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Transport Fever

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Industry DLC
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Dec 22, 2018 @ 3:40pm
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Industry DLC

DLC greatly expands core gameplay. New cargoes and cargo chains will force you to make new, sometimes not simple decisions. Introducing new bugs will greatly brighten up your peaceful evenings.
It's not enough for you? The completely redesigned Machine factory challenges you in its complete upgrade. He will show - how good you are in logistics.

DLC has its own set of settings that you can change using TPFMM[].

This DLC is the final part of the New industry mod.

Main features:
More than 20 new cargo,
More than 15 new factories,
Some basic factories have undergone significant alteration,
Mail chain,
New waggons (Autorack, Refrigerated boxcar, Hopper wagon),
New trucks,
New assets for free constructions,
and many other.

Small guide[] in Russian.

Need start new game!!

For normal work need disable older version of the "New industry", "Refrigerated boxcar", "Russian Mail Transport Pack" and "Crane Albatros 10-20". They are already present here.

It does not work with the other mods that change standard characteristics of factories, freight wagons and trucks.

Do not use with:
Industry Tycoon
Mining Industry 2
Z Production growth
Z Production increase
Hendriks Industry Booster
Town Building Style Mod

Found a bug? Report it here[]. Development of Industry DLC won't be stopped. However, all new updates will contain only visual improvements. All introduced mechanics won't be changed. Take in mind, that we are a team of people, who have full time job, so slow development rate must not be a surprise.

Industry DLC may cause "lazy" production rate. It can be seen when your factories don't want to upgrade beyond level 2. Unfortunately we cannot do anything with it. Not everyone has this problem. If you have it, then you are unlucky =(

To minimize the problem, it is recommended to play on normal game speed (2x and 4x are not advised). Game developers are familiar with the problem.

Discussion in the Ru-segment [] and on the German forum [].

This is non-commercial product. Any way of acquiring commercial benefit for Industry DLC or its parts is prohibited without creators' permission. All rights belong to TGR Studio[].

Mod creators are not responsible for the mod and/or game performance. Use this mod on your own risk.

Links[] for GOG users.
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1 hour ago
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urh111 8 hours ago 
HI there is a missed think you shot get grain to milk farm then to food processor but in this version you can put grain directly in food processor insted of bringing milk in lol
cate_kun Jan 18 @ 9:30am 
@Empire Builder YOU DON'T

"It does not work with the other mods that change standard characteristics of factories, freight wagons and trucks."
Empire Builder Jan 18 @ 9:22am 
How do I make modded wagons of other modders to carry industry DLC cargoes?
timothyguymartin Jan 18 @ 5:06am 
I have tried a basic map - It works no better (for me) than a Mod map. (Most) Industries just don't grow! By sort of cheating (using about 10 international docks) I can raise the level of the big factory to produce machines - but not cars! I still love it - if it would just work like v4.00!
Danielczech Jan 17 @ 11:31pm 
very good job. Thank U, :steamhappy:
EmperorDarthSidious (NL) Jan 17 @ 10:12am 
Idon't know what you mean by a modded map, but I play a lot with the flat maps that can be find in the workshop. If this is a modded map, then it works...
Catastrophology Jan 17 @ 9:27am 
I would believe so. I havent tried to load a modded map first. But using this method, feel free to try.
Yagbloz Jan 16 @ 11:40pm 
Catastrophology - so it only works with "free games" - no modded maps - and has to be done every time a new game is started. Correct?
Catastrophology Jan 16 @ 8:52pm 
How to install the industry DLC mod. For the dumb like myself.

Basicly, do everything EmperorDarthSidious (NL) poster in 3 parts 12 pages from the end.

When he does say to load wich first. this is what I didnt understand and this is what needs to be done:

- Create a new free game without any mods.
-Save game
-Quit game
-Enable the post mod
-Load game
-Save game
-Quit game
-Enable the industry DLC
-Load game
-Save game
-Quit game
-Enable all mods you want/can
-Load game
-Save game

So yea, took me 3 years in university to notice I'm an idiot, then I learned how to play this mod.
Massa-Ba Jan 14 @ 4:03am 
There is no graphics of luggage.:steamsad: