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Half-Life Co-op
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Dec 14, 2018 @ 10:21am
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Half-Life Co-op

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Half-Life Co-op
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Half-Life Co-op: Infected
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Presenting Half-Life Co-op gamemode
True classic experience in Garry's Mod. Play Half-Life with friends. Any time.

  • Implemented all required coop-related stuff
  • Maps are expanded as much as possible (Warning: original HL:S maps are not supported)
  • Dynamic NPC health depending on player count
  • Subtitles for all scripted scenes
  • Multi-language
  • Scoring system
  • Survival mode
  • Speedrun mode
  • Voting system
  • Fun HL1 chatsounds
  • Fixed most of HL1 stuff that was broken in GMod
  • Possibility to play with other Garry's Mod addons
  • Weapon, ammo, NPC replacements using console commands


Q: What's the point of this? Can't we just play Sven C...
A: The main advantage of Garry's Mod is that you can use almost any addon within the gamemode. Also, GMod supports creating P2P servers, so you can play with friends in any moment (no port forwarding)

Q: NPCs are saying numbers or speaking Combine voice!
A: You've probably replaced your sentences.txt in scripts folder. Don't do that.

Q: How to enable player model selector?
A: hl1_coop_sv_custommodels 1

Q: Is there chatsound list?
A: chatsoundlist in console

Q: Can I play singleplayer with the gamemode?
A: Yes. But keep in mind that it is made primarily for coop.

Q: HL2 Co-op?
A: Check this out.

Q: How to use weapon addons?
A: There is SWEP menu in admin settings (swepmenu in console). Try also weapon replacements.

Server configuration

To play with friends, subscribe to the collection, select Half-Life Co-op gamemode and just start hls00amrl map (Half-Life Resized Maps category) through Garry's Mod menu.

To start up a dedicated server, add the following line to srcds launch properties
+host_workshop_collection 1477402092 +gamemode hl1coop +map hls00amrl
Make sure Half-Life Source content is mounted on the server. That's all, you don't need to do anything else.

Contains some HL:S playermodels made by Captain Charles
Medkit viewmodel belongs to Sven Co-op devs
string.Wrap function taken from here[]


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Itwasscatters May 9 @ 3:24am 
Why do i feel like the difficulty doesnt change and you still take a lot of damage and all?
ZG | Zé Cogumelo Apr 30 @ 9:01am 
Can i open the spawn menu to take all addons?
Glitchopher Apr 28 @ 2:28pm 
The coop replacement commands aren't showing up in the console
LimE Apr 27 @ 11:47am 
The gamemode breaks the chrome textures for the half life source playermodels addon I presume it's because you add in your own playermodels for half life and so your own chrome textures. Perhaps you could remove them or add a way to disable them?
LGDMF Apr 24 @ 10:00pm 
There is another problem in Chapter 18 (Nihinlanth) i have experienced that is when Nihinlanth throw his "green energy ball" and when it collides with something like those pillars in the boss arena, the host's game instantly crashes. Again we are playing on the highest difficulty (Very Hard), maybe it's something related to the difficulty that is causing all this issues, i don't know. And we don't have any add-ons installed besides Half-Life co-op.
LGDMF Apr 24 @ 4:07pm 
My friend uploaded a video of the fall damage issue. You can also see the platform is moving differently from the original Half-Life. Put on 2:10:39.

LGDMF Apr 24 @ 3:14pm 
Regarding this problem, you can see that the last platform where you have to jump is moving in the same direction as the platform you are in before you have to jump on the last. This don't happen on the original Half-Life. You can check on this video on 3:49 and compare it to the way the platforms are moving on GMOD.
LGDMF Apr 24 @ 3:07pm 
In Chapter 17 (Interloper) you can't progress in the game while playing on the highest difficulty because of the fall damage. Specifically on the part you have to jump down the platforms and then jump on the "flying alien thing" to enter the portal. Needs to be fixed.
KintsugiKitten Apr 22 @ 2:43pm 
The textures are all those black and purple checkerboard patterns. The scientists are all errors. How can I fix this?
eld3ividFTW Apr 14 @ 5:26am 
Hi, can you put it in Spanish language? Is it with some addon or something? Thanks