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BKVT type V v1.1
Vehicles / Fahrzeuge - Rails of LOTUS: Trams
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Dec 22, 2018 @ 8:16am
Jan 26 @ 12:12pm
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BKVT type V v1.1

This type of trams were made in Hungary in 1912 with wooden chasiss. Later in the late 1950's they were refurbished with steel structures on their own steel undercarriege.

These trams were really the part of the sight of Budapest (capital of Hungary) through many decades, therefore making them really special to lots of tram fans.

Please read the Readme, because the operation of this tram differs pretty much from the GTN6 since this tram has unique scripts !!!

Hungarian Readme:

English Readme:

v1.1 - I changed the electric motor sounds of the tram, so it sounds a bit more realistic (and there shouldn't be any more motor sound glitches and start too). Also I corrected the axises of the rear indicator buzzer buttons (they moved in the wrong directions) and edited the dim light intensities so the rear one is not lighter anymore.
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Bzmot332  [author] Feb 8 @ 9:54am 
Can you please describe the bug a bit more precisely? I don't really understand what you mean (via Google Translate).
top-gear.2812 Feb 8 @ 4:34am 
Шикарная, очень душевная модель! Но обнаружен баг, не снимается рукоятка набора скорости (не знаю как она правильно называется, я троллейбусник :) Это самая большая, слева), из за чего управление трамваем из другой кабины невозможно
ooh boy. this takes a loooooooong time xD well good luck :D
Bzmot332  [author] Jan 26 @ 12:19pm 
Before anyone asks, I let you all know that I'm still waiting for permissions of the trailer car.

Also let me know if anything's wrong with the updated tram (it works well on my PC but you can never know :D)
EUcreepemineCZ Jan 17 @ 8:03am 
nice tram :) Thanks for it!
Bzmot332  [author] Jan 13 @ 9:50am 
I'm waiting for the reply of the model's author (no. 5800 carriage). After that I have to adjust a few things (movable windows, tail lights) and then it'll be ready to go.
EinsamerSpieler Jan 13 @ 6:34am 
When you wil release the 2 trailers (BKv 1000/5800) ?
Bzmot332  [author] Jan 13 @ 1:51am 
El nem tudom képzelni mi baja lehet nálad a hangoknak... Talán valami hang beállítás vagy ilyesmi. A féket tekergetni billentyű paranccsal lehet, nem úgy hogy rákattintasz (bár az eltűnéséhez is az alapjára kéne kattintani, nem a karra magára). Vagy rossz parancsot állítottál be (a fekKi a kiszedés parancs, nem az oldás - a két szükséges parancs ki van emelve a táblázatban), vagy valami elég érdekes dolog történik a LOTUS-odban.
NiZoRAL Jan 12 @ 2:14am 
Nálam a fékszelep karja eltűnik, ha kapcsolom. De a legnagyobb bajom, hogy - a videókkal ellentétban - sem a menetkapcsolónak, sem a motornak nincs hangja, csak gördülőzaj. :(
Amúgy nagyon klassz lett!! :)
G.unter Brecher Jan 9 @ 3:04am 
Nice Thank you Sir!