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Dec 15, 2018 @ 3:29am
Sep 22 @ 9:56am
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Hide It!

Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.15.0-f7 (Plazas & Promenades)

This mod allows to hide unwanted things in the game.

NEW IN 1.20
- Added version number to Options panel.
NEW IN 1.19
- Added options for enforcing hiding of props, sprite decorations and ruinings even when other props, trees and sprite decorations manipulating mods are enabled.
NEW IN 1.18
- Added support for automatically disabling props, ruining and sprites manipulation when using certain other mods such as BOB and Theme Mixer. - Fixed issue with updating ruining on props and trees in game which caused freeze and sometimes displacements of props and trees. - Fixed compatibility issues with props, ruining and sprites manipulating mods such as BOB and Theme Mixer.
NEW IN 1.17
- Updated to using the Harmony dependency mod by boformer et. al. hence using Harmony 2. - Added some missing ads, billboards, logos, destroyed cars, fences, gates and lights.

Both buttons, objects, props, sprites, color of ground and water and several effects can be hidden.

It adds to and extends several mods being aroung for a long time such as No Purple Pullution, Remove Decoration Sprites ("Grass" and "Rocks"), Remove Dirt (Trees and Props), Clouds & Fog Toggler and others (see list in discussion), but my intention was to create a unified mod for hiding these and other elements from the game that simply bugs or annoys the player. I found myself using more than ten mods just to hide these things. Now I only need one mod!

Let me know if you want other things added to this mod in terms of hiding unwanted things from the game.

A lot of credit goes to the modders of earlier mods with similar functionality. I have taken alot of inspiration from them but most of the time rewritten and optimized the codebase.

Thank you to the amazing modding community and especially SamsamTS, TPB, boformer and BloodyPenguin for releasing the source code of their great mods so we can all be inspired.

Subscribe to the mod and select which elements you want hidden in Options.

This mod does use patching technique with the Harmony library[] provided by the Harmony dependency mod but does not alter game save files in any way and can be disabled or unsubscribed safely at any time.

If you have any of the following mods enabled, then manipulating props and ruining will by default be disabled because of overlapping functionality:

BOB, the Tree and Prop Replacer
Prop It Up!
Road Sign Replacer
Traffic Light Replacer
Railway Replacer
Metro Replacer
Catenary Replacer

Likewise if you have any of the following mods enabled, then manipulating sprite decorations will be disabled because of overlapping functionality:

Theme Mixer 2

All of the above mods are therefore fully compatible with Hide It! It is further possible to enforce hiding but be aware that this can affect functionality in above mentioned mods.

Known issues
  • None.

Source code
The source code is available here[]

Thank you for:
  • rating this mod
  • being generous and supporting my work with a donation[]
  • leaving your comments, impressions and ideas below

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Feb 5 @ 1:15pm
is this mod still working with the airports dlc?
Mr. Effective
Jul 10, 2021 @ 4:07pm
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Magic Spearmint
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Clunk Oct 1 @ 12:51am 
Along with the new P&P update comes the new 'Quit After Saving' option. Is it possible this can be added to the User Interface options within Hide It!? .. I'd love to get rid of that new option.
Dimensional One Sep 25 @ 10:13am 
So here's how I fixed the missing adviser panel problem. First off, it didn't start happening until I went into the map editor to try and make a map for myself. Then it started. It started out by noticing the option to hide the adviser panel kept rechecking itself every time I restarted the game, and the panel was missing.
So I unsubbed/resubbed and it kept happening. I unsubbed again and went into steamapps folder to delete the config file left behind and that solved the problem. That's always one of the first things to check with a weird issue like this. Technically it probably wasn't your mod. But whatever glitch occurred was an easy fix thankfully.
lotherius Sep 24 @ 7:42pm 
Anyone know why this isn't hiding my ferry buoys? I have checked "Hide Buoys" in the settings, but it's not hiding them. My oceans are still a pimpled mess of red bumps everywhere there's a ferry route. Anyone know of a common conflict I can look for?

Edit: I hid them in BOB by selecting the prop ("Nautical Marker") and changing the probability to 0. Not sure why Hide It! isn't hiding them, maybe it's a different buoy prop?
StayHungryStayFoolish Sep 24 @ 2:49am 
@Dimensional One for me, the adviser panel is under control, see here:

You might have other mod issues. Please follow the Plazas & Promenades DLC Compatible modlist.
Dimensional One Sep 24 @ 1:41am 
Sadly had to disable this mod for now. It's causing my adviser panel to disappear. I didn't have to unsub to it but did have to disable it.

For some reason the HIDE ADVISER PANEL was checked on earlier and I unchecked it a couple of times in a row before it finally stayed unchecked. But until I disable the mod I didn't have the adviser panel at all. Not even assigning a keyboard shortcut would get it to appear.
slavonator Sep 24 @ 1:24am 
@Keallu disabling road arrows dont works mate. it is some bug or incompatibilies? i use separattely mod for arrows now. hide arrows.
cybordemon Sep 23 @ 7:00pm 
I installed earlier today and was able to turn off edge fog, but when I try toggling it, it won't turn off even after disabling and re-enabling the mod :-(
东行有雨 Sep 23 @ 5:00pm 
this is a great job,sir Can you consider adding other languages to the mod?
Keallu  [author] Sep 23 @ 12:26am 
@Mr. MITZC: You can use my Control It! mod for some of these. The dust effect I will take a note of and possibly add to Hide It! First priority is to update my other mods to be compatible with the current version of the game.
Mr. MITZC Sep 22 @ 5:34pm 
Hi Keallu, thanks for update the mod, I was using Hide it Bobby but now it's incompatible with the current version of the game. I wanted to know if you can add some Hide it Bobby options to your mod, like Hide DCL Panel, Hide Workshop Panel and Hide the dust effect place and delete props, trees and roads (especially this last one since it reduces the fps a lot)?