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Half-Life Co-op
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Half-Life Co-op

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Half-Life Co-op
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Presenting Half-Life Co-op gamemode
True classic experience in Garry's Mod. Play Half-Life with friends. Any time.

  • Implemented all required coop-related stuff
  • Maps are expanded as much as possible (Warning: original HL:S maps are not supported)
  • Dynamic NPC health depending on player count
  • Subtitles for all scripted scenes
  • Multi-language
  • Scoring system
  • Survival mode
  • Speedrun mode
  • Voting system
  • Fun HL1 chatsounds
  • Fixed most of HL1 stuff that was broken in GMod
  • Possibility to play with other Garry's Mod addons
  • Weapon, ammo, NPC replacements using console commands


Q: What's the point of this? Can't we just play Sven C...
A: The main advantage of Garry's Mod is that you can use almost any addon within the gamemode. Also, Source Engine behaves differently so you can have new expierence.

Q: NPCs are saying numbers or speaking Combine voice!
A: You've probably replaced your sentences.txt in scripts folder. Don't do that.

Q: How to enable player model selector?
A: hl1_coop_sv_custommodels 1

Q: Is there chatsound list?
A: chatsoundlist in console

Q: Can I play singleplayer with the gamemode?
A: Yes. But keep in mind that it is made primarily for coop.

Q: HL2 Co-op?
A: Check this out.

Q: How to use weapon addons?
A: There is SWEP menu in admin settings (swepmenu in console). Try also weapon replacements.

Server configuration

To play with friends, subscribe to the collection, select Half-Life Co-op gamemode in the bottom right and just start hls00amrl map (Half-Life Resized Maps category) through Garry's Mod menu.

To start up a dedicated server, add the following line to srcds launch properties
+host_workshop_collection 1477402092 +gamemode hl1coop +map hls00amrl
Make sure Half-Life Source content is mounted on the server. That's all, you don't need to do anything else.

Contains some HL:S playermodels made by Captain Charles
Medkit viewmodel belongs to Sven Co-op devs
string.Wrap function taken from here[]


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mariic Sep 21 @ 6:04pm 
Does this support Opposing Force?
Mr.Freeman Sep 21 @ 11:16am 
nvm i was trying to use context menu
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i cant change the models with the commands
Randomwordcombination Sep 18 @ 4:22pm 
where is the co op gamemode i can't find it
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Lythero brought me here 10/10
Subject_7341 Sep 3 @ 10:33pm 
how do i swtich levels automatically?
Melvi Aug 29 @ 9:16am 
wnnoble, you can play without it, i played, and everything worked okay
SonicMaster519 Aug 26 @ 2:09pm 
The true Half Life Source
wnnoble Aug 25 @ 3:22pm 
Does this mod require the hud mod or can I play without it?