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List of mods currently required to play on servers. This list will be kept up to date as mods are added or removed.
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Created by Jacob_Mango
This is a Community framework for DayZ SA.

One notable feature is it aims to resolve the issue of conflicting RPC type ID's and mods.

For help on using this mod in your own projects, follow this README on github the Community-Framework github [url=ht...
Dabs Framework
Created by dab
Dabs Framework is an Open Source, lightweight modding framework, designed to give modders and server owners tools to quickly and effectively create new mods for the community.

The only gameplay feature that DF adds is Dabbing to the emote wheel, otherwi...
Created by DayZ Expansion



DayZ Expansion Bundle include the content of all the following Expansion mods:

- [url=
Created by DayZ Expansion


DayZ-Expansion-Licensed contains licensed material from Bohemia Interactive that has been licensed under ADPL-SA.

With this license you are free to adapt (i.e. modif...
Arma 2 Helicopters Remastered
Created by Josecitox

Arma 2 Helicopters Remastered brings you the majority of the missing helicopters from Arma 2 directly into the Dayz Expansion vehicles framework. All models have been ported while keeping the most...
Building Fortifications
Created by Dumpgrah
Huge Shout out to Asmondian for his Artwork and Graphics donated to this project

Join My Discord for Bug Reporting and Most recen
[CrSk] BMW 525i E34
Created by CrushingSkirmish
DayZ 1.17 Compatible
Pre-facelift version. Production years: 1988-1992
Mod features:
  • 5 color versions (red/black/white/blue beater/purple)
  • 8 types of rims
  • Spare tire, canister and wooden crate slot
  • Realistic s
Created by Hunterz
This mod add new feature - cover car with camo net or tarp. Covered car prevents disappearing during server restarts, because its static object without physics. Covered cars can help boost server performance. (adjust spawn rate - see ...
Created by ◣ ▲▼▲
Adds Expansion Car Key & Vehicle Skins support to CarCover...
Central European Asset Pack
Created by Waldemar
This pack adds new assets that were made to fit a Central European theme.
Currently it adds 14 houses and 2 blocks of flats - fully configured with loot spawns. mapgroupproto entries for loot spawns are provided in mod discussions.
All models were made b...
CodeLock to ExpansionCodeLock Bridge
Created by ◣ ▲▼▲
Makes other mods compatible with the DayZ Expansion codelock (this mod was previously named MSP_ExpansionCodeLockCompat).

This has to be loaded INSTEAD of the Code Lock ...
Fishy Buildings
Created by onexs
This mod currently adds 16 buildings: 11 houses, 2 towers, a supermarket, and 2 garages, each garage having 2 color variants. Still work in progress, new buildings wil be added soon. Current ones may still be subject to small changes.

Adding this mod to...
Immersive Placing
Created by MaxCross
This mod adds key wich allows you to quickly drop and place items to exatcly position you want. (By default it's unbinded*, but you can easily bind it in settings)
* Press key to drop item in your hands at crosshair position.
* Hold key to show placing h...
Created by Mass
Over 260 Unique Items!!!
Please do NOT unpack/repack this mod without permission, I will DMCA any mods that contain my files.
Пожалуйста, НЕ перепаковывайте этот мод без разрешения, я буду DM...
Created by Helkhiana
MuchDecos is a mod that brings A LOT of vanilla items to be placeable and usable. Some items are just for decoration, some will have storage inventory, some will have special functionality.
Important info
This mod will be kept up...
Created by Helkhiana
MuchStuffPack is a collection of melee weapons, furniture items, retextures and much more.

Q: How can we dismantle the kits?
All placed kits can be dismantled by Screwdriver, Pliers or Hammers.

Q: Why do you have same mode...
Created by Wardog
Just bringing back a missed feature that was available in an earlier version of the game. I started working on this in 1.06 as a proof of concept and a neat idea to bring back to the community, and had my own full system worked out. I...
Quadley's Tools and Melee Weapons
Created by Quadley
Add some variety to your server!

There's a types.xml for your server in the mod folder. You'll need to edit the nominal and minimum values to suit yourself.

You may not re-pack or re-upload any part of this mod.

Thanks to Giaxpard for providing a...
Quadlock's Pack
Created by Quadlock
This mod contains rifle sling, tactical belt and a chest holster.

Rifle sling goes to left shoulder.

Special thanks to Windstride for his assistance in making this sling.

Now you can craft the rifle sling with 6 rags and a sewing kit combination...
SkyZ - Skybox Overhaul
Created by ruffaz
Epic skies for your apocalyptic pleasure! Simple re-texture mod, although heavily tweaked cloud and speed values. This is a cloudy mod, with less clear skies.

It is what it is - a bunch of textures and tweaked config. The only map this mod will not wor...
Visit Chernarus in the most beautiful season...
Almost every single texture is edited.
Replaced countless assets from the Livonia-Map to the Chernarus-Map.
changed the Ghillie Suit too(Replacement - no new classes!)
Tactical Flava
Created by Wayward Son
Compatible with DayZ 1.17
Mod includes various tactical equipment, adds new mechanics for the game (new grenades, gun bipods, grenade launcher)

If you want to help us with mod translation into your language, please contact u...
Uncuepas Civilian Clothing
Created by uncooper
No, you cannot repack this mod.

Have you ever scrolled through the workshop, and been a little fatigued from all of the military camos, weapons, vehicles and what not? Just want something simple to spice up the look of your survivors? Well...

Created by DaOne
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Project source code & contributi...
Created by Windstride

This mod pack will bring to life clothing items that i think fits the post-apocalyptic Chernarus.[/...
Created by ZeRoY
Finally you can fish again in Dayz! Current Mod version is 0.9


- Sea shore fishing for Shells (with digging equipment)
- New fish type (Sea: Cod/Mackerel/Salmon/Scallops, Land: Carp/Pike)
- Tacklebox item for storage (can be repa...
DayZRP Mod
Created by Roland is the largest and oldest DayZ role playing community, started back in 2012 for a ArmA2 DayZ Mod role play server. During the last 9 years we attracted over 200 000 DayZ fans to register on our website and over 2 million forum posts were created...