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Impassable Chest-deep Water
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Dec 18, 2018 @ 4:54am
Feb 26 @ 3:50am
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Impassable Chest-deep Water

In 1 collection by Dropbear_Ninja.wa.au
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Updated to 1.1 and changed move speed from 6% to 15%

Very simple mod that makes makes chest-deep water impassable, and reduces the walk speed of shallow water.

Makes rivers strategically useful (and natural ford's actually fords).

Please comment any issues.

Does not require any dependencies.

Can be safely added and removed from saves. Ensure colonists aren't standing on any chest-moving water before adding (but if you do, they'll be ok, just stuck in place unable to move).

Compatible with my current modlist of 200+ mods. This mod on own does not change name of water, remains chest-deep, and bridgable with vanilla bridges. If you install this mod and Rainbeu's Advanced Bridges, the chest-deep water becomes 'deep water' and is no longer bridgable with vanilla bridges (but is bridgable with Rainbeu's deep water bridges).
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Slavidor Oct 5 @ 1:29pm 
I use this and it works great on 1.2
(rus) Sparkling CumCumber Sep 15 @ 8:22am 
not working on 1.2
Taliesyn Sep 6 @ 12:10pm 
@Sophist88 - Seems to work fine with Boats, but it is NOT compatible with Biomes - Islands, regardless of load order.
avka Aug 15 @ 11:26am 
works with 1.2 and with multiplayer
shane_357 Aug 12 @ 4:27am 
Does this still work with 1.2?
Saucy Bagel Jun 5 @ 6:34am 
@baguda I could pilot a fishing boat over the impassable water so it seems to work.
Sophist88 Jun 4 @ 8:57am 
How does this work with boats mod?
Planewalker Apr 25 @ 7:06am 

It is a known issue, and is due to the way RW handles terrain; it is also why you can not remove "thick roof". (depth and height are only simulated; other layers don't exist in game per se)

In order for this to be fixed with this mod, the mod would have to store the previous depth value when building, and that is (although possible), to put it mildly, an arduous task.

An easy way to circumvent the depth issue is using devmode to set correct terrain type.

pickers101 Apr 9 @ 7:17am 
Love this mod, I think it may need updating to not use an old Modcheck version however?
Gniwii Mar 9 @ 3:45pm 
In vanilla "deep water" is impassable but only found on a coast, while "chest deep water" just slows more than "shallow water".