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Psionic Re-Expanded
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Dec 20, 2018 @ 12:42am
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Psionic Re-Expanded

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Stellaris Expanded
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The unofficial Psionic Expansion.


- Materialists and Fanatic Materialists can now gain Psionic Technologies and increased general chance to gain them.
- Psionic Theory can also be discovered by analyzing debris.
- Hive Minds can now research some Psionic Technologies.
- Machine Empires can now research some Psionic Technologies. They can only discover psionics via war.
- Become a Psionic Entity with colors depending on your ethics. You must research the dangerous technology "Psionic Perfection" in order to do so.


- Psionic World = Cannot be invaded and Pops gain +25% Government Ethic Attraction. If the planet devastation reaches 100% there is a 90% chance it will turn into a Barren world with a Terraforming Candidate modifier, a 5% chance it will turn into a Gaia world, or a 5% chance it will turn into a Shroud World. Psionic Worlds receive -25% damage from bombardment. It even has sounds when you click the planet!


- Expanded Psionic Theory = +1 Research Alternatives
- Psionic Perfection = +20% damage versus extradimensional beings and allows you to become a Psionic Entity.
- Psychich Computing Algorithms = +5% Research Speed
- Teleportation = +10% Sublight Speed, and +10% Combat Disengagement Chance
- Psionic Tracking = +10 Ship Tracking
- Psionic Resistance = -20% War Exchaustion Gain
- Psionic Barriers = +10% Army Health
- Psychic Senses = +3 Planet Sensor Range
- Mind Control = +20 Trust Cap
- Psionic Communication = +30 Administrative Capacity
- Psionic Content = +5% Habitability
- Psionic Healing = +5% Ship Hull Regeneration and +5 Leader Lifespam
- Psionic Terraformation Techniques = +20% Terraforming Speed
- Psionic Planetary Restructuring = -20% Terraforming Cost
- Telekinetic Construction = +20% Planet Build Speed and +20% Megastructure Build Speed
- Psionic Power Generation = Unlocks Psionic Power Plant upgrade (Upgrades from Energy Nexus)
- Psychic Material Manipulation = Unlocks Psionic Material Restructurer upgrade (Upgrades from Mineral Purification Hub)
- Psychic Nutrient Production = Unlocks Psionic Agricultural Complex upgrade (Upgrades from Food Processing Center)
- Psionic Empathy Institute = Unlocks Psychich Remembrance Institute upgrade (Upgrades from Citadel of Faith)
- Psionic Research Inititative = Unlocks Psionic Research Center upgrade (Upgrades from Research Institute)
- Psionic Universal Magnification = Unlocks Psychic Psionic Institute upgrade (Upgrades from Level 3 Science Lab)


- Psionic Power Plant = +35% Energy Credits from Technicians and +3 Technician Jobs. Upkeep -2 Energy Credits and -2 Exotic Gases.
- Psionic Material Restructurer = +35% Minerals from Miners and +3 Miner Jobs. Upkeep -2 Energy Credits and -2 Volatile Motes.
- Psionic Agricultural Complex = +35% Food from Farmers and +3 Farmer Jobs. Upkeep -2 Energy Credits and -2 Volatile Motes.
- Psionic Remembrance Institute = +25% Spiritualist Ethics Attraction and +13 Priest Jobs. Upkeep -5 Energy Credits and -3 Rare Crystals.
- Psionic Research Center = +25% Researchers Output and +2 Science Director Jobs. Upkeep -10 Energy Credits and -1 Zro.
- Psychich Science Institute = +11 Researcher Jobs. Upkeep -7 Energy Credits and -3 Exotic Gases.


- Psiocracy = You may switch to this authority once you research "Expanded Psionic Theory" (Regular Empires Only). -25% Empire Sprawl Penalties and no Emergency Elections allowed.


- Psionic Empire = Requires Expanded Psionic Theory and Fanatic Militarist Ethic
- Psionic Bureaucracy = Requires Expanded Psionic Theory and Fanatic Pacifist Ethic
- Psionic Ascendancy = Requires Expanded Psionic Theory and Fanatic Spiritualist Ethic
- Psionic Directorate = Requires Expanded Psionic Theory and Fanatic Materialist Ethic
- Psionic Supremacy = Requires Expanded Psionic Theory and Fanatic Xenophobe Ethic
- Psionic Haven = Requires Expanded Psionic Theory and Fanatic Xenophile Ethic
- Psionic Democracy = Requires Expanded Psionic Theory and Fanatic Egalitarian Ethic
- Psionic Dictatorship = Requires Expanded Psionic Theory and Fanatic Authoritarian Ethic
- Psionic Nation = Requires Expanded Psionic Theory and no Fanatic Ethics


- Psionic Descentants = +15% Unity
- Psionic Tranquility = +5% Happiness
- Psionic Equilibrium = +20 Administrative Capacity
- Psionic Service= +20% Army Damage and -20% Army Upkeep
- Psionic Protectionists = +5 Stability
- Psionic Theocracy = +25% Edict Duration and +10% Governing Ethic Attraction
- Psionic Technocracy = +1 Research Alternatives
- Psionic Superiority = +15% Naval Capacity
- Psionic Empathizers = +2 Governor Skill Level
- Psionic Harmony = -10% Consumer Goods Upkeep
- Psionic Subsumed Telepathy = +2 Ruler Skill Level
- Shrouded Origins = Start on a 25 size Psionic World with the Psiocratic Authority type and Psionic Theory already researched. -20% Research Rate.


- Chirumiru ShiRoz for showing me how to make psionic looking shipsets.
- Kronos1612 for his destruction way of dealing with special planets.
- Whoever came up with the extradimensional portraits and made different colors of them.
- Commander Sol for blessing us with a showcase video of them mod.
- Alex FRD for taking the time to create a psionic tile set and the psionic world entity.
- Twink for making the psionic city set.
- grJDh for the partial Russian Localisation.
- oblevdorohmsic for the Chinese Localisation.


Biology Re-Expanded =


No Shipset Version =
Culture Overhaul =
NSC and Realistic Ships =


Visible Psionics =


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MightNight  [author] 8 hours ago 
@Dragonfox Yeah some of the guys wanted them to be able to do so. I agree with you that synthetic ascended empires should not be allowed to do so...I will put that restriction on the next update. I will not, however, restrict it to only people following the psionic ascension path
Dragonfox 8 hours ago 
I don't know if this is a result of my game being modded to the point of insanity but my Materialist Synthetic Ascension path civilisation was not only able to research Expanded Psionic Theory but was even given the option to switch to Psiocracy. Expanded Psionic Theory should only be avalible to Civs following the Psionic Ascension path to avoid this knid of insanity
MightNight  [author] 20 hours ago 
@lascupa0788 ya
lascupa0788 Feb 20 @ 1:08pm 
Is this compatible with Glavius AI?
MightNight  [author] Feb 19 @ 6:46pm 
@iboto1 using special civics(civics that cannot removes after game start) will not give you the event to reform your government...Shrouded Origins is one of them.

@The Obelisk I don’t give bonuses to materialists...I just remove the maluses. Before materialists has 0% chance to draw a psionic card unless they had certain scientists. Now they have a base 0.5 weight to draw one. Spiritualists have 1.5 weight instead
The Obelisk Feb 19 @ 6:40pm 
I feel like giving materialists bonuses to finding psionics kind of ruins the whole robotics/psionics balance.
iboto1 Feb 19 @ 4:06pm 
I have screenshots saved for you to see...
iboto1 Feb 19 @ 3:56pm 
@MightNight, I thought that so I waited until I researched Expanded Psionic Theory and they're all still locked to me.
MightNight  [author] Feb 19 @ 3:20pm 
@Frank I like that idea. I’ll definitely look into doing that down the road :).

@iboto1 yeah you read it wrong. You can only switch to that government and civics once the game has started and you research Expanded Psionic Theory. There is a civic which lets you start with the psionic government but allowing you to use regular civics with it.
iboto1 Feb 19 @ 2:56pm 
Okay, so unless I'm reading this wrong, there doesn't seem to be a way to switch government types nor is there a way to change to the shiny new civics once the game has started. Worse, there isn't a way to select any of the shiny civics or government types at empire creation either so...that's a major section of the mod that has a "look but don't touch" thing going on...