War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld

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Community Spotlight - December 2018
A collection of developer curated maps from the December 2018 Community Spotlight
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Anvil of Khorne
Created by Stygian Emperor
Bloody Islays
Created by Cerber91us
On this lake of fire, four Undermasters fighting. You have to get to your enemies through the magma and over these islays. Be carefull and have fun....
Caverns of Sins
Created by Cr4nK
The Caverns of Sins are a place where Underlords fight since aeons for they supremacy and the fight still continues. It seems 3 new Underlords have entered the realm but who will win the fight?

This is a 3 Player Deathmatch/FFA Map

Shrines on the Map:
- ...
Cliffs of Insanity
Created by Cr4nK
On the edge of the ether there lies this realm. It owes his name by the heroes which traveled through the canyons looking for treasures and artifacts, but these found only Underhills and became insane while they looked into the red shining light. Today the...
Cursed Triangles
Created by Cr4nK
Molten Core is maybe not the best place you have chosen for your fight Underlord. The old vulcan in this land has erupted and all the snow is melting now, it is just a question of time when this land will be washed away.

This is a 3 Player Core Shards/FF...
KasitaWare Inc
[HEADS UP!] There's a slight chance this will run piss poor on some computers

"Kasita has unearthed an ancient relic, and one that can grant infinite wealth too. It comes with a cost, however, that to gain this infinite wealth, you must slave away at ma...
Muster your Defences
Created by Calebloki
Muster your defences against the oncoming hoardes of Empire forces, destroy the North-most Inhibitor to stop their onslaught and start you own. All the while you explore the map for lost ruins, hidden artefacts. Try to amass 125000 points in this Pet Dunge...
Squad Leader
Created by Taktikus
Hi Guys :-)

Do you think it's hard to be an underlord? That all the glory of victory belongs to the underlord? Then you've never gone to battle as a servant of an underlord. That's really hard!

What you do not believe me? Then try it out and try as a squ...
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