Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III

Age of Wonders III Tutorial ~ Tips on Hero Recruitment
"Don't just recruit the first heroes that appear knocking at your castle door! Take the time to carefully choose the right type of hero to suit your forces.

Age of Wonders III is my favourite all-time strategy game and the Age of Wonders series has been my favourite series since version one first came out in 1999. Back then it was hailed as the best game no-one played so it was a bit of a 'sleeper'. Age of Wonders 3 came out in 2014 so it has been around for a while but is a modern classic. At time of recording Age of Wonders Planetfall is just aroung the corner and I suspect that version 3 will have a resurgence with that sci-fi version release and that was the inspiration behind putting out this series.

To watch other videos in this series please check out the playlist. The idea of this series is that you can watch videos out of order. Each video should be self-contained but some concepts will be explained in more detail in their own video.


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