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Created by [BFLP]Ghost
DayZ-Sa-Tomato is an administrative tool for in-game usage in DayZ Standalone.

It uses an intuitive, and easy-to-use UI and is user friendly once installed.

Mod Updated for Version 1.01 Profiles folder Tomato_Profiles again Map is current...
Created by Cleetus
Kill Feed.

This mod allows a server to announces all hits on players and player deaths, and the reason for them in chat as well as custom logging of all of these events to their own log file in the server's Profile directory.

Created by Not A Banana
Official support channel for Weapon Redux Pack:

This mod's aims is to bring back most if not all of the guns missing to .63 back into the game in a placeholder state, as well as some other guns from the game files that have ne...
Created by Not A Banana
Very very simple mod, adds the LRS back in (MosinLRS class name) as an attachment for the mosin. Check the types folder for a snippet you can paste into your types.xml to get the item spawning. Note I have the min and nominal set to zero, you will have to ...
Created by Not A Banana
BuilderItems is a mod that allows server owners to have a much wider range of options when placing details on the map.

This is not the editor itself, but a mod to give you more options with the editor! You still need to download and use comm...
Created by Not A Banana
BuilderStatics is a mod for use with BuilderItems while editing only, not to be used on the server or client.

If you are a player and not a server host, this is not for you, move on

BuilderStatics adds configs to the game to allow you to us...