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Yuri´s Beginner Guide to PAYDAY 2
By Yuri
A guide for new players.

Please share it with your friends that are also new to PAYDAY 2.

I usualy send the link to this guide to new players that i meet while playing so that they can improve at the game and make less stupid mistakes. (I count players with under 100 hours as newbies.)

Like and Favourite this guide so that you can easily find it later. Comment if you need help with something or you got a suggestion for the guide.

The guide is going to be actively updated every time something is changed in (or added to) PAYDAY 2.
Changelog & To-Do-List
Welcome to the PAYDAY gang.

Everything written in this guide is from my experience in the game and from the WIKI.

I made this guide to help new & returning players.
I highly suggest you join the PAYDAY 2 community if you have not already to get some free stuff.
Make sure to like and add this guide to your favourites so that you can easily find it later.

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To Do List:
  • Get rid of depression
Main Menu
  • Crime.Net - In here you can join/create an online lobby.
  • Crime.Net Offline - In here you can create an offline lobby.
  • Quickplay - Randomly chooses and joins a lobby.
  • Inventory - In here you can configure your loadouts, skill sets, weapons, armor, deployables, etc.
  • Steam Inventory - In here you can look at your steam items.
  • Achievments - Steam Achievments
  • FBI Files - In here you can check your or someone elses stats and a little bit of lore.
  • Community - PAYDAY 2 Community Hub
  • Movie Theater - Spoiler: Its a menu for PAYDAY 2 Story "movies" that are obtained after "finishing" the game.
  • Options - Game settings.
  • Quit - Take a guess.
  • M1 - Fire weapon
  • M2 - Weapon iron sights
  • V - Switch firemode
  • W A S D - Directional movement
  • Space Bar - Jump
  • F (press) -Call Teammate, Intimidate Civilians/Cops, Mark Special Enemy/Guard(in stealth), Quick Interactions
  • F (hold) - Interactions
  • G (press) - Throw bag
  • G (hold) - Put On Mask, Deploy Deployable
  • X - (when usin "Jack Of All Trades Skill ACE) Change Deployable
  • 3 - Throwable
  • 4 - Bipod - (only weapons with bipod use this)
  • C - Switch Weapons
  • V (hold) - (only some masks use this) Nightvision
  • Shift - Sprint
  • Ctrl - Crouch
  • E - Melee
Inventory Pt.1

Perk Decks
Perk Decks are very important, they can change the way you play DRASTICALY!
Make sure you try out as many perk decks as you can to choose the one that fits your playstyle.

  • Do NOT change the perk deck´s throwable, doing so will make the perk deck useless. And it will also make you look like an idiot.
  • On higher difficulties, it is good to have some way to regenerate Health or Armor
  • Make sure to optimize your builds (loadouts) around your perk deck, remember your perk deck's strenghts and weaknesses.
    For example:
    Don't use heavy armour with Dodge perk deck's.
    Don't use light armour with Tank perk deck's.

Skills boost your stats, allow you to carry more deployables, etc.

  • Make sure you read the description of the skill you're getting!
  • Try experimenting with skill sets, to find the one that will work the best.
  • Check your perk deck and skills frequently.
Profiles are loadouts. I suggest you get atleast 2 profiles: 1 for stealth & 1 for loud.

Skill Sets are combinations of skills. I suggest you get atleast 2 skill sets: 1 for stealth & 1 for loud.

Perk Decks:

Crew Chief
  • Support Armor/Health Perk Deck.
  • Should be used with ICTV and Hostage Taker.
  • Not really effective on high difficulties.
  • Hard to use when playing in public lobbies as it requires teamwork to work.

  • Health Perk Deck.
  • Best with ICTV and Hostage Taker.
  • Easy to use, even in solo.
  • Able to tank quite a bit of damage even on high difficulties.

  • Armor Perk Deck.
  • Best with ICTV.
  • Can absorb quite a bit of damage before the armor breaks.
  • 2s of invincibility on Armor Break (16s cooldown)
  • Works with Frenzy & Berserker.

  • Dodge Perk Deck.
  • High dodge chance, no armor or health bonuses.
  • Best used with Suit or Lightweight Balistic Vest.
  • Best used with hit-and-run tactics.

  • Dodge/Armor Perk Deck.
  • Best used with Lightweight Balistic Vest.

  • Armor Perk Deck.
  • Great with ICTV & Hostage Taker.
  • Able to replenish armor even when getting shot at after it breaks.
  • Adds more total ammo to Akimbo weapons.
  • Best used when doing objectives.

  • Stealth/Dodge Perk Deck.
  • Faster lock picking and pager answering.
  • Hardly useful in loud.

  • Melee Health Perk Deck.
  • Bonus melee damage.
  • Best with ICTV.
  • Able to tank a few shots before armor breaks.

  • Melee Armor/Health Perk Deck.
  • Bonus melee damage.
  • Best with ICTV.
  • Able to tank a few shots before armor breaks.
  • Able to regenerate Health and Armor by killing enemies.

  • Support Health Perk Deck.
  • Best with ICTV.
  • Heals and supplies teammates by picking up ammo drops.
  • Nearly useless on high difficulties.

  • Dodge Health Perk Deck.
  • Works only with Suit or Lightweight Balistic Vest.
  • Heals by dealing damage.
  • Best with high RoF weapons.
  • Not really that useful on high difficulties.

  • Stealth/Armor Perk Deck.
  • Gains speed and armor replenish delay speed on low health.
  • Hardly useful in loud.

  • Dodge Health Perk Deck.
  • Stores HP by killing enemies (or by having teammates do so).
  • Stored HP is used after armor replenishes.
  • Fast Armor Replenish Delay after a kill.
  • Great for high difficulties.

  • Support Armor Perk Deck.
  • Gains and gives Damage Absorption by dealing damage.
  • Decent on high difficulties.
  • Best with ICTV and Frenzy + Berserker.

  • Armor Perk Deck.
  • Armor replenishes in "bits", even while under fire.
  • Dealing damage replenishes a bit of armor.
  • 2s invincibility after armor breaks. (16s cooldown)
  • Works with any armor.

  • Armor/Health Perk Deck.
  • Gains health when missing armor by killing (or by having teammates do so).
  • Gains armor when missing health by killing (or by having teammates do so).
  • Not really useful on harder difficulties.

  • Armor/Health Perk Deck.
  • Gains near invincibility after using the Injector.
  • Damage taken while the injector is active will heal as long as armor isn't broken.
  • Great on high difficulties.

  • Support Dodge Perk Deck.
  • Creates a cloud of smoke that gives dodge chance to players in it by throwing the smoke grenade.
  • Can dodge even with the ICTV.
  • Great on high difficulties.

  • Health Perk Deck.
  • Removes Armor and converts it into Health.
  • Damage is reduced by 75%.
  • The remaining damage will be applied directly.
  • The reduced damage will be applied over-time (12 seconds).
  • Using the Hip Flask will negate the over-time damage and heal with 50% of it.
  • Great on high difficulties.

Tag Team
  • Support Armor/Health Perk Deck.
  • Requires a teammate.
  • Using the Gas Dispenser on a teammate will tag them.
  • You and the tagged player will gain health and damage absorption by killing enemies.

  • Support Stealth/Dodge Health Perk Deck.
  • Using the Pocket ECM while in stealth jams signals like the ECM Deployable.
  • Using the Pocket ECM while in loud starts the ECM Feedback.
  • ECM Feedback has a chance to stun enemies.
  • Killing enemies while the feedback is active heals you.
  • Teammates killing enemies while the feedback is active heals them.
Inventory Pt.2
Allow you to refill ammo, heal your wounds, reset your lives, etc.

Doctor Bag
  • Do not use this for healing!
  • Use this to reset your lives!
  • Skills allow you to carry 2 with 2 additional charges and also allow you to deploy it faster and to give you 10% dmg reduction after using it.

Ammo Bag
  • Refills Ammo
  • Skills allow you to carry 2 with more ammo in them and also allow you to shoot without using ammo for a while after using it (depends on how much ammo you took from the ammo bag)

First Aid Kit
  • Heals
  • Doesnt reset lives
  • Skills allow you to carry 14 at once and they will be automaticaly used if youre near them and youre about to get downed, they can be also placed faster and can give you 10% dmg reduction just like the Doctor Bag if you use the skills.

Trip Mine
  • Explodes/Marks an enemy that crosses the beam (depends on its mode).
  • Comes with secondary item, Shaped Charge, which can be used to blow open safes, doors and other stuff.
  • With skills you can have 14 Trip Mines and 6 Shaped Charges, your trip mine can do more damage, have bigger explosion radius and start fire in the area which makes it a great trap.
  • High Value Target works with Trip Mine´s Sensor Mode, which means that you can place it at spots from which enemies come and it will mark specials.
  • Do not change the Mode of Trip Mines that are not yours, by doing so you are basically telling everyone in the lobby that you are an idiot.

Sentry Gun
  • Automatic Gun that will shoot at enemies
  • Good distraction
  • Very weak without skills.
  • There are 2 types of Sentry Guns, 1st being the Sentry Gun and 2nd being the Suppressed Sentry Gun
  • The Suppressed Sentry Gun IS NOT a stealth sentry! The suppressor makes the Sentry Gun less likely to be targeted by the enemy, which makes it poor distraction but allows it to take out enemies safely.
  • With skills your Sentry gun can have: Shield,more ammo,additional firemode (AP ROUNDS, slower but more damage and can penetrate), more hp, lower cost of ammo to deploy.and you can have 4 of them.
  • Since Sentry Gun and Suppressed Sentry Gun count as seperate deployables, you can have 6 sentry guns in total if you use Jack of All Trades skill and Tower Defense skill)

Armor Bag
  • Useful only in open areas in some heists when using an Armor Build

ECM Jammer
  • Useful mostly only in stealth
  • blocks phone calls, cameras, opens ATMs and hacks turrets.
  • ECM Jammer has 2 functions 1st is Jamming and the 2nd one is Feedback which has a chance to stun the enemy (Cloakers are immune to the Feedback).
  • With skills you can have 2 Ecm Jammers with increased duration of Jamming and Feedback, you can open certain doors with them and they will block pagers.

Body Bag Case
  • Useful ONLY in stealth
  • Allows you to refill your body bags.
  • With skills you can have 2 of them.


  • Choose your primary, secondary, melee and throwable weapons wisely!
  • Make sure you use skills that boost your weapons!
Sniper Rifles
  • Bullets can penetrate walls, enemies and shields.
  • Damage 200-3000+
  • Ammo pick up rate varies.
Graze skill allows you to eliminate several enemies with 1 bullet.
  • Can hit multiple enemies at once.
  • Damage 18-150+
  • Ammo pick up rate varies
  • Damage 160+
  • Low ammo pick up rate.
Battle Rifles
  • Damage 90+
  • Low ammo pick up rate.
Assault Rifles
  • Damage 40-60+
  • Decent ammo pick up rate.
  • Damage 35-180+
  • Ammo pick up rate varies.
Submachine Guns
  • Damage 44-90+
  • Body Expertise skill allows you to do 90% of Headshot Damage on Bodyshots while using Auto Fire Mode
  • Ammo pick up rate varies.
Rocket Launcher
  • Damage 6000-12000+
  • No ammo pick up rate.
Grenade Launchers
  • Damage 480-1300+
  • Decent ammo pick up rate
  • Can be used to open ATMs, doors, etc.
  • No Ammo Pick Up Rate.
  • Saw Massacre skill allows you to saw thru shields

Weapons stats:
  • Damage - The damage dealt per shot.
  • Accuracy - How close to the center of the screen the weapon fires.
  • Stability - How much recoil is felt when firing the weapon.
  • Threat - The probability of a weapon suppressing enemies through sustained fire.
  • Concealment - How visible the weapon is when having it equipped.
  • Total Ammo - The maximum number of rounds the player can carry.
  • Magazine - The maximum number of shots the weapon can fire before being forced to reload.
  • Rate of Fire - How quickly the weapon can fire. Measured in Rounds per Minute.

  • Heist (or just a day of the heist) is stealthable if it has a ghost icon next to its name (or next to its day(s))
  • To properly stealth you need: to have high concealment weapons to get low Detection Rate, silent weapon and shinobi subtree skills.
Pagers and Deployables
  • If you kill a guard, you will have to answer his pager.
  • You can answer ONLY 4 pagers in a day of a heist!
  • The number of pagers left is SHARED!
  • To stealth you should bring ECM Jammers, Body Bag Cases, Trip Mines(Spotting) or Ammo Bags (only if you got a Saw)
  • In stealth you should stay crouched most of the time to be harder to detect.
  • Carrying a bag makes you easier to detect.
  • To move at the speed of running while still being hard to detect Run,Jump,Crouch,Repeat.

    Civilians get alerted if they see:
  • corpse
  • body bag
  • broken window

    Guards & Cameras get alerted if they see:
  • corpse
  • body bag
  • broken window
  • broken camera
  • loot bag

  • Guards & Cameras can still detect you even if you are not masked up yet!
  • Keep your detection rate low and keep your distance!
  • Dont waste pagers, if there is a guard you can avoid, then avoid him.
  • Try to not RUSH in stealth. Be patient.
  • When a camera gets destroyed a guard will go to check it out (only if the guard in the security room is still alive), you can make use of this to lure guards.
Concealment & Detection Rate
Concealment is a measure of how easy it is to hide your weapon.
  • High Concealment decreases Detection Rate.
  • Low Concealment increases Detection Rate.
Detection Rate
Detection Rate is a measure of how easy it is to spot you in stealth.
  • If you have high detection rate then you will be spotted instantly at close range and you will be seen from further away.
  • If you have Low detection rate then you will be harder to spot and wont be seen at far distances.
    • Low detection rate is useful in stealth and when using dodge/crit builds.
A heist will go Loud when alarm is triggered (some heists start loud and are therefore LOUD ONLY)

Assault Waves
Assault Wave is a period of time in which law enforcers deploy at a much higher rate and the AI behaviour is more aggressive than usual. Assault waves occurs periodically during the length of a heist after an alarm has been raised and are heralded by the change in music and a verbal warning by Bain.

  • Control: This is when first responders will come to the incident and check for civilians, hostages and criminals. First, they will try to arrest. If the criminal refuses, the police and/or security will open fire. After a few minutes, or some time, they will bring in SWAT Units.

  • Anticipation: The starting point of the Assault wave. Music will become louder. In this point, SWAT Units are deployed, and regular police will start to retreat, unless spawned by on-site police cruisers. After some time, Build phase will start, and music will begin to ramp up with a Police Assault In Progress banner appearing at the top of the screen.

  • Build: SWAT units will begin to move in, use flashbangs and smoke grenades, and take down the criminals at all costs.

  • Sustain: SWAT is at full potential and will constantly respawn to attack the player(s).

  • Fade: SWAT will stop spawning and begin to retreat once enough are killed. This stage was disabled in Update #181.

  • Make use of cover and stay away from the fight until your armor replenishes.
  • Aim for headshots & prioritize Special Enemies.
  • The lower the enemy health, the more damage they deal. (does not include Specials)
  • Not all builds need armor. Some use Dodge or are already tanky enough without armor.
  • Don't rush into groups of enemies unless you got a tanky build and know what you're doing.

  • Choice of armor depends on your playstyle
  • Heavier armors grant you more Armor Points at the cost of Dodge Chance, Concealment & Movement Speed
  • Armor does not decrease the damage taken
  • Armor shields your health from damage
    Armor Gating
    • Armor Gating = If you have only 5 armor and you take 50 dmg (not from a sniper), then you will only lose the 5 points of armor and your health will not be damaged.
  • Dodge mechanic in this game is not what you would imagine. In real life dodging is pretty much just moving away from something so it does not hit you, in PAYDAY 2 it's a lot different. Bullets still do hit you BUT you take NO DAMAGE when you "dodge".
  • Its all just RNG. Depending on your luck you may either end up quickly dying or avoiding all bullets. Most of the time its something in between.
  • Armor decreases Dodge Chance
  • Dodge chance allows you to use high mobility builds. (high stamina, high speed)
Damage Reduction
Damage Reduction
Damage Reduction is a value that reduces the damage you take.
The damage is reduced by percentages (%)
20% DMG Reduction = -20% damage taken.
Damage Absortion
Damage Absorbtion
Damage Absorbtion Reduces taken damage.
20 DMG Absortion = -20 Damage Taken
Hostages & Converts
To trade your teammate from custody you need a hostage.
  • Civilians and Dominated Cops count as Hostages, Converted Cops can also be used to trade teammates from custody but they do not count towards the Hostages count.
  • To dominate a cop, deal some damage to them and then "Yell" at them by pressing F. (It should take 3 yells for the cop to cuff themselfs) [you can assist your teammates in dominating cops by also yelling on the cop].

  • Joker skill allows you to convert non-special enemy to fight for you.
  • Partners In Crime skill will increase your health and movement speed when you have a convert.
  • Confident skill allows you to have 2 converts at once.
  • Hostage Taker skill allows you to heal 4.5%HP/5s.
Higher Difficulties increase money/experience rewards & increase the ammount enemies, their Health, Damage & add Special Enemies

Easiest difficulty
  • Recommeded for REALLY NEW players
  • Special Enemies: Sniper, Shield

  • Recommended for new players
  • Special Enemies: Sniper, Shield, Taser

Very Hard
  • Recommended for new players
  • Special Enemies: Sniper, Shield, Taser, Cloaker, Dozer, Captain Winters

  • Recommended for Experienced players
  • Special Enemies: Sniper, Shield, Taser, Cloaker, Dozer, Medic, Captain Winters

  • Recommended for Experienced players
  • Cameras and Safes are replaced with Titan versions of them
  • Special Enemies: Sniper, Shield, Taser, Cloaker, Dozer, Medic, Captain Winters

Death Wish
  • Recommended for Veteran players
  • Best difficulty to play on in my opinion
  • Cameras and Safes are replaced with Titan versions of them
  • Special Enemies: Sniper, Shield, Taser, Cloaker, Dozer, Skulldozer, Minigun Dozer, Medic, Captain Winters

Death Sentence
HARDEST difficulty aka Digital Cancer
  • Recommended to avoid this unless you want achievments or you´re playing stealth.
  • Recommended for sadist Veteran players
  • Why the ♥♥♥♥ was this made anyway? Did someone at OVERKILL just snort some cocaine one day and then came up with the idea for it or what? Almir must have been like: "Oh yes, this is perfect, this will ♥♥♥♥ up the game for sure!". ♥♥♥♥ this thing, its garbage.
    -Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  • Cameras and Safes are replaced with Titan versions of them
  • Special Enemies: Sniper, Shield, Taser, Cloaker, Dozer, Skulldozer, Medic Dozer, Minigun Dozer, Medic, Captain Winters

*The picture is outdated*

One Down Modifier
Reduces the max downs by 2, can be used on any difficulty
Special Enemies
S.W.A.T. Turret
"An expensive but effective piece of kit. This converted armored truck sports a remote-controlled turret. It can lay down a huge amount of suppressive fire in its field of view. The turret itself is also heavily reinforced, with the main part of the gun being protected by plates of ballistic armor."
  • While commonly mounted on SWAT Vans in open outdoor areas, they can also appear under helicopters, and indoor turrets exist mounted on the roof.
  • A loudspeaker-like voice will announce when a SWAT Van Turret is about to enter the field and deploy. (although due to bugs, this may not appear on Four Stores with specific RNG)
  • Despite being mechanical, the SWAT Van Turret does have an applied "headshot" damage multiplier.
  • Once the armor plates surrounding the targeting lens are destroyed, the fragile lens becomes exposed, which serves as the unit's "head", and any shot landed there will receive a 100x damage boost.
  • The Van Turret has a minor self-repair ability that causes the gun platform to retract into the vehicle briefly before emerging at full health. A SWAT VAN Turret can only self-repair up to three times and any destroyed armor plates will regenerate.
  • SWAT Vans will also deploy tear gas to ward off players who attempt to get up close.
  • Note that because the SWAT van itself isn't destroyed (only the turret) the SWAT Van Turret cannot respawn. Unless they can be avoided, players should co-ordinate to destroy SWAT Van Turrets and then resume normal heisting.
  • Placing an ECM anywhere on the map will cause the gun to temporarily target law enforcers, the targeting laser changing from red to green to reflect this.
  • When the turret is friendly, nearby law enforcers will attempt to seek cover instead of attacking it.

  • This guy is REALLY annoying. He will tase you from distance, making you an easy target.
  • If you start getting tased, mark him and try to shoot him with your weapon, if you dont manage to kill the Taser then your teammates should help you.
  • Getting downed by a Taser does not use your lives!

"Now go to the forums and cry like the little ♥♥♥♥♥ you are!"
  • Immune againts ECM FEEDBACK.
  • Most of the time hiding behind doors, under cars etc, waiting for a moment to attack.
  • If you hear a really annoying sound (WULULULULU) then thats propably a Cloaker running at you or your teammate
  • Aim for his head, he has the biggest headshot multiplier from all the enemies.
  • Electrical melee weapons can stun the cloaker (even when hes charging at you).
  • Trying to run away from a cloaker is not a good idea as he is really fast.
  • Cloaker cannot kick you when you are the last one left.
  • Getting downed by a Cloaker does not use your lives!

"You are againts a wall and i am the wall!"
  • Able to deal lots of damage.
  • Until his face plate is destroyed he wont take any headshots.
  • After it is destroyed he will take headshots from all the sides as long as you hit the head.
  • Immune to Body Expertise skill.

"*Clank* *Clank* *Clank*."
  • Use an explosive, Armor Piercing weapon or just outmanuver him.

"Im here and i brought drugs!"
  • Heals enemies that are about to die.

  • Ignores Armor Gating.
  • Can be found by tracking his red laser.

Captain Winters
Pretty much just a guy that boosts himself and his allies.
  • Get rid of him as soon as possible!
  • He will leave the area after most of his shields die or after he takes enough damage.
  • As long as he is present, enemies will keep gaining damage resistance and the assault will not end.

Lobby, Hosting, Etc.
  • A lobby is a room which players can join to play heists together.
  • You can either create a lobby or join a lobby.
  • When creating a lobby, you need to 1st choose a heist.
  • When choosing a heist you can either take one of the free contracts (the empty ones) that show up on Crime.Net or you can buy a contract and choose the difficulty.
  • Set the settings the way you want, if you want to play only with friends, set the lobby to Friends-Only.
  • If you dont want anyone to join, set the lobby to Private.
  • If you want anyone to join, set the lobby to public.
  • You can also set Drop-In settings, i highly suggest you use Prompt option when doing a stealth heist.
  • To join a lobby simply join it thru Crime.Net or thru an invite from a player in the lobby.
  • The most known rule that you should follow is that "the host is king", if you screw up then you're probably going to get kicked, some people are ♥♥♥♥♥ tho and will just kick-ban you just for having a cool mask or something.
  • When joining a lobby, check the hosts mod list, he/she might be using a mod you don't accept
  • If you play vanilla then you can filter out the lobbies to only show vanilla lobbies, some cheaters hide their mods lists tho and can still show up even with this filter.

You get Experience and Money after finishing a day of a heist.
The more players(not in custody) you have in the lobby the more experience you get.
Money isn't shared but duplicated. Every player gets the same amount of money!

  • 80% of the gained money goes into Offshore & 20% of it into Spending Cash.

  • Spending Cash is used to buy weapons & weapons/mask slots.
  • Offshore is used when leveling up Infamy & when buying a contract.
  • Experience is used to level up & gain Skill Points & Perk Points.
  • Skill Points are used to unlock Skills.
  • Perk Points are used to unlock Perks.

  • hint: Escaping while carrying a bag will count the bag as secured.
Big Oil, Cook Off & Big Bank - Tips
Big Oil
  • Day 2 To find the right engine you need to find 2 notes and the computer with the 3rd info.
  • Note 1: Deterium / Helium / Nitrogen
  • Note 2: H / Hx2 / Hx3
  • Computer: 5783 / 5812
  • After finding them, search on google : Big Oil Calculator[] and find the engine.
Cook Off/Rats
  • Day 1 To cook "meth" you need to listen to Bain, 1st he will say which chem you should add, wait for him to confirm it. As long as he doesnt say that he was wrong, the chem is the right one and you should add it. If he says that he was wrong, he will tell you to put in other chem, put it in.

Hotline Miami
  • Day 1 To cook "meth" follow the instructions on the wall.

Big Bank
  • To find the correct computer, one player has to keep interacting with the server room computer while the other player looks for the correct computer by following the beeping sound and looking for the red text on the computers monitor.
  • There is a small chance that this step will be skipped.

Strenght in numbers
Your chance of succeeding a heist is increased if you work together with your crew.
Supportive skills/perk decks are great for this.
  • Stay close to your team, getting downed away from the team might lead to you going into custody.
  • Make sure to help your team with objectives.
  • Look at your teams health bars and ammo from time to time, to make sure that they are doing ok.
  • Cover eachother.
  • Work together to take down special enemies.
  • Discuss the plan with your team, assigning certain roles/tasks to players can make the heist go easier.
    For example:
    On Big Bank, assign two players to take care of the PC hacking and one player to take care of the crane.
Infamy is basicaly just prestige.
  • Maximum Infamy is 25
  • After every Infamy you gain 1 Infamy Point
  • Infamy Points can be used in the Infamy Bonus Tree
  • Bonuses: More EXP gain, tier 4 skills need 2 less skill points to be unlocked, masks and materials.
  • To gain Infamy you need to reach level 100 and you need 200 milion offshore (offshore wont be needed anymore after you reach Infamy 5)
Crime Spree
Crime Spree
Crime Spree is a gamemode in which you keep doing heists, to get high rewards.
  • The faster you do the heists, the more rewards you get.
  • Bonus loot is pretty much useless in Crime Spree.
  • You can start your Crime Spree without using Continental Coins.
  • If you fail a Crime Spree then you can either claim the rewards or you can spend Continental Coins to continue at the Crime Spree Rank at which you ended.
  • If you claim your Crime Spree Rewards, your Crime Spree Rank will reset.
  • The higher the rank of Crime Spree, the harder the game will be.
  • Crime Spree adds modifiers that make the game harder (Less pagers, faster medic heal cooldown, tougher enemies, cuff cloakers, etc.)
Holdout is a gamemode in which you defend a hostage, to get ransom.
  • Holdout has max 9 Waves, the game will be getting more difficult at higher Waves.
  • All waves will increase damage and health of enemies, some waves will add special enemies.
  • If the hostage gets rescued or one of the players goes in custody, the Holdout will fail.
  • Holdout gives quite a lot of money and experience.
  • The higher the wave the higher the reward.
  • Starting Holdout doesnt cost anything.
To start modding your game you will need BLT2[] or SuperBLT[]!
some mods also need other stuff... like.. Beardlib[]..
Modding is allowed..
Just stay away from less accepted mods if you wish to play in Public games undisturbed:
  • Pirate Perfection
  • Silent Assasin (Only work's when the user is a host, so it does not matter if you use it in someone elses public lobby)
  • Carry Stacker (Only work's when the user is a host, so it does not matter if you use it in someone elses public lobby)
  • DLC Unlocker
These mods are ok to use as long as you use them ONLY in:
  • Offline
  • Private Lobby
  • Your own Public Lobby (as long as your mod list is not hidden)
Hiding mods is just stupid.
  • If you are ever going to use any of the less accepted mods in public lobbies, then do not attempt to hide them, it's frustrating for some people to join a lobby just to leave right after that because they just saw you pick up and carry 20 bags at once.

HuD mods, add-on weapons and other stuff like that is highly accepted.
I suggest these mods:
  • The Fixes[] Basicaly a must-have, fixes several bugs and makes the game more stable.
  • Press2Hold[] Makes interactions require one press to be "held".
  • Real Ammo[] Shows remaining ammo just like in other FPS games instead of total ammo.
  • No Cloaker Camera Movement[] Removes forced camera movement when you're about to be kicked by a cloaker.
  • Auto Translator[] Automaticaly translates chat.
  • Lobby Inspect[] Inspects lobbies before joining.
  • Lobby Mod Filter[] Filters lobbies with certain mods.
  • Identify VR Players[] Notifies the player when someone in the lobby is using VR.
  • SSO | Sydch´s Skill Overhaul[] Rebalances skills and perk decks to make them usable and fun on high difficulties.
      Some players might disagree with the use of certain mods, make sure you remember that! There's players that will count any mod (even just a simple HUD mod) as a cheat and then there's players that do not care whatsoever, just remember that the game is meant to be played for fun! If someone does not approve of you using certain mods then just don't play with them. You might get kicked from Public games from time to time, to counter that i suggest you either play with friends or host your own lobby.
    1. Download BLT2[] or SuperBLT[]
    2. Install BLT2 or SuperBLT
    3. Download your desired mods
    4. Put the downloaded mods into the "mods" folder or "Mod_Overrides" folder (Depends on if the mod you downloaded has mod.txt in it, you might also have to make your own "Mod_Overrides" folder in "Assets") (make sure you extract them from the RAR)
    5. Enjoy your mods.
Haha cheated up skill points go brrr
"Cheaters" can be anyone with mods, it depends on what mods YOU count as cheats, as stated in the previous section, some people count all mods as cheats. It's a Coop PvE game, the host draws the line.
  • If you spot a "cheater" in your lobby, kick-ban them.
  • If you spot a "cheater" in someone elses lobby, tell the host that the player is cheating (Remember that some people will simply not care and as stated in the previous section, the game is meant to be played for fun. If a person enjoys having all skills aced then they can play that way). Or simply ignore the player.
  • If you spot a "cheater" in a lobby in which the "cheater" is a host, just leave the lobby.

Originally posted by Author:
I gotta say, its quite funny to watch a guy with 138 points in every skill tree, die more often than me at lvl 35 on Mayhem while im drunk.
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