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Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.13.0-f7 (Sunset Harbor)

This mod allows to hide unwanted things in the game.

NEW IN 1.16
- Added support for hiding mailboxes, chairs, tables, parasols, grills, sandboxes, swings, swimming pools, and pots and beds. - Added support for hiding manholes. - Fixed issue with Harmony.
NEW IN 1.15
- Added support for hiding separators in the toolbar. - Removed gameplay and tool color functionality and moved this to new Toggle It! mod.
NEW IN 1.14
- Added support for hiding abandoned cars. - Added support for hiding billboards, logos and fences from Campus DLC. - Removed export functionality and moved this to unreleased Export It! mod.
NEW IN 1.13
- Added support for Hide It! in all load modes. - Added support for hiding Advisor Panel. - Added support for hiding Congratulation Panel (forced modal when reaching new milestones). - Removed hiding of Camera Borders. This must now be done with the Zoom It! mod or another camera mods. - Fixed bug with props without m_props field throwing exceptions.
NEW IN 1.12
- Added support for hiding time panel. - Added support for hiding zoom and unlocking background. - Fixed issue with notification icons being shown in free camera mode.
NEW IN 1.11
- Fixed issue with disaster button being manipulable without Natural Disasters DLC.
NEW IN 1.10
- Added support for hiding new Move It! colors. - Added support for automatic update of trees and props ruining at every load.
NEW IN 1.9
- Added support for hiding parking spaces, cargo containers, garbage containers, garbage bins and cans, garbage piles, tanks, barrels, pallets, crates, planks, cable reels, hedges, fences and gates.
NEW IN 1.8
- Added support for hiding Move It! tool colors. - Added support for hiding flags, smoke, steam, solar panels and HVAC systems. - Added support for hiding rotating billboards (clowns, octopodes, ice cream cones and doughnuts). - Added support for use in map editor.
NEW IN 1.7
- Fixed issue with traffic lights and stop signs overlay not working in infoview. - Added support for hiding ads, billboards, neons and logos. - Added support for hiding runway, taxiway and warning lights in airports. - Added support for disabling light effects on props. This only work for newly added props so far. - Added button to update existing trees and props ruining from options instead of doing it automatically at every load. - Added support for exporting prop info to a HTML5 file.
NEW IN 1.6
- Added support for hiding delineators, railway crossings, street name, stop, turn and speed limit, no parking and highway signs, pedestrian and bike, road, avenue, highway street lights and random street decorations. - Rearranged structure of options.
NEW IN 1.5
- Added support for keymapping to tool colors. - Added support for hiding road and tram arrows, bike and bus lanes and also bus, sightseeing and tram stops.
NEW IN 1.4
- Fixed bug with notication icons, district names and line borders coming back after using cinematic or free camera. - Added support for three favourite keymappings to quickly hide or show gameplay items in-game. - Added support for hiding bulldozer button. - Added support for hiding district policy icons.
NEW IN 1.3
- Added support for hiding seagulls and wildlife. - Added support for hiding valid, warning and error colors for tools, also known as selectors.
NEW IN 1.2
- Added support for hiding ore, oil, sand, fertility, forest, shore, polluted, burned and destroyed areas (textures) which also means hiding shore (soaked) or polluted (dead) trees. - Added support for hiding camera border. - Fixed bug with cliff and sand texture was rendered incorrect when tiled.
NEW IN 1.1
- Added support for hiding ruining ("dirt") under trees and props. - Added support for hiding buoys on ferry paths. - Added support for hiding cinematic and free camera buttons.

Both buttons, objects and props, sprites, color of ground and water and several effects can be hidden.

It adds to and extends several mods being aroung for a long time such as No Purple Pullution, Remove Decoration Sprites ("Grass" and "Rocks"), Remove Dirt (Trees and Props), Clouds & Fog Toggler and others (see list in discussion), but my intention was to create a unified mod for hiding these and other elements from the game that simply bugs or annoys the player. I found myself using more than ten mods just to hide these things. Now I only need one mod!

Let me know if you want other things added to this mod in terms of hiding unwanted things from the game.

A lot of credit goes to the modders of earlier mods with similar functionality. I have taken alot of inspiration from them but most of the time rewritten and optimized the codebase.

Thank you to the amazing modding community and especially SamsamTS, TPB, boformer and BloodyPenguin for releasing the source code of their great mods so we can all be inspired.

Subscribe to the mod and select which elements you want hidden in Options.

This mod does use patching technique with the Harmony library[] but does not alter game save files in any way and can be disabled or unsubscribed safely at any time.

Known issues
  • Existing light effects are not hidden when hiding bus and tram stops, and street lights.
  • Existing parking spaces are only visually hidden. Cars will still park.

Source code
The source code is available here[]

Thank you for:
  • rating this mod
  • being generous and supporting my work with a donation[]
  • leaving your comments, impressions and ideas below
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Feb 12 @ 6:06pm
Other mods with functionality covered by Hide It!
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LemonsterOG Jul 4 @ 10:20pm 
@sLurMz -- You can use Toggle It to hide district names.
sLurMz Jul 4 @ 9:30pm 
Can we get an option to hide district names?
Senatic Jun 25 @ 12:25am 
"Existing parking spaces are only visually hidden. Cars will still park."

This is incorrect in my cities, people will not drive to the parking lots at all. It is not the case that you simply cannot see the parked veichles, they don't use them period.
LemonsterOG Jun 9 @ 2:42pm 
@ValskraaCapo -- I've always used this with BOB. I've never had a single issue.
ValskraaCapo Jun 9 @ 9:41am 
What are some good alternatives to this mod. Apparently this mod causes issues with BOB
Hemoh Jun 5 @ 11:00pm 
i found plenty of pebbles and stone on the road. sometimes dead trees.. not sure from this mod or vanilla issue.
Temkkey May 26 @ 3:27am 
@Lemonster -- Ahh okay, thanks man.
It would be a cool feature to implement in this mod.
LemonsterOG May 25 @ 9:00pm 
@Temkkey -- You can do that too
Temkkey May 25 @ 11:43am 
@LemonsterOG -- They are not near water, but near my industrial area.
LemonsterOG May 25 @ 8:36am 
@Temkkey -- Are you wanting the trees near water not to look ruined? If so, you also need the No Radioactive Desert and More mod. The feature is the "and more" part. Do not use that mod's other features. Only use the feature to stop trees from ruining. Use Hide It for everything else.