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Stormworks: Build and Rescue

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Beriev Be-200ES amphibious Aircraft
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Dec 13, 2018 @ 5:57am
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Beriev Be-200ES amphibious Aircraft

Beriev Be-200ES amphibious Aircraft
The Beriev Be-200 Altair is a fully multipurpose amphibious aircraft intended for the Russian ministry for emergency situations. In stormworks this aircraft is configured mainly for cargo and passenger transport.

The aircraft is highly unique in its flight characteristics, and as an amphibious aircraft its perfectly adept at landing and taking off from the water.

Also it have a highly realistic behaving plane autopilot feature.

Avionics systems included in this aircraft:
Yaw Dampener for coordinated turns.
Auto altitude hold
Roll stabiliser
Bank angle limiter

Autopilot features:
GPS waypoint autopilot (Just enter input waypoint from map)
Set speed
Set attitude

Landing aid features
Ground proximity warning system (GPWS) (Height readout altimeter)
Automatic reduce throttle when landing on runway
ABS brakes

Powered by two high-bypass ratio engines.
Top speed = 200 knots
Fuel = 17000 litres
Passenger seats = 9
Medical bed and Bed
Toilet at rear
Large cargo hold with crane
Auxiliary power supply unit

Instructions and checklists
-When manual landing, ensure the "reduce throttle on land" button and ABS brakes are ON. Ensure the throttle lever is at 50% for best landing.
-For more easier landing and automation, ensure speed is set to 60 Knots, with waypoint autopilot and attitude turned to OFF.
-For GPS waypoint autopilot, please ensure to set the speed/attitude before imputing the waypoint. Once it reaches the waypoint the aircraft will enter a 2 km holding pattern from the waypoint.
-Water Takeoff at 80% on the throttle or above 60 Knots.
-Please don't attempt a water landing when wind is over 40%
-If you can't start the jet engine, press the emergency power button, and toggle the APU ON to start.

Credit to Krail for some logic help and Tajin for the autopilot.

If you enjoy this aircraft, please leave a like!

Please do not redistribute without my permission.
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thomastopey Mar 18 @ 6:01am 
well i tried to modifly the plane and then i think i fked up the autopilot after press the button and well i am hope for a bit more range and add a third person to deal with the autopilot
President Elmo Mar 17 @ 7:16pm 
@thomastopey i was think first class
thomastopey Mar 16 @ 9:25am 
I am thinking of a possibility of removing all the cargo space and passanger space for the fuel and add a third crew as flight engineer with monitoring system of the weather wind speed and so on
LegitDakinq Mar 15 @ 7:45pm 
I hope this aircraft beats the imperial C3500 in the most subscribed list
President Elmo Mar 15 @ 10:22am 
just can you do it when you have the time in the future
Temp.sgk  [author] Mar 15 @ 10:18am 
Yeah, if you reduce the speed the range is pretty far.

@president Elmo I'm working on something else, so I probably won't. But I'll do incremental updates to fix any bugs when new update arrives.
President Elmo Mar 15 @ 8:47am 
@Slovak Eagle (Eugen) if you set the gps speed to 171 you wont take damage when you get in a seat and you can go 400K sometime 600K
President Elmo Mar 14 @ 9:42am 
and chime
President Elmo Mar 14 @ 9:42am 
@Temp.sgk hey can you make a version of this plane that instead of cargo its first calss oh and can you add a seatbelt sign
President Elmo Mar 14 @ 9:41am 
no it can go probly a max of 300k if you use less throttle you will get farther