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Biker Chicks Tier List
By CWRU | OrangeJuicestice
I'm super high rn so let's write a tier list of every character in Biker Chicks
S Tier
This tier is the absolute best of the best. These characters have abilties that are beyond most and put them as the clear best choices.

Arresty - This ability is simply incredible. It can be used at the beginning of the turn to allow you to have the entire turn to yourself. This functions as both a way to get out of a tough situation AND a way to trap your opponents. This ability is beyond versatile. The only limit is that it can only be used once a game, which makes sense.

Decrementy - This allows you to adjust your playstyle perfectly, with aggresive play in the beginning and the board empty. As more players die and more eggs fill the board, it allows you to slow down and save yourself some spaces along with your life, potentially.

Density - Density allows gravity to be on your side. You can plant a whole row of eggs then kamikaze them on players or use them to escape a trap.

Legendary - If I was here to talk about viability, I would put Legendary in F. But I am just talking about how good a character is. With Legendary able to move 8 times EVERY turn, it makes him incredibly aggresive. Just... Don't lose...

Majini - This character allows you to never self trap yourself and trips up your opponents really easily, using your swap to juke out your opponents.
A Tier
These are characters that are excellent and have unique abilities that give them a huge advantage.

Bumper - Bumper is basically a "get out of jail free" character. This can REALLY save you in a pinch.

Detonatey - This forces your opponents to play "keep away" with your eggs, making you be able to play some interesting mind games with your competition.

Incrementy - Incrementy allows you to play the long game, waiting for when you have more turns than your opponent and can successfully go on the offense, outvaluing your opponents.

Lucky - On one hand, this might allow you to pull you out of a dire situation. On the other, this ability might screw you over when you need it. Choose him if you're feeling lucky.

Murdery - This can allow for easy opponent elimination, especially towards the end of a match where the space is small and there are only two of you.

Penulty - Your opponents have to either put you as a high priority or let you win, basically.

Selfy - Tired of accidentally trapping yourself? No more! Great for beginners!

Swappy - Build some sick cages, then swap places with your opponent, declaring you're sending them to the Evil Bog.
B Tier
These characters are pretty good. Far from the best, but will by no means be a hinderance.

Bulgy - Bulgy is by no means bad, just very situational. This is not the most useful nor most helpful ability, but can be decently helpful at points.

Decimatey - Similarly to Bulgy, Decimatey is quite situational, with this being helpful only sometimes as opposed to all the time.

Deferry - By no means is Deferry bad, he is just a tad hard to take advantage of, seeing as you have to give up one movement on the turn this is activated.

Eensy - Arguably the funniest ability, Eensy is a total guess on if you win or not. You could be stepped on the very first turn, or you could survive, hiding out on a corner.

Explodey - Can sometimes hit your opponents, but will most likely just keep your path clear behind you.

Friendly - Once again, very situational (notice a pattern?). This ability can be useful if used well, but most likely will not effect the outcome of the game.

Jumper - Could win you the game, could screw you over, nobody knows. Just wait until the end of your turn before using his ability to minimize the risk of dying.

Kamikazey - While this sounds good on paper, you most likely will not be able to take advantage of this ability. At the best case scenario, you will kill one other chick. At the worst case, you've made an explosion at the wall that killed no one, which will make you look silly.

Lasey - As cool as his ability is, it simply isn't practical. Very few games last beyond 4 turns, let alone 6.

Leaper - Leaper is very "eh." She isn't too exciting, but their move can be helpful.

Medusy - This ability is fun, just don't fall into the trap of relying on it, as it's quite easy to play around.

Potato - It's never a bad idea to potato an opponent if they are in range, it can kill, though it's not super useful.

Putter - Just take advantage of his ability when his eggs are up and don't be stupid.

Reversi - Can kill your opponents if you're smart, but if you're playing Glittermitten Grove, you're probably too high to think and to care.

Runneruppy - Like Penulty but worse.

Sexy - While this SOUNDS useless, it let's you pause for a turn on your current tile, allowing you to trip up your opponents.

Smashy - Yet again, too situational to be good, but alright.

Soliloquy - Like Runneruppy but worse.


Tetry - Refer to Switchy.

Ty - Refer to Tetry.
C Tier
These characters are basically neutral characters, that neither help nor hurt you, and when they do help, it's FAR too little of assistance or far too inconsistent to be considered decent.

Boomer - Could hit your opponent, could hit you, will most likely just blow up nothing and serve as an empty threat.

Clucker - The absolute, most basic character you can pick, Clucker litterally does nothing apart from the basics. Would reccomend everyone try him once, though, just so they can get a handle for the core concept of the game.

Hibernatey - Why you would want to pause for one turn to allow your opponents to box you in is beyond me, but can be helpful in very, very limited circumstances.

Lefty - Dosen't change much except your eggs are in a slightly weird spot.

Marty - Like Kamikazey except without the win condition, play him for a laugh before you die.

Mirrory - If the inputs were swapped, this might be good, but the inputs are the same. This changes absolutely nothing.

Nitro - Can be used to place eggs quick, you're far more likely to run into a wall and die.

Sideball - You will most likely never find a good time to play this, but it dosen't hurt.

Snakey - Your opponents can just box off the apples, limiting you and your kill potential.

Spurs - By far the least exciting ability of them all, doing nearly nothing for you.

Suprisey - Considering your opponents can see where you just moved, this is not a huge help.

Widey - Widey is one of the most aggresive characters, but as a result is very limited in terms of options.

Wizball - A much worse version of Medusy due to the range limit, but it never hurts to have an extra option, even if it is limited.
D Tier
These characters actively work against you. Their "abilities" can be used to your advantage, butfor the most part do NOT help the player.

Diagy - This character controls really, really wierdly, giving you absolutely no direct advantage.

Douchey - Unless you know morse code and know exactly what they are gonna say, don't pick Douchey.

Forgetty - Eventually, you're gonna hit one of your own eggs, it's only a matter of time.

Invisy - Have fun trying to remember EVERYTHING.

Randy - While Randy is fun, he won't score you any wins, considering you will have NO idea how to play this character for every single turn. Yes, his ability changes EVERY TURN.

Skipper - Jesus, Skipper is really hard to control and to use well. He isn't even fun to use.

Twitchy - Ever wanted to be shoved directly into an egg with you being unable to stop it? Me neither.
F Tier
These are characters that have absolutely no reason to pick them EVER. These are the absolute worst characters to choose.

Goofy - Holy christ is Goofy bad. He turns your controlling scheme to a much more complicated way to move your chick around the board that comes with a button to die for no reason. Hope you don't accidentally press down.

Nukey - You know, Nukey might be the absolute most broken character in this entire minigame. Too bad I will never know, and nor will you, most likely.
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moisttickler Apr 17, 2019 @ 11:02pm 
Nukey kills everyone on the field except himself by pressing the action key. The only way to get him was by donating $500 on Kickstarter, which was limited to one backer.
Mister Mcsmarty Mar 10, 2019 @ 11:33am 
Can someone look in the code and figure out what nukey does?