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Team Fortress 2

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Created by Orko
"Builds it up, tears you down."...
Cloak of the Firebrand
Created by Mnemo
The Braided Pride
Created by Ducksink
A stylized viking-like beard for engineer/soldier/heavy.
(jiggleboned and flexed)

Hinga dinga durgin!
-updated with all flexes and reduced jigglebones courtesy of trey

updated with LODs and imported with importer!...
The Full Monty
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Disclaimer: Please do not operate unless you are a cyborg. We cannot be held responsible for missing slow-mo effects or a lack of swooning women. Thank you very much.

The other piece of the Heavy on the Run pack: Slav Threads
The Pomade Pack
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Stay classy, Teufort.

Note: This is actually a pack with two items. It was originally going to be submitted as a single hat, but I decided to split it up into two. Why? Because I believe Valve made a fantastic call in splitting up the Security Shades an...
The Special Eyes
Created by NeoDement
Look with your special eyes...
Head-Takers Hallmark
A skull collector. A Noggin connoisseur. Put those baseball cards away, we've got heads to display! Your so called 'friends' may call you a freak for collecting all those severed heads, but you know they're only jealous....