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(WOTC) UI Mod for Defense/Mobility/Psi
Created by PZ
Mods the UI to show some useful (at least to me) information.

- If you have equipment or an ability that boosts or penalizes your (normally hidden) Defense stat, it will appear. This also shows the Defense stat for SPARKs.
- If you're using a katana or...
(WOTC) Zip Mode Combat Protocol Camera Fix
Created by PZ
A tiny mod to fix a tiny (but annoying) problem.

If you're using zip mode, the default camera for Combat Protocol shows a close-up of your Specialist, but by the time the camera cuts away, the Gremlin is already at the target, and the whole thing just l...
(WOTC) Zombies Don't Count
Created by PZ
Zombies Don't Count is a simple mod that makes your own reanimated zombies not count against you when counting up dead or wounded soldiers.

Now you can summon up a horde of expendable zombies and still get a flawless! Your soldiers will still yell out w...
(WOTC+TLP) Plasma Fan Fire Fix
Created by PZ
Fan fire doesn't have a working animation if you use the TLP plasma pistol. This mod fixes that. That's all!

It should be compatible with Three Tier Cosmetic Weapons TLP, [url=...
A Better AI: Chosen Tweaks
Created by DerBK
-- A Better AI : Chosen Tweaks --
-- Mod by DerBK --

Requires XCOM2 version: War of the Chosen
Requires DLC: none
Requires other mods: none

FAQ, General Info and Troubleshooting for my mods can be found here:

A Better AI: WotC
Created by DerBK
-- A Better AI : War of the Chosen --
-- Mod by DerBK --

Requires XCOM2 version: War of the Chosen
Requires DLC: none
Requires other mods: none

FAQ, General Info and Troubleshooting for my mods can be fo...
ADVENT Cryo Priest (Standalone)
Created by Deadput
Adds the Cryo Priest enemy from A Better DLC as a standalone unit, it does not depend on A Better Advent like the original mod does. (Although that doesn't mean you can't use it alongside this mod)

It still has the Better AI changes from the original mo...
Always Recruit and Rescue
Created by RealityMachina
Forces the Recruit Extra Faction Soldier and Rescue Captured Soldier covert actions to always appear if their rewards are available.

May require a refresh via the end of month report to take effect....
Ammo Pocket Fix
Created by -bg-
Anarchys Children Extra Options
Created by Jsleezy
Adds some of the "hats" for Anarchy's Children DLC as upperface and lower face props to be used with other hats, hoods and helmets.

Also adds the DLC's torsos as separate torsos that can be used with the default arms. These do not have the DLC icon next...
Arms and Shoulders
Created by Spart117MC
This mod is recommended over Individual Arms which is no longer supported.

What is this mod?
Consider this mod Individual Arms 2: Electric Boogaloo[/...
Avatar Buffs
Created by RealityMachina
Chosen and Rulers are great and all, but the final of final enemies you face should get a bit of love too.


Hardened - Both the Commander and normal Avatars get a -40% chance to being critted. This is not just so the Ranger at close range...
Avenger Defense Bondmates Fix
Created by thegrimsqueaker72
Fixes soldiers not having bondmate abilities if their partner spawned as reinforcements on Avenger Defense.

Checks and fixes both bondmates at the point the second one is added to the map. If the mod is installed on a save where both bondmates are alrea...
Better Second Wave Mod Support
Created by -bg-
Allows multiple mods to add more second wave option without conflicting each other when it comes to localization.

Also allows some SW options to be modified in campaign. (Not all are supported)

This mod by default don't add new second wave options, ...
Blackmarket Usage
Created by dave
This mod is working fine in WotC!

Displays possible usage of items on the blackmarket sell screen.
No more wondering whether you still need Advent Trooper Corpses.

Data is gathered dynamically, so modded items, costs etc should show up as w...
Cannon Animation Redux
Created by Musashi
Overhauls all cannon animations.

In the new animations the soldier holds the cannon well like a cannon and not like a rifle.

The animations are overriden if the soldier holds one of the

- Basegame cannons
- Claus Merc Plasma cannon
- ...
Capnbubs Accessories - WotC
Created by Capnbubs
Non-WotC version available here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=618977388

Adds several new customisation options. See the images above.

It is my ambition to make this pack of comparable quality to an official DLC, hope you all...
Chosen Dark Events Fix
Created by RealityMachina
Dark Events related to the Chosen will no longer fire if you killed them all. The Loyalty Among Thieves events already do this, this is just me finishing it up.

Due to how Dark Events work, this will most likely require a new campaign to take effect....
Chosen Dialogue Tweaks
Created by thegrimsqueaker72
Adjusts the triggers for some Chosen tactical dialogue to make it less rare, and allows them to recongize modded psi soldiers as Psi Operatives.

- Psi Operative lines are no longer hard-coded to check for soldiers with the vanilla class. It c...
Custom Face Paints
Created by Replikant
A package of custom, handmade facepaints.

Fully compatible with WotC.

Currently contains 20 custom facepaints for your XCOM Soldiers (found under Props/Facepaint), including a "Collar" Option for Helmets.

Eyeliner B and C made by Phn...
Custom Soldiers Evac Zone Fix
Created by RealityMachina
Avenger Defence, the Final Mission, Strongholds, and Lost and Abandoned now support soldiers using mod-added character templates properly, instead of breaking or leaving them behind.

This may result in some things being considered evacable that shouldn'...
Created by Destroyer1101
Finally finished consolidating all my hairs into a single pack, please take plenty of pictures I want to see all your awesome girls kicking alien butt.

If you like the Hair styles that I made here be sure to give me a
Thumbs UP!
Defense Matrix Sabotage Fix
Created by RealityMachina
the Defense Matrix is supposed to lower the chances of the Chosen action Sabotage from successfully working.

So of course the vanilla code never calls upon XComHQ.SabotageChanceModifier.

This fixes that, letting the Defence Matrix properly lower th...
Device DoT Fix
Created by CaptainRichard
What would you say if I told you that a tank can be poisoned?

Skeptical? I thought you might be. Fortunately, I have video proof.

If you don't want to watch or aren't sure what you're looking at, I'll e...
Diverse Alien Pods WOTC
Created by Ginger
Allows alien pods to roll multiple different types of followers.

In vanilla, pods led by an alien only roll once to determine what follower they have, and then the rest of the group is filled out with copies of that same follower. Pods led by ADVENT rol...
Dor's Helmets
Created by Dor
UPDATED: With Psi Skull Helmet changes. 07/04/2016

- Hyperion Helmet, Male and Female.
- Classic Hyperion Male and Female.
- Psi Skull Male and Female

Cape is from ADVENT armou...
Eldritch Facepaints v1.2 - WOTC compatible
Created by [RQ] StuballZ
A series of facepaints to enrich your XCOM 2 experience, by [RQ]StuballZ / eldritch68. This pack works as is in WOTC, it is just marked as incompatible in the launcher. Don't believe the Advent propaganda -- the pack works exactly as intended in WOTC!

Evac All - WotC
Created by tracktwo

This version of Evac All is for the War of the Chosen expansion only. Please use the original Evac All mod for the original XCOM2.

If you are subscribed to both mods, make sure you only have the correct version of this mod activated for the game yo
FTH Capnbubs Addon - WotC
Created by Lex
A small convenience addon mod to add some missing customization to Capnbubs Accessories Pack - WotC similar to my main [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=113128717...
Faction Flags
Created by PZ
This mod gives Reapers, Skirmishers, and Templars their own flags (instead of the default US flag) when using armor with a flag displayed. This has no effect if you aren't using other mods that allow you to use nonstandard armor with faction soldiers, beca...
Free the Hood - WotC
Created by Lex
Well, it's done. Free the Hood - WotC Edition
Now with Tactical Legacy Pack support

For the vanilla version look here: Free The Hood

What it does:
Adds more customi...
Full Character Customization From Start
Howdy great peeps,

This mod unlocks full character customization at all ranks.

So in short, no longer do you need to level up your characters to a certain rank,
in order to fully customize them - such as their attitude, several ...
Glowing Eyes
Created by Phnx
Glowing eyes for your psi class... or just for fun. ;)

You'll find them under upper face props. It's the only way I could implement them. And it took me several days and a lot of brain racking to figure out how to pull that off. :P

One advantage thou...
Gravely Wounded Scars
Created by RealityMachina
Soldiers get scars when they're supposed to.

Specifically, Firaxis changed it so when a unit gets gravely injured, they get a chance of getting a scar, as a replacement for Shaken being turned into a status for the Will system.

They did not, however,...
Infinite TLP Weaponry
Created by NotSoLoneWolf
Just like it says on the tin. Once you've researched and built the normal Magnetic and Beam schematics, you'll receive an infinite amount of the Laser and Plasma weapons from the Tactical Legacy Pack instead of just a single one of each. The weapons also h...
Insider Knowledge Fix
Created by -bg-
Fix a bug with Stocks and Laser Sights not benefitting from Insider Knowledge, despite all descriptions claiming so.

Adds another ability to all stocks, including any custom weapon upgrades that have bonus damage using 'Miss' tag, and the ...
LEB's Lategame Enemies
Created by LeaderEnemyBoss
This mod ports the Riftkeeper and the Venator to WotC. Additional changes like a new SitRep and modified mission schedules are made in order to increase the lategame difficulty.

The Riftkeeper
A durable support unit, whose main role is to summ...
Legacy Base Uniforms
Created by Spart117MC
"The new uniform isn't bad considering, but sometimes I do miss that damn sweater."

What is this mod?

Legacy Base Uniforms is a crew replacer mod that aims to bring back the old uniforms from the days of Enemy Un...
Load from character pool
Created by tg6952
Allows you to load the customization options from a character in the pool to a troop in the game

How to use it:
-name a unit in your game to the unit in your pool you would like to copy
-click the import button below gender in the info screen
Lucubrations Infantry Class Wotc
Created by Divine Lucubration
Vanilla (Non-WotC) Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=632648555

Adds an Infantry class to the game with many new abilities.

The Infantry class is a basic rifleman class styled after its namesake from the original Long War ...
M3 Tactical Helmet - WotC
Created by Origin
A helmet....
MEC Troopers
Created by RealityMachina
Charge into the fray as a MEC Warrior, take all the shots as a Jaeger, or become an unflinching wall as a Titan.

If you played Enemy WIthin, you'll get the general gist of how you'll get MEC Troopers with this mod: after researching and building the re...
Missing Packages Fix + Resource
Created by ∑3245
For some reason unbeknowest to us, some packages (FX_, dev packages, clearcoat) are not loaded in WotC, or rather, do not exist at all, breaking a lot of mods that use Particle Systems. This is intentional to reduce the size of WotC.

This ...
Modular Legacy Armors
Created by Spart117MC
What is this mod?
Modular Legacy Armors is a mod that proceeds to cut up and kitbash the armors from the Tactical Legacy Pack and make them avaialble as cosmetic options for base game armors.

  • Three tors
More Effective Blast Padding
Created by RealityMachina
Makes explosions from cars and other destructible objects (think gas tanks) be affected by blast padding.

Should work in any situation except when loading into a tactical mission (you will need to complete the mission before it'll take effect.)...
More Nations Mod
Created by Astograph
Updated 20/1/17. Adds all UN member states + 8 more.


Includes flags, names and surnames (26000+ across 118 custom namelists), and a custom rebalance of all countries' UnitWeight (chance of showing up), even for default nat...
One Million Colours
Created by -bg-
ALSO ENABLE THIS IF YOU ARE USING WOTC: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/1133948141

ENABLE THIS IF YOU USE IT WITH SPARKS: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/1134598754

Adds one million colours to props customization (...
One Million Colours Plugin For WOTC
Created by -bg-
REQUIRES ORIGINAL MOD: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1091135816

Plugin to make One million colours works with WOTC photobooth.

This mod will also allow such colour customiztion on hero soldiers.

No Overwrites...
One Million Spark Colours
Created by -bg-
Allow SPARK to be included with One Million Colours mod without interfering head options that is armor dependant and voice triggers.

Overwrites Sparks' Customization Class...
Primary Secondaries
Created by Musashi
Primary Pistols and Primary Melee Weapons

Requires War of the Chosen Expansion and the WotC Community Highlander.

Please don't use this together with my "Primary Pistols" mod. The mods collide with each other.

This mod generates primary v...
Psionic Class WOTC
Created by ADVENT Avenger
- Makes the Psionic available from the start with the same tree as Psi Operative
- Can be trained in the Guerilla Tactics School, can rank up like other soldiers, gets AP like other soldiers.
- This mod disables PSI Lab facility const...
RAGE Helmet[WOTC Compatible now]
Created by Claus


This mod adds a pack of helmets meant to fit the theme of the R.A.G.E Suit.

Features 3 variants, each with 2 variants, one with fleshy berserker "horns" and one ...
Recruit Multiple Heroes From All
Created by RealityMachina
Actually gain your second (or more) faction hero from all factions.

Context: the vanilla check for the extra faction hero reward has the requirement that the faction that offers it must be the first faction you met. This means if you met the Reapers fi...
Recruits Conserve Character Pool
Created by SaintKnave
This mod conserves your Character Pool so that you can continue to receive Pool soldiers as mid- to late-game rewards.


The game's default behavior is to pull five Character Pool soldiers into your Recruit Soldiers list every month. By mid- to...
Row-Based Scrolling Speed Wotc
Created by Toxic Frog
>>> Not compatible with other scrollbar mods. <<<

Makes scrolling lists much easier :
- When pointer is on the list : each mousewheel notch scrolls by one row.
- When pointer is on the scrollbar itself : each mousewheel notch scrolls by one pag...
SWR Full Crew Avenger WotC
Created by Mertius
Second Wave Remastered: Full Crew Avenger (Updated V.2.1)

Ever notice that the Avenger doesn't seem to have as much crew walking the halls as before?
Well, now you can have back your Avenger teeming with Activity!

***Notes***While this works with V...
SWR Hidden Potential WotC
Created by Mertius
Second Wave Remastered: Hidden Potential. (V.4)

A vanilla version of the Hidden Potential Mod, following the original Second Wave option.

Vanilla Version: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=626241684

Heavily recommended to be ...
Show More Buff Details
Created by -bg-
No more guessing when is your effect going to end, shows more details about when each non-permanent effect is going to end.

Also show the stat bonuses granted by each buffs/perks

Overwrites UITacticalHUD_BuffsTooltip, UITacticalHUD_Perk...
Skirmisher Cape
Created by Claus
Because sometimes(always) you just need to have capes, this mod simply adds 2 Torso Gear Options to the Skirmishers with capes on them.

Features 2 Torso Gears with Capes for Skirmishers, available for Male and Female skirmishers.

How to acquire:

Skirmisher Helmet Mod
Created by Claus
Because it is an outrage that Skirmishers only have 2 helmets available in vanilla, this mod new helmets for the Skirmishers, for male and female.

Features 5 new Helmets, available for Male and Female skirmishers.
Also features modified versions of the...
Skirmisher Rebalance
Created by RealityMachina
Reworks some of the Skirmisher's abilities and fixes a pretty bad bug too:


Fixes a bug with Battle Lord causing it to only proc on the first two actions on the enemy turn, and then ignoring the rest. (This mod's config ini includes an o...
Skulljack Feedback Fix
Created by -bg-
Currently, there's a bug with skullmine feedback that causes the unit affected by the feedback to take damage EVERY TIME a hack occurs, no matter who performs the hack or whether the hack succeed or failed. This mod fixes that so the feedback damage only o...
Skyranger Skins Decal Pack
Created by .vhs
This is the first decal pack for Skyranger Skins. It adds almost 30 decals for our lovely Skyranger.

- robojumper, without him there would be no Skyranger Skins mod
- nekoworkshop, for his contribution of decal/material
- CondensedTurtle, fo...
Soundtrack Restoration - WotC + TLE
Created by Krzyzyk
Reuses soundtracks added with XCOM UFO Defense (TLE), XCOM Enemy Unknown, Shen's Gift, Alien Hunters, Lost and Abandoned missions in addition to few others from the base game that are rarely used. By default this mod makes all these soundtracks play random...
Spart's ResistanceBashes
Created by Spart117MC
This mod is not currently included in Spart's DLCBashes.

This mod contains character customization options created using assets from the Resistance Warrior...
Spectre Vanish Fix
Created by .vhs
Now Spectre reveals himself when shooting.

On the XCOM2 wiki you can read that Spectre is being revealed when using any non-movement action. Which was not true, but with this mod it becomes a reality.

This should be compatible...
Stenchfury Modular Helmets WOTC
Created by Stenchfury
Stenchfury Modular Helmets WOTC edition:

The aim of this mod is to make a serie of modular helmets with interchangeable Head\Upper\Lower face parts of sci-fi inspiration.

-Tried to work with both vanilla content and Capnbubs headgear to get around a...
Stop Wasting My Time - WotC
Created by BlueRaja
Speeds up the game by removing pointless pauses and other time-wasters.
All changes are purely cosmetic.

For a version that doesn't require War of the Chosen, see [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...
Tech Tree
Created by AlexF
This mod adds a Tech Tree button located at the bottom left of the game window that displays a detailed technology tree diagram. The width of the diagram fits within the game window and needs only be scrolled up and down with the mouse wheel or scroll bar....
Templar Gear
Created by Claus
This mod adds new Templar themed armor accessories and multiple variants of some pieces with different colored lights and a version for the shoulderpads with the shiny look from powered armor


  • Templar Fur Torso Gear.
Templar Helmets
Created by Claus
This mod adds new Templar themed Helmets and copies of the vanilla Templar helmets with a neck cover and the ability to change upper and lower head props.


  • Templar Knight Helmet, ported from my Warden Gear mod.
  • Temp
Tower Detection Fix [WOTC]
Created by thegrimsqueaker72
Scanning towers lose their detection radius when destroyed.

WARNING: Will not work retroactively for mid-tactical saves.

Link to base game version...
Turrets Are Cover [WOTC]
Created by thegrimsqueaker72
Turrets provide full cover, even when dead. Does not change any other stats and does not require Shen's Last Gift DLC.

Note there is a bug in the base game that grants the cover bonus to targets standing next to the turret.

Can be configured to give ...
Unblockable Flamethrowers
Created by RealityMachina
Flamethrowers are no longer inhibited by low cover. High cover will still block them.

In addition:
XCOM flamethrowers will now apply a small burning effect on any target they hit.

Purifiers will now always hit anything in range inste...
Unrestricted Customization - Wotc
Created by Toxic Frog
- Allows to set any voice for any soldier.
- Allows to use any body parts for any gender/armor/tech-level/character-type (including thoses added by mods).
- Allows to use civilian body parts and some previously unavailable vanilla cont...
View Locked Skills - Wotc
Created by Toxic Frog
Makes skills / perks / aptitudes from higher ranks visibles.

By default, XCOM random skills remains hidden (a button allows to show them if you want to).

Depends on "[WOTC] New Promotion Screen by Default" mod.

No class overriden....
Created by WastedAlmond
This is a custom cosmetics pack aimed mostly at the endgame gear.
I found the visual options that the game shipped with quite lacking in quantity especially near the end, I started this project in an attempt to remedy the situation.

I aim for quality...
WOTC - Configurable Headshots
Created by LeaderEnemyBoss
This small mod generates visually more pleasing soldier portrait photos.

For some strange reason Firaxis tinkered with the way soldier portrait photos ("headshots") are shot in WOTC. The camera got moved way up close, and the FOV ...
WOTC - Extended Information!
Created by sebkulu
For Mac/Linux Users: We've been informed that you may be experiencing performances issues after the last update. But without the support of a proper development tool on MacOS/Linux we can't tackle it down. Sorry for the inconvenience.

WOTC Female Clothing Pack
Created by Kexx
Release #34
Mod ID: 1586643354

There's plenty of Soldier Armor and Tacti-cool Cosmetic Mods out there, but not nearly enough
civilian looks. This mod aims to remedy that by adding a whopping 137 different customizable
WOTC Female Hair Pack
Created by Kexx
Release #33
Mod ID: 1471399748

In an effort to broaden the Hair variety, I come to the community with offerings! 73 of them!!
And I'm not alone! Astery has not only helped me, but joined me in this crusade! What a mad man!

WOTC Flawless
Created by krj12
Original version can be found at:

Currently, if you complete a mission with no fatalities and no damage received, you receive
a Flawless rating ( i.e., a pat on the back for a job well ...
WOTC Nice Mission Debriefing
Created by atamize
A follow-up to Mission Award Variety, Nice Mission Debriefing for War of the Chosen shows extended stats and awards for your soldiers at the end of a mission.

WOTC Show Enemies and Terrain on Mission Planning
Created by sebkulu
WOTC Show Enemies and Terrain on Mission Planning

--------------------------Quick note about updating enemy groups and icons--------------------------
I think I've set up most of enemy groups added by main enemies mods around.
Created by Jsleezy
---WOTC Version----
This mod aims to add/edit/combine a few unused or unfinished props made by Firaxis.

The vanilla version is here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=650809111
Do you like my mod, or enjoyed my custom
Wear Armour on the Avenger (for WotC)
Created by RealityMachina
Forces soldiers to wear armour on the Avenger. Does this through a IsSoldier check to catch all soldiers that could be used in game....
WotC Enhanced AoE Preview
Created by Harwin
Shows actual damage preview on targets as if you were using a single target ability. For AOE that does no damage (flashbang grenade, for instance), the health bars will still be brightly lit on targets within the AOE, so it is easy to tell whom you will hi...
WotC: Show GTS Class Counts
Created by robojumper
Shows the soldier count for each class when deciding what class to train a soldier as in the GTS. As a bonus, also Personnel screens show that info. The numbers shown are "Total (Available)".

Because I can never remember what class I wanted to train....
WotC: Skyranger Skins
Created by robojumper
Adds customization options to the skyranger. To access them, go to the armory and click "Skyranger Customization". The Community Highlander is required for this.

You can choose Materials, Patterns, and various colors. Mods listed below add more decals t...
WotC: robojumper's Squad Select
Created by robojumper
My personal take on a Squad Select Screen! Completely built from the ground up!

The very basic idea is that all slots are arranged on some kind of ellipse and you can scroll (infinitely in either direction) when you have more than 6 soldiers to send.
Created by x2communitycore
A mod that replaces core packages of the game in order to make the game more moddable and mod-compatible, as well as fixing some bugs.

As implied by the name, only one mod at a time can replace core packages. Hence, the X2WOTCCommunityHighlander tries t...
XCOM EU/EW Ports: Tier 1 Helmets and Armour [WOTC] (Stuck Torso fix in description if required)
Created by Mr Kablamm0fish
If you need have empty slots, use this http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1127014384

Modified tint and dif textures of arms and legs to more resemble EU/EW

09/Sept/2017: T1 update time, fix for torso just below this...
XCOM EU/EW Ports: Tier 2 Helmets and Armour [WOTC] (Stuck torso fix in description if required)
Created by Mr Kablamm0fish
06/Sept/2017: Decos being stuck for Resistance DLC and Alien Hunters DLC Armour is known, trying to figure out the best way to make those slots show up.

If you want to have empty slots, use this http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1127...
XCOM EU/EW Ports: Tier 3 Helmets and Armour [WOTC] (Stuck Torso fix in description if required)
Created by Mr Kablamm0fish
12/Sept/2017: Fix for female right shoulder AR Kit rigging issues.

06/Sept/2017: Decos being stuck for Resistance DLC and Alien Hunters DLC Armour is known, trying to figure out the best way to make those slots show up.

04/Sept/2017: Time to break Ti...
XXL Tattoo - War of the Chosen
Created by Mantid
A collection of 50+ tattoos, ranging from the small and silly to large and elaborate.

Base XCOM2 version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=723546573...
Yet Another F1
Created by robojumper
This mod is compatible with War of the Chosen.

Adds an XCOM EU/EW/LW style unit information screen to the game. Stats. Equipment. Equipment Stats. Abilities, Passives, Buffs, Debuffs!

How do I use it?
Press F1 (or press the left cont...
[WOTC Only] Move End Interrupt Fix
Created by -bg-
Fix a behaviour where if a unit with a move end ability is unable to use the ability midway through the movement, it gets the action points refunded, this fix makes it so the unit will continue the movement path and whiff the ability in the end while still...
Created by Wilko
A self-contained mod that adds an Advent Medic to the Advent forces. The Advent Medic focuses on supporting wounded Advent troops, either trying to heal them or provide cover.

-- Stats --

There are three tiers of Advent Medics, which have the same st...
[WOTC] Ability Interaction Fixes
Created by Mr. Nice
This is a War of the Chosen mod. My non-WotC mod which fixes interaction issues is here:
[Non-WOTC] AWC Cost & Other Fixes

"Ability Interaction Fixes" primarily fixes several "A...
[WOTC] Additional Icons
Created by Alketi
This mod is solely a port of Grimy's "Additional Icons" mod to work with WOTC. ALL credit for its creation goes to the original author (Grimy). If Grimy returns to XCOM modding and wishes to resume ownership of this mod, then t...
[WOTC] Advent Drone
Created by hectorzx
Advent Drones are a unit with high mobility capables of stun their enemies.

There are 3 variants, Advent Drone, Advent Drone Advanced and Advent Drone Elite.

Spanish Translation

== Abilities ==
-Shock: An attack that can disorient the ta...
[WOTC] Advent Flashlights
As seen in many of Xcom 2's cutscenes Advent have Flashlights on their weapons, the game does not reflect this in missions, this mod aims to fix that. As well, it adds a few minor graphical additions related to light sources listed below.


[WOTC] Advent General Revamp
Created by MrShadowCX
-- Advent General Revamp --
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, SDK and textures : Nekoworkshop --
-- Blender, SDK : Super awsome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- Modeling, Substance painter texturing : HulkCX --
-- Coding, a...
[WOTC] Advent Psi Ops
Created by MrShadowCX
-- Advent Psi Ops --
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, SDK and textures : Nekoworkshop --
-- Blender, SDK and textures : Super awsome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- Coding, art and conceptual idea : Shadow79 --
-- Reveal...
[WOTC] Alien Armor Customization by Iridar
Created by Iridar

This very simple mod makes it so abilities added by Alien Armors from Alien Hunters DLC visualize properly regardless of soldier customization.

In other words, you can equip Icarus Armor, R.A.G.E. Armor or Serpent Armor, then custo...
[WOTC] All Armor For Heroes
Created by MrShadowCX
All Armors For Heroes: This mod is a really quick and easy INI edit that allows the Hero Factions to use all base soldier armors. That also means they can now equip the Alien Hunters Armors.

A Reaper with an Icarus Suit or even a Spider Suit is a lot ...
[WOTC] Alternative Prop Positions
Created by Jerrybullet
(This mod is for the War of the Chosen DLC. For the vanilla version, click here.)


Let's you wear glasses on your characters' foreheads and...
CX_Armored Viper
Created by MrShadowCX
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, art, textures and SDK : Super awesome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- Modeling, Substance painter texturing : HulkCX --
-- Modeling, texturing and SDK : Claus --
-- Coding: Ginger --
-- Codin...
[WOTC] Bayonets by Iridar
Created by Iridar

This mod adds two new weapon attachments, Bayonet and Powered Bayonet. Their damage and appearance will change based on the technological tier of the weapon they are attached to. Bayonet attacks typically deal slightly le...
[WOTC] Berserker Omega
Created by MrShadowCX
-- Berserker Omega--
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, Animation and SDK : Super awsome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- Maya modelling/armourconcepting, Substance painter texturing : HulkCX --
-- UI Icons creation : Zyxpilon...
[WOTC] Better Armory Item Stats
Created by Mr. Nice
This mod improves the stats display of weapons, utility items and upgrades in the Armoury, including adding display of Critical Damage, Armor Pierce and Shred for all appropriate weapons.
List of Changes
  • Adds display of Critica
[WOTC] Better Repeater
Created by DerBK
-- Better Repeater --
-- Mod by DerBK --

This mod replaces the vanilla Repeater with a new version.

The vanilla Repeater is an RNG dependent mess that has no place in a tactical game.
The new Repeater exchanges the all-or-nothing RNG from vanilla ...
[WOTC] Bio Beasts
Created by MrShadowCX
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, SDK, Textures, Concept : Super awsome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- Coding, art and conceptual idea : Shadow79 --

What Is Bio Beasts: Bio Beasts adds 2 new Bio Alien types to the game....
[WOTC] Bio Command
Created by MrShadowCX
- Bio Command --
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, SDK and Modbuddy, Super awsome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- Coding, art and conceptual idea : Shadow79 --
-- Original Bio Troops textures : SacredSoul 69 --
-- Origina...
[WOTC] Bio Troops
Created by MrShadowCX
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, SDK and Modbuddy : Super awesome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk
-- Blender and Art : Sacred Soul69 --
-- Coding and Art : Ashlynne_Lee--
-- Coding, art and unit creation and conceptual idea : Sh...
[WOTC] Camera Rotation Config
Created by Charmed
This mod allows you to configure the number of degrees the camera rotates. By default this is set to 30, down from 90.

It includes a mod config menu plugin for easy ingame changing!

If the camera doesn't line up evenly with the tiles, you may need to...
[ABANDONED] [WOTC] Cannon Redux Animations for TLP Cannons
Created by Veehementia
This mod has been abandoned. For a fully working mod with similar effects, use this one.


[WOTC] Carry Unit Fix
Created by .vhs
Have you ever got into situation, where your unit went into Bleeding Out state and you could not carry him for some reason? Did you lose a soldier or was about to lose a soldier, because you could not bring him into evac point?

This mod is a workaround ...
[WOTC] Celatid Alien
Created by MrShadowCX
-- Mod by CreativeXenos --
-- Modeling, Texturing, Animations, Concept: Stenchfury --
-- Modbuddy, Photoshop: ObelixDk --
-- Modbuddy: fireborn --
-- Coding: Ashlynne_Lee --
-- Coding, Photoshop, Concept lead: Shadow 79 --
-- Reveal Animations: robo...
[WOTC] Children Of The King
Created by MrShadowCX
-- Children Of The King --
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, SDK and textures : Nekoworkshop --
-- Blender, SDK, art and textures : Super awsome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- Coding, art and conceptual idea : Shadow79 -- ...
[WOTC] Cinematic Rapid Fire (and other abilities)
Created by Mr. Nice
This is the War of the Chosen version of this mod. The non-WotC version is here:

[Non-WOTC] Cinematic Rapid Fire

Gives Rapid Fire, and it's ugly sister Chain Shot, their cine...
[WOTC] Civilians Revamped
Created by MrShadowCX
Civilians Revamped:

THANKS: To Mr. Nice for helping on some code to better hide the hidden Faceless from prying mods that give internal stats away.

What this mod does...

All Civilians, friendly, hostile or hidden Faceless now react to the fighting...
[WOTC] Cost-Based Ability Colors
Created by shiremct
[WOTC] Cost-Based Ability Colors

This is an updated version of Cost-Based Ability Colors for WOTC. All credit for the original mod and concept goes to [b...
[WOTC] CreativeXenos Archons
Created by MrShadowCX
- Mod by CreativeXenos --
-- Texture optimization, Blender, Substance Painter: Sacred Soul69
-- Modbuddy, Photoshop, Blender: ObelixDk --
-- Coding, Photoshop, Concept lead: Shadow 79 --


[WOTC] Detailed Soldier Lists
Created by -bg-
Shows more details in the Soldier List screen, this is now more important than ever due to will and different stats from covert actions.

Also show status in hours instead of days when below certain threshold, customizable in XComGame.ini

Also lights up b...
[WOTC] Dual Wielded Pistols
Created by Iridar

This mod contains animations and critical code that allow soldiers to equip two pistols at the same time. However, it does not add any abilities, and will not let you actually shoot two pistols. For that, you must use a Class Mod, s...
[WOTC] EU Aim Rolls
Created by -bg-
Separates the rolls for hit, crits and dodge.

** Added LW style perfect information, enable via config **
** Ignores existing config for squadsight penalty and heigh advantage bonuses in your xcom config, you may customize these options in the mod's c...
[WOTC] EU Berserker
Created by MrShadowCX
-- EU Berserker --
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, Animation and SDK : Super awsome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- Maya modelling/armourconcepting, Substance painter texturing : HulkCX --
-- Coding/Visualization : Musashi...
[WOTC] Electrical Damage Consistency
Created by Udaya
One of the noteworthy phenomena of XCOM 2 has to do with the abilities Capacitor Discharge and Bombard.

Unlike Combat Protocol, Capacitor Discharge pierces no armor, and although Bombard is an ability Firaxis intended to promote as a free grenade for SP...
[WOTC] End of Mission Quotes Fix
Created by User 190
When you finish a mission, the Chosen encounter screen is supposed to display a quote by the Chosen. However, only the Assassin has text for this, so when you defeat the Warlock/Hunter no quote is given.

This mod simply adds text for the Warlock and Hun...
[WOTC] Expanded Enemies Plus
Created by MrShadowCX
The Mod name says it all.

This mod is a quick combination of 3 mods. My (Avenger Defense Enemies Reinforcements Plus), my (Expanded Enemy Reinforcements) and another well known mod called (All Aliens In All Missions).

What this mod does is open u...
[WOTC] Extended Personnel Info
Created by Astral Descend
This mod adds useful info such as soldier bond details, skills and loadout to personnel screens. This gives the following benefits:
  • Quick access to bond details such as level, progress and bond mate class when bonded (otherwise 2 clicks are ne
[WOTC] Faceoff Ammo Fix
Created by -bg-
Makes ammo effect applies to all targets of faceoff instead of just the primary target. Also fixes a visualization bug where ammo effects don't have their visuals updated on faceoff target.

Modifies BuildNewGameStateFn and BuildVisualizati...
[WOTC] Faster Reload Animations
Created by -bg-
Significantly increases reload animation speed so you don't have to wait for them before performing the next action.

Overwrites BuildVisualisation function of 'Reload' ability...
[WOTC] Free Reload Anytime
Created by -bg-
Makes free reload from auto loaders a separate reload action, allowing you to save free reloads for later when you have action points to spare.

Will make auto loaders not work if activated on a tactical save, you must start a new tactical mission with t...
[WOTC] Golden Path Missions Revamp
Created by MrShadowCX
Golden Path Missions Revamp is just what it says.

The Golden Path Missions are all of the main story missions in the game. I personally got sick of fighting the same base game boss pod and reinforcement pods on the main story missions.

On the Blacksi...
[WOTC] Gremlin Revamp
Created by MrShadowCX
Gemlin Revamp is a small side project I was asked to do. No game breaking changes were done. Mostly adding extra bonus charges and cooldowns to some abilities based on tier of Gremlin and buffed or slightly downgraded a few stats on them as well.

All c...
[WOTC] Hours Instead of Days
Created by -bg-
Adds mission remaining times on the sites list at the bottom of the geoscape. Also displays scan time remaining in hours below a certain threshold. (Default is 48 hours, configurable in XComGame.ini)

You should also change MissionAboutToExpireHours for...
[WOTC] Incendiary Grenade Damage Fix
Created by Battlestar
Fixes damage back to original level for Incendiary Grenades from 2 to 4 (both have 20% chance of +1 damage) this change happened with WOTC.

All in-game prompts still state this grenade has the highest base damage of all standard grenades (however it's a...
[WOTC] Iridar's Akimbo Class
Created by Iridar

This mod adds the Akimbo Class, built around Dual Wielded Pistols

Akimbo is acquired and trained the same way as any other XCOM class. The lore i...
[WOTC] Iridar's Underbarrel Attachments
Created by Iridar

Mod adds:
  • Three tiers of Underbarrel Shotguns (UBS).
  • Three tiers of Underbarrel Grenade Launchers (UBGL).
  • Extra items that can be equipped in Utility Item or Secondary Weapon slot that provide additional reloads for
[WOTC] Iridar's Weapon Skin Replacer
Created by Iridar

This mod allows to cosmetically modify weapons, including weapon models, animations, sounds and visual weapon attachments. It can also hide weapons and their schematics from Engineering to help combat armory clutter when using multipl...
[WOTC] Less Overwatch Lock Ups!
Created by Mr. Nice
"Less Overwatch Lock Ups!" is a bugfix mod, to hopefully cut down on "soft locks" during complex overwatch/reaction fire situations, and also when a solider is revealed by enemy movement.
A "soft lock" is when the game doesn't crash as such, but is stuck...
[WOTC] Loot Mind Control
Created by -bg-
Fix a bug where killing a mind controlled alien don't reward you with loot (both corpse and timed loot), also fix the same bug when you end a mission with an alien still under the effect of mind control.

This also fix a bug where loots carried by non av...
[WOTC] Mec Micro Missile Launcher Color Fix
This mod corrects a few cosmetic errors to the Mec Micro Missile Launchers


-The Advent Mec now has a white matching launcher

-The Heavy Advent Mec now has a launcher that is in the same shade of red as it's body

Compatibility shou...
[WOTC] Mechatronic Warfare: Total SPARK Overhaul
Created by NotSoLoneWolf

MW is a total overhaul to the SPARK class and everything involving it. MW has three primary objectives: turn the SPARK into a unit that feels and plays uniquely from the other classes, make SPARKs econo...
[WOTC] Militia Overhaul
Created by Alpha115
So this mod was inspired by DerBK's A better militia mod. This mod is pretty similar in the sense that it overhauls the militia. ITs not compatible with a better militia but this mod has all of the feature of this mod baked in.

What this mod does
1. It...
[WOTC] Muton Elite
Created by hectorzx
Alien Elite Pack

This mod adds a new enemy variant, the Muton Elite.

== Abilitys ==
-Personal shield

Weapon: 5-8
Grenade: 5-6
Melee: 7-9
Overall, he does 1 m...
[WOTC] New Promotion Screen by Default
Created by Tzarnal - MoonWolf
This will only work with War of the Chosen!

War of the chosen has two promotion interfaces. The old and trusted two column one and the slick new horizontal one that you get for Resistance Heroes and from the Training Centre....
[WOTC] Open Class Weapon Restrictions
Created by Iridar
This mod allows soldiers of all classes to use additional weapon types based on equipment that is already available to them. For example, you can unlock Rifles for all classes that use Cannons.

You could do the same thing manually by editing Class...
[WOTC] Peek From Concealment
Created by Anisotropic
Now compatible with War of the Chosen!

The optional UI add-on is here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1136981000

This should now be fully integrated into the new mechanics of WotC. Please let me know if I've miss...
[WOTC] Point-Based Not Created Equal
Created by shiremct
Point-Based Not Created Equal for WOTC

Adds a new Second Wave Advanced Option that can be selected when starting a new game to enable a Point-Based Not Created Equal that will randomize your soldier stats, balanced around a configurable point p...
[WOTC] Quick Soldier Info
Created by -bg-
Adds icons on the top right for each unit you controlled, these icons will show names, HP (+armor), will, status effects and action points left on each soldier.

configs are in documents/my games/XCOM2 War of the Chosen/config/XComSoldiersQuickInfo.ini (g...
[WOTC] Reliable Wounds
Created by Kittah Khan
This mod makes wound/repair times depend on wound severity, like MachDelta's Wound Recalibration.

A soldier with a lighter wound will never take longer to heal than a soldier wit...
[WOTC] Sectoid Abductor
Created by MrShadowCX
-- Sectoid Abductor--
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, SDK and Rigging : Super awsome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- Maya, PhotoShop and textures: HulkCX --
-- VFX, SDK: .vhs --
-- Coding, art and conceptual idea : Shadow...
[WOTC] Sell Heavy Weapons
Created by Udaya
Every item in the game, whether it be a weapon, an armor, or a utility item, has a price.

The only thing that keeps XCOM from selling their entire stock to the Black Market is this set of restrictions: the item must have a marketable value abov...
[WOTC] Sniper Defense Fix
Created by RedDobe
Tired of how is easy it is to cheese the enemy AI when you have a concealed unit and sniper combo? Tired of units running right back to the same spot in the open where they were just shot or teammate was killed? Well, so am I! This mod attempts to resolve ...
[WOTC] Stabilize Me
Created by .vhs
Allows stabilization of a soldier that's bleeding out by any other soldier, provided that the soldier that's bleeding out has a Medkit.

Original mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=654174276

What was changed?
[WOTC] Sub Sonic Grenade
Created by MrShadowCX
-- Sub Sonic Grenade--
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- SDK and PhotoShop : Super awsome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- SDK : Kexx --
-- Coding and conceptual idea : Shadow79 --

Thanks to NelVIeSiS for making the new icon for t...
[WOTC] Suppressable Targeting Abilities
Created by -bg-
Allows suppression to reduce the range of most free targeting AoE abilities by 60%, and poison to reduce the range by 25%, stacks multiplicatively, configurable in INI.

This mod also removes snapping for most abilities.

Compatibility Note:
[WOTC] Surgical SitRep Fix
Created by LeaderEnemyBoss
Fixes a bug with the "Surgical" SitRep (The one where you can only bring 3 Soldiers). The SitRep is supposed to reduce podsizes to 2. However in Vanilla this doesnt always work correctly, making missions with this SitRep sometimes nearly impossible to beat...
[WoTC] Advent Custodians Standalone
Created by Claus
This mod adds two new Advent enemies, the Advent Custodian and the Advent Custodian Master. These Advent use Shotguns, Pistols, Rifles, an extremely powerful melee Gauntlet Weapon and a long range Cluster Rocket.


[WoTC]ADVENT Duelist
Created by Farkyrie
ADVENT Duelist
The ADVENT Duelist, equipped with a pistol, it is an expert in one on one duels. The basic Duelist has the Quickdraw and Ankle Shot ability, a shot that does damage and cripples the target, severely reducing movement. The Advanced ...
Created by Farkyrie
The Advent Sniper is a deadly sharpshooter equipped with a lethal sniper rifle, that annihilates foes from afar.

Advent Snipers have extreme range, sometimes even shooting you from beyond their line of sight, making use of their Squadsight and Longwatc...
[WotC] ADVENT Armour [Dead]
Created by Dor
I am no longer working on this mod due to work.

Port of my ADVENT Armour mod for War of the Chosen.

Updated 12/08/17 : Warlock Male Armour...
[WotC] Armory Camera Tweak
Created by ∑3245
This mod simply makes some tweaks to the camera in the armory, making larger characters fit better without blocking the UI as much. This mod is only useful if you have large characters like the SPARKS or some of the large aliens if you have a playable alie...
[WotC] Better Grappling!
Created by Mr. Nice
Have you ever had that annoyance of grappling points highlighting but not being able to select them with the mouse? This is particularly prevalent in the final mission, but there are occurances on other maps. Controller users don't have this problem, and n...
[WotC] BobBricks' Facepaint Pack
Created by BobBricksDA
Based on the positive feedback from my previous mod and my relative experience on artistic fields, today I bring to you a pack of different facepaints, tattoos and patterns based and inspired on the various LEGO themes released over the years, for your sol...
[WotC] EW MEC Ports
Created by Dor
Port of my EW MEC customisation mod for War of the Chosen....
[WotC] Gotcha Again
Created by Chaser324
This mod improves on the Line of Sight indicators that are shown when previewing moves in the tactical game.

This version is specifically for use with War of the Chosen. The original release that works in the base game without War of the Chosen can be f...
[WotC] Melee Weapon Breakthrough
Created by Mr. Nice
Does it bother you that Templar gauntlets and Skirmisher rip-jacks can't get a weapon type Breakthrough damage bonus? Well be bothered no more! This mod changes the "Improved Sword" breakthrough into a more general "Improved Melee Weapons", with all three ...
[WotC] Military Camouflage Patterns
Created by Bistritean
Vanilla XCOM 2 version here


Note: the images are there for reference only, as colors are much brighter in WotC and ...
[WotC] Mod Config Menu
Created by guby
Tactical Legacy Pack compatibility update

My testing is showing that Mod Config Menu is compatible out of the box and should be safe to use with no updates. I will continue testing over the next several days, but, as far as I can tell, everyone should b...
[WotC] Peek From Concealment UI Fix
Created by Anisotropic
This is an optional add-on mod for Peek From Concealment.

This mod fixes the movement preview UI to account for Peek's modified concealment rules. This means you should ...
[WotC] Revival Protocol Fixes
Created by RealityMachina
Things Revival Protocol does in War of the Chosen: bring your soldier out of dazes, not be allowable on soldiers being carried because that could go very badly depending on how the game handles it

Things Revival Protocol still does not do in War of the ...
[WotC] World War L
Created by ObelixDk
-- World War L --
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Rigging, SDK, Photoshop, Animation adjustments, First concept idea : ObelixDk --
-- Coding, additional concept ideas : Shadow79 --
-- Zombie Clown port and Material corrections : E3245 --
-- Tint...
TLP: Unlocker
Created by robojumper
TLP gates some content behind completing the story missions. This mod does that for you....
Landed UFOs From Day 1 WOTC
Created by ADVENT Avenger
Supply Raids can be UFO landings, whether you completed the Avenger Defense mission or not.

The base game requires you complete the Avenger Defense mission before encountering ANY landed UFOs.

This mod overrides the CreateSupplyRaid ...
More Mission SITREPs
Created by RealityMachina
Enables SITREPs for nearly everything.

Council, Resistance Ops, Retaliations, Landed UFOs, and Alien Facility missions now all have a chance of getting SITREPs when they spawn.

Council and Resistance Ops have a 25% chance to spawn with a sitrep. They...
Reward Decks Refresher
Created by -bg-
Refreshes the reward decks array when you enter the avenger screen. Why does this matter? Because when a mod adds a new item to the experimental proving grounds project, it won't get refreshed immediately, as the reward deck only gets generated the first t...
[WOTC] Modify Continent Bonus
Created by -bg-
Allows you to modify continent bonus mid campaign.

Use Mod Options Menu or Mod Config Menu inside a strategy game (inside Avenger) to access the menu, or you can use console command
SetNewContinentBonus <ContinentNa
[WOTC] Advent Field Training
Created by MrShadowCX
-- Mod by Team CreativeXenos --
-- Blender, art, textures and SDK : Super awesome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk --
-- Coding : Shadow79 --

What does this mod do?

Advent Field Training adds a new SitRep that can happen at any time during...
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ramboabi Mar 25 @ 2:24am 
It crashes at the beginning of gatecrasher for me. Can't figure out why?!
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Dont see that much class mods. is that weird?
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can you upload your mod list for Mod Launcher?
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These are some epic mods you have there.
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Sad to see there are so many problems, with this collection, looked promising but won't risk it.
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I've found that the million colors mod was causing issues for me. Pay attention to your crash logs :) the one for sparks and for avenger (not sure if it was in the list though)
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Literally cant start a campaign, crashing at new game option selections, not sure how people just dont have any issues.
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please help. Whenever I open Armory to View Soldiers in WOTC my game crashes. I have all the mods except some enemy mods like Children of the King, Armored Berserker etc. Why cant I play?? :(
TASlowHands Feb 23 @ 6:50pm 
Thanks for the list. Ready to start a new campaign. NO BAYONETS though, f that, I like PCS chips and useful weapon mods tyty.