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Twilight Imperium (3.2.x)
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Dec 23, 2018 @ 2:42pm
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Twilight Imperium (3.2.x)

This mod consists of 17 prescripted empires based upon the Twilight Imperium game with some minor additions for flavor.

As information sources i used the 3rd and 4th editions of Twilight Imperium. When the lore was unclear i went for diversity, spreading ethics, civics and habitability types amongst the empires.

The mod is playable without DLC, but most of the empires require at least one DLC. A detailed requirements list is posted in Discussions. There are fallback versions included so even without DLC you will always have all 17 TI empires.

- 17 prescripted empires based on Twilight Imperium. Choose one for yourself and set the AI empires slider to 16 for a pure TI experience
- flavorful additions from the TI universe like unique civics, traits, origins, events and anomalies
- claim the Imperial Throne on Mecatol Rex and draw the ire of the other empires
- discover planets and surviving colonies from the Age of Dusk

Future plans:
- war goal and casus belli system for Mecatol Rex
- differentiate the Age of Dusk civilization from normal Primitives (unique contact events and diplomacy)
- more events, anomalies and archaeology sites
- additional empires from the new TI4 boardgame expansion

Compatibility notes:
This mod overwrites the following vanilla files and might not be compatible with other mods overwriting those same files:
all prescripted vanilla empires are overwritten
Barbaric Despoiler civic,Migration Treaty diplomatic action and Hydroponics Farm building are overwritten

That said this is designed to be a lightweight mod that you can mix-and-match with your favorite gameplay and AI mods.

English language localization only

Twilight Imperium is owned and copyrighted by Fantasy Flight Games.

There is another mod on the workshop with TI prescripted empires. Interestingly, we both came to nearly the same conclusions regarding most of the empires. You can find it here:
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spacht  [author] Nov 30 @ 12:48pm 
I'm curious myself. I hope to get into a modding mood during the christmas holidays.
Fumeknight79 Nov 30 @ 12:24pm 
I'm really curious to see what you'll do for the ones like the mahact, titans, and the nomad. I can see mahact being that angel-like lithoid, though I'm not too sure how I feel about lithoid mahact. Titans would probably be the default lithoid or the aquatic robot.
spacht  [author] Nov 25 @ 1:20pm 
There should be a compatibility patch out this weekend.
Pek Nov 25 @ 11:11am 
Will it be updated for 3.2?
spacht  [author] Oct 18 @ 2:18pm 
Fixed! Thanks for that suggestion, MonkeysInSpace!
/sci/ MonkeysInSpace Oct 18 @ 2:09pm 
Please make your common\Megastructures folder lowercase, capitalization breaks the mod on OSX and Linux
spacht  [author] Aug 24 @ 11:41am 
Sorry, no progress yet. I'm still waiting to get back into the modding mood. Maybe the upcoming Lem update will help with that.
Dynas Aug 23 @ 4:40pm 
Any update on getting the Prophecy of Kings Factions added?
spacht  [author] Jul 26 @ 11:41am 
Some of the fallback versions were using invalid ship and city sets. Should be fixed now.
HipsTheNerd Jul 25 @ 4:10pm 
I think I'm having the same problem. I'm only seeing 12 empires when I go to start a new game and I have no other mods loaded. I have like half of the DLC.