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Brain In a Jar
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Dec 20, 2018 @ 10:02am
Jan 6 @ 8:10pm
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Brain In a Jar

Sacrifice people to boost research speed!

This mod was created for people with huge mod lists.
No longer will researching that mountain of tech be such a monumental feat!

Safe to add or remove from existing saves!

This mod adds in the ability to havest brains of humans, which you will then be able to construct the amazing Brain In a Jar!

Just research the appropriate tech under the Brain In a Jar tab and you are good to go!

Each Brain In a Jar constructed will give a +6% boost to the research speed of each hi-tech research table it is linked to, each Brain Processor will give a +25% boost.
There is no limit to the amount of jars that can be linked to a bench!

Research the Multi-Brain tech for even more research boosting potential!

Researching the Bionics tech will allow you to create Drone Brains. Using a Drone Brain will allow you to replace the brain of any victim without killing them, allowing them to live in a lombotomized state!

Warning: the high risk of brain surgery has the potential of rendering the brain unusable if botched.

New additions:
-Research and build the Master Brain for a massive research boost!
*Warning: Due to the high output of this device, it produces a lot of heat.

-Now, after researching bionics, you have the ability to create an augmented brain to implant in your colonists. It provides a boost to conciousness and manipulation.

Thank you to everyone for your support!
Considering this is my first mod, I had no idea that that it would get such a overwhelming support!
You people are going to make it really hard to follow this up, but I look forward to the challenge! ;)

Any feedback is welcome!

Known Issues:
"The brain processor disappears when I build it."
-There is a conflict with another one of your mods. Moving this mod to be near the top of your load order
should fix it

"My pawns are ignoring the research that I have set."
-This is caused by a mod conflict, though I have not been able to track down the cause. The only time I was able
to trigger this glitch (which was before I created this mod) is when finishing a repeatable research. The only
noticeable pattern I have found is that it will prevent pawns from researching anything added by mods. Exiting
the game and reloading the save, then selecting a different research and switching back to the research you
want seemed to fix it for me.

"The research is taking much longer to complete than it should"
-The only time I have encountered this is when using the "Tech Advancing" mod. Turning it off should fix it.

To Do:
-Add additional uses for harvested brains
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Jan 11 @ 1:58pm
Non-Steam support
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TranslucencY  [author] Jun 16 @ 10:04pm 
@darkzero, the game seems to have an issue when a recipe calls for multiple of a non-stackable item. It may display as "not enough resourses" even though you have enough and it will still be built.
darkzero Jun 16 @ 8:45pm 
Nevermind. Issue seemed to be self correcting. The UI either lagged or took a while to update. Odd bug. Mod works perfectly. Thanks!
darkzero Jun 16 @ 6:26pm 
I ran into an odd bug. The Extracted brains don't work. It keeps telling me I don't have enough resources, when a brain is sitting in my stockpile zone.
Emelio Lizardo Apr 29 @ 12:40am 
Um, installing a bionic brain pal now results in the brain being removed. That wasn't expected.
FallenLord_BR Apr 28 @ 8:50pm 
The same error goes for all your brain benches.
FallenLord_BR Apr 28 @ 8:44pm 
Hey, author, sorry, i've just tried the shield author, mod dead. Im getting this error between you, musical instruments mod and frontier shields mod. Coult you take a look?

Frontier Developments Shields :: Invalid def found BrainInAJar
Verse.Log:Warning(String, Boolean)

Trogladonis Apr 26 @ 10:03pm 
Oof. Guess i'll keep that upgrade out of my pawns then. At least the option is there for brain dead colonists though. Thanks for the speedy reply!
TranslucencY  [author] Apr 26 @ 8:14pm 
Yes, the game requires a regular brain to allow installation of a joywire or other brain implants
Trogladonis Apr 26 @ 7:37pm 
Is the augmented brain supposed to be the only upgrade allowed within the brain once it's installed? No other brain additions seem to be allowed once you upgrade the ol' grey matter.
What yer lookin' at? Apr 19 @ 1:52pm 
Doesn't appear in the mods folder, so i can't enable it.