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Sidular Interactive
Sidular Interactive video games and creative content.
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A.G.E - Art, Gameplay, Experience
Created by Sidular!
This isn't really a video game, but more of an artistic playground in disguise.
Create mountains taller than the eye can see, or a canyon larger than life. It’s your world, your imagination. A.G.E simply gives you the tools needed to turn your dreams int...
Alien World: Broken Memories
Created by Sidular!
What happens after life, but before death? Broken Memories within an Alien World.

Alien World is the term used to describe a form of existence that occurs after the soul has left the body, but before the body itself is officially dead.
Unlike a true...
MysticForrests - A Game With Fog, Evil Santas and a Forest
Created by Sidular!
When you combine a fog-filled forest with a hundred zombies and an evil Santa Claus, you get MysticForrests.

You, the player, are put into a large and unusually foggy forest, which just so happens to be inhabited by hundreds of unique and strange monste...
Triangle: Platforms
Created by Sidular!
Triangle: Platforms is an upcoming video game being developed by Sidular Interactive.
The goal is simple; jump on as many floating platforms as you possibly can without falling off.
Well, that's how it all starts, at least...

There's much more goi...
Maze: An Exploration Game
Created by Sidular!
There's nothing overly complicated here. You just explore a maze, and must find the exit to win the 'game'. Sure, there's a few twists and turns along the way, as well as a creepy atmosphere, but I assure you as an explorer; this is just a maze. There's no...