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New Civics and Traits Mod for 2.3.*
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Dec 11, 2018 @ 6:30am
Jun 4 @ 11:55pm
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New Civics and Traits Mod for 2.3.*

This mod adds a handful of new Government Civics into the game, also adding new species traits. Some of them are simple modifiers that I felt had to be added into the base game as an extension for your empire, and some of them have pretty interesting and unique mechanics.

Currently, the mod adds 45 new Civics: 22 for normal empires, 6 for Hive Minds, 7 for Machines, and 10 for MegaCorps.

Ecumenopolis starting planet perk requires Megacorp, and Machine perks require Synthetic Dawn (obviously).
See screenshots for more details.

This mod will get updated rather frequently as I am now working on adding some more civics and traits.
Works with Stellaris 2.3.

Также имеется полный встроенный перевод на русский язык.

READ THIS: As for now, this mod requires Modifier fix and most civics won't work without it. Please install required additional content to avoid bugs.
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Apr 29 @ 8:45am
What's the best civic?
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adecoy95 Jul 21 @ 11:44am 
what does science collective and industrial production core do for derelic artifice civic?
Astacius Jun 24 @ 12:11pm 
Belligerent Crusaders civic makes empire spawn without a name, something makes the game unable to randomize a name for this civic, also when you pick it yourself
Aiblis Jun 20 @ 9:33am 
Looking forward to an update to this mod ;) There are some very nice civics in this mod, some sadly not working right now due to the script problems.
Will there be a compatible version with the Culture Overhaul mod in the future?
奶子小口气大 Jun 12 @ 2:07am 
@ThyronDexter There are some problem, Those AI empire which has government type from this mod such as "Martial Anarchy", will have a null country name.
This is cause by those government type not related to any empire name list at file: "common\random_names\00_empire_names.txt"
Grimm Jun 11 @ 6:21am 
Interesting mod, but the 'debugging trait' with the MS paint graphic and the bad aliasing (pixelated edges on the edges of traits and civics graphics) are immersion breaking for me. Some of the civics are hilariously overpowered, like ancestral treasury, for example. Maybe add in more negatives to balance powerful civics?
ThyronDexter  [author] Jun 4 @ 11:51pm 
2.3.0 aired, hooray! But it is sad that Paradox did not add all the modifiers back and haven't yet said anything on that matter. For now, this mod requires a mandatory fix to work, as do many other mods. I'll get back to updates and fixes soon. :)
ChaosBreakerCrisis May 31 @ 1:24am 
I found that Biosphere Assimilators has a bug in which the districts generated by planetary features appear along with the districts from the Hive World so there's duplicate district types. I'm using Bigger Planet View, Planetary Diversity and District Overhaul
Unity May 1 @ 2:09pm 
@ThyronDexter Yes, I basicly want to have a civic that allows me to do a mass effect senario. Contingency = Reapers and I want the Collectors and the Geth to join them as son as the crisis takes places (as subjects or as Fedaration members) so they don't get attacked by the Contingency but instead join their War against all other Empires (as Allies / Subjects / Vassals don't know what would be better for this goal).
ThyronDexter  [author] Apr 30 @ 5:45am 
A subject of the contingency... from the beginning? Or what? I don't quite understand your suggestion. The Contingency usually happens 100-150 years into the game and there is no way to influence the event or mod it from the outside. Unless you want to rewrite the crisis altogether, but this would result in the mod becoming incompatible with anything that changes crisis.
Unity Apr 30 @ 2:01am 
@ThyronDexter Could you make a civic that makes a empire a subject of the contingency and allied with all other empires with the same civic (Machine Empires)