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Macaco's Mod
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Macaco's Mod

In 2 collections by Lux
Brigata Lancieri-Collezione-2020
33 items
Brigata Lancieri-Collezione-WWII-2020
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MACACO'S MOD ver 1.9.2

Tutorials (ITA) on Youtube:

July 2020


Macaco's Mod is a "collection" of my scripts in a single mod (now much more intuitive to set up)
and offers these features:

- AI Reaction (Requires CBA, TASKFORCERADIO)
With this module you can activate the "hearing" of the AI, which will hear you when you speak with TASK FORCE RADIO

- Timer (Requires CBA, ACE)
With this module you can activate a timer, based on the DAYTIME variable. (totally rewritten)

- FollowMe (Requires CBA, ACE)
With this module it is possible to enable an ACE interaction menu that allows the
player to have some AI commands run:
*follow me
*stand up
* go up to the nearest vehicle
* wears protective clothing (helmet + harness)
* handcuffing (use a band)
*to free

- "Logistic Vehicle" module. (Requires CBA, ACE)
With this module (can be synchronized with just one faction vehicle) it is possible to create a logistic vehicle for refueling / resetting and
vehicle repair ...
Also you can use an AI that "simulates" the repair of the vehicle but that if killed will make subsequent repairs impossible ...

- "Earthquake" (Requires CBA, ACE)
The module allows to create earthquakes with destructive areas; the intensity of the earthquake is adjustable ...

- Module "HQ" (Requires CBA, TASKFORCERADIO)
The module allows you to create an HQ vehicle with different features:
* Equip the vehicle with aeronautical radio with 40km range (Task Force Radio)
* Equip the vehicle (in the inventory) with UAV backpack (Darter), batteries and terminal (depending on faction)
* Equip the vehicle with an omnidirectional radio disturbance antenna (Task Force Radio)
* Equip the vehicle with a directive antenna (movable) to increase the range / power of the radio (Task Force Radio)

-"Sounds Of War" module (Requires CBA, ACE)
The module allows you to create areas with war sound effects and possibly (real) explosions and light flares, useful for example to delimit areas
  game recreating a more realistic situation ...

-"Supplies" module (Requires CBA, ACE)
The module allows you to request a supply case, with a virtual arsenal set by the editor. The module is equipped with various options for operating dynamics.

-"Watch" Module (Requires CBA, ACE)
With this module it is possible to activate a clock (with graphic interface) that creates two alarms, publishes useful variables for triggers and executes sqf files at the end of alarms ....

- "Tablet" module (Requires CBA, ACE)
With this module it is possible, for those who have the appropriate tablet in the inventory, to use a team tablet for the management of multiplayer teams

- "Radio/Sensor" module (Requires CBA, ACE,TFR)
With this module it is possible to change / exclude the vehicle radio and exclude the sensors (by type)

- "Sonic Boom" Module (Requires CBA)
With this module it is possible to attribute the characteristic "sonic boom" and the related steam cone to supersonic planes.

- "Advanced Stamina" Module (Requires CBA, ACE) (feat. Hollywood)
This module manages advanced stamina, adding the possibility of drinking, eating, etc ...
Note for those who used the previous mod "Advanced Stamina Mod": Edit the missions with the old mod and then re-insert the modules with Macaco's Mod

The mod is translated into:

For now ... 13 modules .... but I'm working ... .... I'm working on more modules !!!!

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Lux  [author] Jul 8 @ 2:10pm 
New Release
Lux  [author] May 11 @ 1:58am 
New Release
Lux  [author] Apr 22 @ 6:00am 
For tablet users... i'm fixing some bugs... and improve with more options!
Lux  [author] Apr 13 @ 9:49am 
New Release
Lux  [author] Mar 16 @ 2:14pm 
Hi Aram !!! Thanks for the feedback and I am pleased that everything works! "stay tuned" ... I don't have much time, but I'm working on other features
♣♦ Aram ♥♠ Mar 16 @ 12:18pm 
Been using the AI_reactions module for a couple weeks now and its a very cool setting to have. Much better than TFAR Beta version of AI hearing, because with your version they actually start to look for you (with TFAR they don't search when they have heard you). Also we are running your mod along with ALiVE and VCOM and its working no problem.
Lux  [author] Feb 24 @ 7:35am 
Stay Tuned... i'm workin'... new module
Lux  [author] Feb 19 @ 2:22pm 
A "debug group" just for me ???? :-) Tnx !!!
I hope everything works ... And if you have ideas, tell me everything ... I always write everything down for future developments!
♣♦ Aram ♥♠ Feb 19 @ 1:09pm 
Ok we plan to conduct some test on server this week in preparation for our upcoming campaign starting this month. Will let you know how your mod runs with ALiVE and also VCOM AI behavior mod.
Lux  [author] Feb 19 @ 1:53am 
Thanks for trying the mod!
As for the AI Reaction module, it has been studied and built with Task Force Radio (not with the beta version, which in turn includes a similar but not the same function), so it is necessary to check with TFAR Beta .... however I will check as soon as possible!
For compatibility with Alive, I have not tested since I do not use it and do not know it thoroughly ... indeed at this point I ask for feedback on this thing ... thanks again!