French translation available (credits to Loup99, Mouchi, and Domper59)

At the moment, the reboot does not include all of the original events. To not overwhelm myself, what I want to do is slowly add the old events in batches so I can fix, tweak, or remove them as I see fit, while also adding in new events for variety. Any input with balance and bugs is much appreciated as I slowly bring VIET back to life! In particular I am still trying to determine a right balance in how often these events fire.

Please feel free to use my work in your mods, all I ask is that I and my old VIET partner Ordep are credited. If you want to use something that I borrowed from someone else, please see the credits section below.

I will also not be rebooting Immersion or Traits at this time, though my Immersion Packs are a spiritual successor to VIET Immersion, so feel free to check out Cybrxkhan's Immersion Packs, which are a smaller scale, more modular spiritual successor to VIET Immersion.


A huge thanks to the teams of WTWSMS (especially ILikeTrians and Loup99) and Lux Invicta (including tsf4), as well as M@ni@c, creator of Hide Your Jewelry, for maintaining VIET these past few years and who I reached out to. The improvements these modders did to my old code have formed the basis for this reboot of VIET Events. ILikeTrains has been particularly helpful in catching some issues, and helping me adjust back to CKII modding. The French translation of much of the mod is thanks to Loup99, Mouchi, and Domper59.

Additional credits goes to theStormWeaver who I worked with every now and then during my retirement to add some flavor events to the Ancient Religions Reborn mod, and the inspiration for naming updates after people and stuff.

I also of course want to give big credits to the HIP team, whom I worked with for some time before I retired - in particular OrdepNM, who was in many ways my partner in crime and who stepped up to help maintain my mod while I was having serious medical issues a while back.

Please see the forum thread for the full list of credits.

Most Recent Changelog

Version 2.0.15 "Scarborough Fair"

Scarborough was an important trade entrepot for the Kingdom of England in medieval times. It hosted the great Scarborough Fair, a major trading event that attracted merchants and travelers from as far away as the Byzantine Empire. Later on, it would feature in one of the most famous English folk ballads, also called “Scarborough Fair.” In the traditional lyrics of this song, the singer tells his or her ex-lover through an intermediary that if they wish to become lovers again, they must accomplish a series of impossible tasks such as washing a shirt in a well where water has never sprung nor rain never fell. The opening refrain of the song is thus:

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme
Remember me to one who lives there
She once was a true love of mine

  • Added 12 generic, mundane events
  • Added two new artifacts: Reliable Lockpick and Decorative Drum
  • Re-added the Qi Ma the Liar events from old VIET as a standalone event chain, with several new potential options; unlike other major event chains, this can reoccur
  • Re-added 10 eye candy events from old VIET
  • Added several new event pictures
  • Misc bugfixes

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TheAuditor24 Nov 23 @ 10:00am 
Aetini Nov 6 @ 4:57pm 
Fantastic mod
Karmapowered Oct 7 @ 4:24am 
@Coffee Is Life
Very late to the party (I recently got the CK2 itch again), but you may want to check if you have this option activated in your Steam settings/Cloud menu :

"Enable Steam cloud synchronization"

I ran into the same issue than you (workshop mods wouldn't properly download once subscribed), and it worked for me.

cybrxkhan  [author] Sep 14 @ 5:53pm 
I just uploaded a small update that contains the missing French localization (courtesy of Mouchi and the WTWSMS team) for anybody who's still playing CK2 in French.

By the way, in case anyone here has moved onto CK3 and didn't see it yet, I uploaded VIET for CK3 this weekend - contains only a fraction of what VIET for CK2 has at the moment, but it will hopefully grow with time:

@Grzesio Thanks!
Grzesio Aug 31 @ 6:34am 
Thank you for your work, and see you at ck3!
cybrxkhan  [author] Aug 30 @ 10:17pm 
Hello all! I've just uploaded my last official update for VIET. I will no longer release any further updates (barring major bugs or issues), as I will now be moving to CK3. Thank you all for your support, whether you just found out about my mods or have been around since I started modding CK2 in 2012. I intend to start work on a VIET equivalent for CK3 some time after I get used to CK3. Until then, thank you again all and enjoy as always!
cybrxkhan  [author] Aug 24 @ 5:36pm 
@gr8_hate: It appears the wiki is probably out of date - VIET was one of the "founding members" of the HIP collection of mods when it was first created back in 2015. However, very long story short, I retired from modding for a few years for various reasons, and the other modders involved in the HIP project decided to drop support for VIET because they had no interest in maintaining it. Anyways, as mentioned it appears the wiki is probably several years out of date then.

This current mod is a reboot of the old VIET Events mod and is entirely separate from HIP. However, the two are compatible.
gr8_hate Aug 24 @ 3:38pm 
So the in the HIP wiki says it this mod is included in HIP itself. but I've never encountered a single viet event while playing HIP unless I have this activated? are the VIET events renamed to something else other than something like VIET.####?
cybrxkhan  [author] Aug 23 @ 10:23pm 
Just uploaded a small update. This will be my second to last update for VIET (barring major bugs), as I aim to have one last update next weekend before the release of CK3, when I will formally switch over to continuing my mod work in that game.
cybrxkhan  [author] Aug 16 @ 10:55am 
@Coffee is Life: I've had that issue before with other mods - don't know much about how to fix it, as it seems like a Steam issue, though I'd suggest doing stuff like exiting and reloading steam, loading into the game regardless of the mods you can choose and then exiting out, unsubscribing and then resubscribing to the mod, etc. Hopefully one of those will work.