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The Decadence of Sanity--An Expanded Feature on Shroud
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Dec 11, 2018 @ 9:53pm
Jun 8 @ 4:11pm
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The Decadence of Sanity--An Expanded Feature on Shroud

Newest Update:
2.3 version updated


PLZ, if you like this mod, then

The Shroud is a mystery. It is never supposed to be understood by inferier beings like you. So many from different species or dimensions have tried their best to explore the Shroud,either desperately or eagerly to uncover its final secrets. Unfortunately, none of them have succeeded, for the Shroud slowly drains away those who dare to defy its secrets and wipe out the last part of sanity within their mind...
With the expanded contents provided by this mod, the Shroud will reform itself into something truly enigmatic and indescribable


Current Features:
·Chance of gaining one additional civic point
·Chance of stealing resources from neighbor nations
·Chance of stealing spaceships from Fallen Empire
·Chance of establishing entrepot in Shroud
·New Covenant with Anchor of Disaster
·Whispers in the void now provides double-edged jobs
·Composer of Strands now unlocks a powerful pop decision
·Eater of Worlds now teaches you how to construct something massive called EtherBrain Project
·Instrument of Desire now allows you to build omni-building with many benefits
·End of Cycle(with higher chance to appear) will still give you the original bonus, in addition to......
·New Covenant with Weaver of Empyrean(You can deal with it even if another covenant is formed already)
·Russian Version available(thanks to Lex)
·Chinese Version available
·Great Old One--Kaolon


Incoming Features:
·Simple Chinese Version
·New Covenant with Anchor of Disaster
·Ability of establishing outpost in Shroud
·more Shroud Outpost events in Shroud
·Explore Ancient Relics
·Expeditionary Force
·New Covenant with Weaver of Empyrean
·Mysterious Civilization--Multyx
·Mysterious Civilization--Hekoray
·Great Old One--Yindiram
·Great Old One--Kaolon


Subscribe Universal Resource Patch to allow Yin to appear properly.
If you subscribed any mod that change districts, then plz subscribe either District Diversity Patch or !!!!Universal Districts Patch to make unique outpost district compatible with others(only one is needed)

请订阅Universal Resource Patch来允许茵被正常地显示。
如果您订阅了其他有关区划的mod,那么请订阅District Diversity Patch 或者 !!!!Universal Districts Patch(只需要一种)

This is a completely balanced mod--the benefits are high, while the costs are also heavy.
Not feeling balanced? How about shooting a message to me and let's make it even more balanced!
You can also add me as friend on discord: Yindiram the Faerie Dragon#9703
If you have any new idea, or meet any bug, feel free to reply to me! I would be very happy to keep working on this mod and make it even better!

你同样可以在discord上加我:Yindiram the Faerie Dragon#9703

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Yindiram The Faerie Dragon  [author] Sep 10 @ 6:00pm 
The next overhaul update will come around October, I promise fixation of all those issues related to Shroud Outpost, just need some extra time to finish other tasks. For now please subscribe either District Diversity Patch or !!!!Universal Districts Patch.
jomo mojo Sep 9 @ 4:13pm 
how do i know if i have a shroud outpost? I researched it, but from what I can tell the shroud still functions as normal
SPESS MEHREENE Sep 8 @ 11:02am 
Kaolon old one even was profoundly unsatisfying. The fucker just bounces back, and I get to sit with a 90% research penalty. Making content so shit that people will actively avoid it is just a waste of effort.
omniscient5587 Aug 28 @ 9:10pm 
The relic treasure civic is taken far too often by the ai. It should be toned down to a weight of 1 or 2.
Cúchulainn Aug 27 @ 4:12pm 
What does Anchor of Disaster do?
Do'tasarr the Khajiit Aug 18 @ 6:34am 
Is the end of the cycle still disabled in multiplayer?
H11DN-D4NG3R Aug 17 @ 2:03pm 
I think the marked ''plantentary debuff'' is a failsafe. The question is ''Will i die'' who knows!. maybe?
Limercia Aug 17 @ 1:51pm 
And all that marked planets.. Will i die after that?))
Limercia Aug 17 @ 1:50pm 
Well... I cant fix siphon, cause it become Kaolon property? Also that debuff..
咕明地鸽 Aug 15 @ 5:43pm