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Faster Flyers By EddyChomps
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Dec 9, 2018 @ 10:17pm
Apr 9 @ 2:01pm
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Faster Flyers By EddyChomps

Faster Flyers

As the name suggests it's Flyers that are Faster.

Mod ID: 1587391872
Version 1.7

Must be first in mod order.

The Idea behind this mod is to bring back some of the classic awesomeness to making flyers faster, but to prevent them from becoming overpoweringly fast.

Currently this mod includes modifications to the Argentavis, X-Argentavis, Griffin, Pteranodon, Quetz, Tek Quetz, Snow Owl, Lymantria, Pelagornis, Phoenix, X-Tapejara and Tapejara.

Most flyers can level speed but stats are clamped a predetermined percentage. No need to worry about wasting points, as when max level is reached you can no longer add any points to speed.

All of these flyers will no longer take off when mounted. (They stay put on the ground)
Also no more getting thrown off a cliff when you dismount. You just stand up on the dino’s back.

Argy, Snow Owl, and Tapejara now allow use of weapons while mounted.

Almost all can walk backwards on the ground to back out of tight parking spots.

Almost all flyers get some imprinting bonus to speed and some get bonuses to stamina as well. In order to obtain the max intended speed the flyer must have a full imprinting bonus.

The Griffin now has genders and can be bred. (Gives birth to live babies)
There is also a Griffin Saddle craft-able in your inventory. (I do not have a mesh for it)
This Saddle can be disabled via INI. Setting the following to True will remove saddle slot from Griffin

Snow Owl, Pelagornis and Argy can now run on the ground when you are mounted.

The Phoenix now has air braking and backwards flight and is less firery for better visability. (Adding breeding is not something I plan on doing.) Since the Phoenix will only normally spawn on maps with superheat, the normal spawn code will spawn it but will not be visible unless there is a super heat so it may not easily work on many maps, so there is a second spawn code option but they spawn above your head at a random level with the second option.

Lymantria can now be bred.

I have added some more color options for most flyers to spawn in. They are a more rare spawn and at level 100 and up.

Looking for a Server Host? I would recommend []
Please use the above link to get you set up with your own server today.

Current Imprinting Bonuses:
Argentavis: 40% speed
Gryphon: 30% stam, 25% speed
Lymantria: 20% stam, 40% speed
Pteranodon: 30% stam, 20% speed
Quetzal: 40% speed
Snow Owl: 10% stam, 40% speed
Tapejara: 30% stam, 5% Speed
Pelagornis: 30% stam, 20% speed

Any questions or suggestions you can contact me on my Discord here

Wyverns have been permanently Removed.


If mod is removed any dinos from this mod left in Cryopods will be corrupted and will not be able to be released. Please release all dinos from this mod before removing it.

Help me Keep Making Great Content!
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EddyChomps  [author] Jul 30 @ 7:47pm 
Yes I know it has messed a lot of creature mods up and until I get and dev kit update I'm Not sure I can fix it. I know my test server is working but know other are having issues.
gwSenpai007 Jul 30 @ 7:42pm 
Also on another note, a few of my servers using this mod in 1st order keep crashing after this current update
gwSenpai007 Jul 30 @ 7:41pm 
Funny you say that cryptic howl - this is literally the only mod I know that allows flyer speed, but also a cap on a certain speed, any other mod you use would give valid reason to complain because they have no limits whatsoever....I find this mod to be the most balanced in existance
Cryptic Howl Jul 27 @ 10:41am 
I love this mod however I find flyers get a bit too fast when imprinting them.
EddyChomps  [author] Jul 19 @ 8:54am 
They were causing spawn issues so they were removed from the mod. No longer supported but vanilla still spawn.
Edgelord Jul 19 @ 5:57am 
What do you mean "Wyverns have been permanently removed"?
The support to Wyverns for this mod?
They can no longer spawn in the game?
Which one is it?
🌿Elven Asscheek🌿 Jul 6 @ 3:21pm 
Can you please make this mod PAD compatible? (Play As a Dino V2)
EddyChomps  [author] Jul 5 @ 4:04pm 
I am thinking that one of the latest updates to ark may have screwed something up. I am investigating the issue but as of this far cannot reproduce it.
Kiba Jul 5 @ 10:34am 
We're on The Island, we have S+, DinoTracker, Awesome Spyglass, and Awesome Teleporters. Faster Flyers was highest priority.
J3SS Jul 4 @ 8:33pm 
We are on Ragnarok and we have the SS mod, a stacking mod and meat spoiler mod. I put your mod first on the list as well.