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Game Details
- Game mode: Boss slayer
- Players: 1-5
- Game time: 10-30 minutes (Classic/Challenger mode)
- Leaderboard[]

This is a challenging game mode where you have to defeat multiple randomly chosen bosses.
Each defeated boss offers lesser or greater perks to choose from to strengthen your hero throughout your run.
Choose them wisely to create an epic combination to dive deeper into the dungeon.
Go alone or gather up to four other contesters to beat all the threats you will face.

Tips for your game:
- choose "Casual" game mode if you're still new to the game!
- spend your gold!
- heavily prefer damage or utility items - tanky builds are not possible in this game mode!
- reroll perks or an encounter once if necessary
- bring enough patience and cleverness to beat an encounter - blunt force will not do it (most of the time)

- reddit
-Steam Workshop forum

Any financial help is appreciated :> (for example to cover expenses for the leaderboard)

- defeat 6 encounters in total to win
- encounters devided in 3 groups: Level 1-2 (easy mechanics), Level 3-5 (advanced mechanics) and Level 6 (final boss)
- currently featuring 16 encounters in total, randomly chosen per level
- buy, upgrade and sell perks: Artifacts (active abilities) and Glyphs (passive bonuses)
- currently featuring 8 Artifacts and 24 Glyphs
- one-time reroll for perks and encounters if you are not satisfied with the selection or the next encounter would heavily counter you
- including 6 different arenas
- full voice over and battle music

Featuring 4 modes:
- CLASSIC: Defeat 6 encounters in total to win. Your team has 1 extra life. If all Heroes die, you can continue for free once. Every other time will cost game points.
- CASUAL: You can retry every boss as long as you want. Score gain is drastically lowered.
- ENDLESS: Defeat as many encounters as you can. Encounters get stronger by time. Your team has 1 life. If all Heroes die, you can continue for free once. Every other time will cost game points.
- CHALLENGER: Defeat 8 pre defined Encounters. Be careful! Bosses are much harder and there might be some additional effects going on during a fight or Encounter abilities have some other specialties. As the Challenger Mode has fixed Encounter rotations, it will change reguarly to new combinations. But you will have enough time to beat the highscore!

Balancing Facts:
- The hero and item pool is limited to which fit into this game mode.
- Values of abilities and items might be adjusted.
- Heroes and items are standard Dota heroes/items to keep the game mode beginner friendly
- Due the fact that you could go for very tanky builds, Bosses' damage is based on percentage of health making DPS builds mandatory.
- To still mitigate some damage, stats and max health grants "Resilience", which reduces damage taken.

-Artwork done by fuya[] (
-Barebones Starter Mod Kit (github) saving me lots of time!
-Lorc, Delapouite and skoll ( for awesome icons! for being an very informative and updated source for anything about Dota 2! and the ModDota Discord channel for answering questions thus solving problems!

Usage of Data
By playing this custom game you agree that your Steam nickname used at the start of the custom game and all corresponding data like picked hero, items bought etc. can be publicly shown on the official leaderboards (
If you want to have specific or all records anonymized, reach out to
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