Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

Total War: ROME II - Emperor Edition

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Rome II: Campaign HD Textures and Lighting
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Dec 20, 2018 @ 6:34pm
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Rome II: Campaign HD Textures and Lighting

This is the sequel mod and successor to the original Terrain HD. This mod was separated from the WIP Orbis Terrarum as many seemed to enjoy the original Terrain HD as a standalone mod.

Screenshots taken with default brightness and gamma and Cities HD by Phazer! Highly Reccommended to use his mod alongside this one. Link here:


Lighting should appear more natural with brightness adjusted so that it is brighter than the original Orbis Terrarum and matches the original aesthetic of Rome II. Campaign textures have been modified so that they show more detail while remaining in line with Rome II's color scheme. Ocean shores and coastlines have been made more vibrant to show the multicolored waters of the coastal shallows and deep sea.


-Newer HD terrain textures modified from Attila to match Rome II's aesthetic.
-New Ocean textures enhanced from the original Ocean HD
-Brand new campaign lighting for all campaigns and areas of the map.
-Modified fog values (Autumn and Winter have fog but less intense then the original Terrain HD and Orbis Terrarum 1.)

Maybe I'll think of something else to upload soon.

Anything that doesnt edit the campaign textures or lighting.

UPDATE TO PERMISSIONS POLICY: As time has gone on, I have seen the ever increasing presence of donations and patreons associated with Total War Modding. I have a personal issue with the idea of linking any type of monetary function with modding and feel it is best to have the two entirely separate. Even donating to authors for their work is too near the chance of modders locking content behind paywalls and separating paid users from unpaid ones. It is for this reason that any mod page which links or has a donation system associated with it will have to speak to me directly and ask for permission. Individual modders who wish to use these assets should shoot me a message and Ill likely give permission. Mod teams will need to discuss the use of my assets with me.

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Special Thanks: ScipiotheGreat because he wanted it so much.
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Vlakc Jul 19 @ 3:03am 
Sorry for the silly question but can I use this together with this author's other mod Orbis Terrarum?
Hydra Jul 11 @ 7:09am 
Wonderful mod. Transforms aesthetic of the campaign. A pity CA didn't see fit to improve the textures themselves anyway!
Celticus  [author] Mar 31 @ 2:45pm 
@Illyrian, mod should still work.
Illyrian Mar 31 @ 2:16pm 
thats too bad, because this is one of the must have mods for Rome 2... hopefully either you're able to update, or someone can do it for you..., thanks again for this
Alessar Mar 20 @ 5:50pm 
Not working well with the last remake of the game, it slowdown the fps considerably.
rwlyraa Mar 20 @ 2:10am 
oh no :( i just discovered your mod, it looks great. I hope you change your mind sometime! It's great quality content.
Celticus  [author] Mar 19 @ 10:59pm 
I dont have the internet speed nor time to update all my mods. I am retired from modding until further notice and if I get around to updating my mods I will. Until time to fix these.
PhilCheesy Mar 19 @ 7:53pm 
steam deleted your mod :/ nothing is there and it seems to be happening to a lot of mods
Athien Mar 17 @ 10:27am 
does this drops fps?
napoli Mar 17 @ 3:31am