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Dec 9, 2018 @ 3:35pm
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DayZ SA Workshop Collection
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Dayz SA CCCP Mod
This project starting point is meant to give the player the best experience they can get when joining an MP server.
Our first steps were to ensure a player can get into his environment before succumbing to the need for water or hunger. Alongside that is the below described Stamina Overhaul. Much more to come.

Stamina Overhaul and Upgrade 1+2

Upgrade 2
-extend RPC stamina sync to include health, blood and thirst stats
-reduced hold breath to 0.25 drain from 1.0
-add in weight min cap 150 and damage min cap 20
-add health and blood based stamina max drop - stamina max * blood/5000
-drop gains and raise drains on low health and drop even further on low blood
-correct jogging raised crouch to negative drain
-remove stamina drain moving prone since player does not move during this movement
-separated raised prone from walking
-separated raised prone from idle

Upgrade 1
Converted all integers(whole #'s) to floats(fractional)
Removed all const(constants, never changing) attached to Stamina Settings
Changed Stamina Max Units to higher number(testing 125, planning 200+)
Added more methods to ensure all stamina changes are fluid throughout gameplay
-Ladder movement added to mod
--If you ask why, then you go hang off a ladder for a while :smiley:
-Swimming movement added to mod
--Added new stamina setting for CCCP_STAMINA_GAIN_SWIM_IDLE_PER_SEC
-Full Body Actions added to mod
--Stop regen during action
--Possible DRAIN depending on length of action
--Split between all actions for specific control(WIP)
--Again if you ask why, then go dancing, be a flag holder for a construction site or just go live life, its exhausting
Prepare mod for on the fly adjustments to stamina max/gains/drains based on health variables -health/hunger/thirst/blood/shock(WIP)

Modifications to Overhaul
-Jogging Erect is returned to a GAIN variables
-Jogging Crouched is now the 0 stamina DRAIN/GAIN
-Jogging Crouched with raised hands/weapons was Jog+Raised DRAIN, now is just Raised DRAIN

Stamina Drops/Gains
Added all stances, raised and non raised and prone to main values and inside each of 4 Movement types sprint/job/walk/idle
Almost a full minute of sprinting on full stamina and 0% weight loss
45 minutes of sprinting until reaching empty of water and a bit longer for hunger (based on vanilla starting stats 1700 energy / 1500 water
Jogging Erect is now a Non-stamina changing movement and stance
Walking Erect and Idle will now raise stamina at the fastest available speeds within reason

Weight based stamina loss
CCCP after 30lbs, DayZ Vanilla after 11lbs
CCCP 25% max loss, DayZ Vanilla upto 95%

Stamina Bar Regen Speeds
CCCP under 25% slower, DayZ Vanilla Fastest Regen.
CCCP After 25% fastest, DayZ Vanilla Slow As Molasses.
This is an opposite approach allwoing for tactical type gameplay and rewarding those that pay attention to their characters needs.

Stamina Bar Color Changes on the HUD
Added Green(60%+), Yellow (40-60%), Orange(20-40%), Red (0-20%)
Added a black background to help show the foreground and the new colors appropriately.
Holding your breathe will display a moving stamina bar indicating how long before you will start to lose health
Upgrade for going unconscious coming soon

Zero Stamina
When a player uses up their stamina and remains there, they will be punished with health loss.
This also applies to holding your breathe as mentioned in the Stamina Bar Color Changes.
We are currently WIP on a few more upgrades involving zero stamina

Retextured DayZ SA Assets

There are some country flags and some clan / server logos already packaged in this version.
I will accept requests for more flags and more clan / server logos in the near future.
These will be free to add and within reason(We are able to deny any request if need be)
No racial slurs, vulgarities, graphic images.
If requesting a country, try to provide an example on google images for reference.
We will look for an appropriate version that fits our needs(as long as its licensed for reuse)

These are tested works and included for use in this initial release.
ClassNames are in root of workshop mod!
See pictures in workshop for below items
Ballistic Helmets
Tanker Helmets
GP5 GasMasks
Niosh Dust Masks
Santa Hats

We would like to hear requests for armbands for Country Flags and for Groups/Clan Logos.
Server hosting communities can also request an armband be made!

Configurable Metabolism
Flat Metabolism Rate
Unlimited Stamina

Along with any other mods that utilize changes to stamina/metabolism/player constants

For More Pictures: Screenshots
For Discord chat, upcoming features, suggestions and support: DISCORD[]
If you are interested in supporting this mod's development please join the discord and check the #welcomeinfo
or goto Paypal Donation Link[]

Copyright 2018 CCCP Dev Team.
This item is not authorized for any of these conditions:
- posting on Steam, except under the Steam account MusTanG.
- hosting on any download server other than DayZ CCCP's current workshop download.
- hosting on any launcher for distribution other than DayZ CCCP's current workshop download.
- to be packaged in any form other than DayZ CCCP's current workshop download.
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MusTanG  [author] Jan 12 @ 3:55am 
Hi @Jamie and @Dav!d

Yes we can add more upon request.
I dont ask for money guys, its about community!
Please join our discord and make your CCCP requests

Dav!d Jan 11 @ 7:01pm 
Hello , will be i Czech armband ?? And more flags armband on hand ???? Thanks
Jamie Jan 11 @ 11:00am 
Do you take requests for free? I have a server with factions and would love to have their icons on the back of a hoodie or something, pm me on discord? jamie#0409
Negan Jan 6 @ 4:02pm 
Thank you very much.
MusTanG  [author] Jan 6 @ 3:05pm 
Awesome @Negan!
Thanks for the quick reply and for the explanation.
I will do as mentioned soon.
I talked with a few other people and see this is needed for the bases.

Hopefully I can have some research and find what and how to do what we need
Negan Jan 6 @ 2:53pm 
Thanks for answering! @MusTanG

It is now very easy to find the "Combination Lock" passwords. I am opening a server and want a MOD that makes it difficult to enter through the gate. It can be a "Combination Lock" with more numbers or a time between password attempts.

MusTanG  [author] Jan 6 @ 1:59pm 
Great idea @Negan
I can take a look to see how that system works and determine what kind of feature it would take to make and what it can become.
What are the current issues you find with the way it currently is?

Thanks ahead of time
Negan Jan 6 @ 11:38am 
Please create a "Combination Lock" MOD with more numbers or timeout between attempts to open.
MusTanG  [author] Jan 4 @ 8:57am 
Hi @HalfMoon,

Yes my current goals include learning the RPC system of DayZ SA.
Once this is achieved I can add configs server side and push them to the players.
Also once this is achieved we will be able to add in the max stamina based on health and blood, then possibly look into low water and food, but with those lows already damaging the player it might not be necessary or might feel a bit overwhelming.
HalfMoon Jan 4 @ 6:35am 
Hello MusTanG,

have you planned for server owners to adjust the values ​​via a config?