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Speech Bubbles 1.5.3
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Dec 9, 2018 @ 11:25am
May 23 @ 11:10pm
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Speech Bubbles 1.5.3

This mod adds speech bubbles above characters heads!

You can contact me and get notification about mod updates on this discord:

- Only messages in Local chat are displayed.
- The speech bubbles are only rendered within the local chat range as defined in your server config.
- An animated [...] indicator is shown when players are typing.
- Supports /me and /do commands to display actions in 3rd person context.
- Supports /shout command to speak in x2 local chat radius.
- Supports /act command to change your character's name in chat (admin enabled)
- Compatible with Pippi User & Server Management.
- Can display approximately 1500 characters at once.
- The mod can be customized (or even turned off for individual users) by typing /bubble_config in chat. This will open a settings panel that allows you to change how it looks and behaves, including font size, number of displayed messages, and more.
- Optional custom nameplates that render within Local chat range.
- Optional clan names displayed under the character name.
- OOC messages are greyed out to distinguish them from IC ones.

- If you cannot see a bubble over your own head when you type in local, try prefixing your message with /local - this will kickstart it again.
- You can also user Num * (hotkey for local chat) for the same effect.

For modders:
This mod does not alter any of the game's assets, and should play nice with just about anything. However, there is a slight chance it will not work if you made significant changes to W_ChatWindow.

Change log
- Change: Shouts font is now bold.
- Change: Removed italic font style from emotes for better readability.
- Fix: (Hopefully) fixed the issue where sometimes the message would not be delivered when the server is under heavy load.

- New: The bubble opacity can now be configured
- Change: Made the bubble a little more compact so it doesn't take as much screen space
- Change: Tinkered with the nameplate highlighting logic, should be more consistent now

- New: Custom nameplates can now be disabled globally via /bubble_config by admins

- New: You can use /act to change your characters name in emotes and nameplate (if using the custom one). This option can be globally turned on/off by admins.
- New: Added /do, which works exactly like /me, except it appends your character's name at the end.
- New: Added /shout, which makes your bubble visible in x2 local chat radius.
- Fixed: Nameplaces will now correctly be highlighted when the target character is beneath the mouse cursor.
- Change: Made the bubble slightly more compact to reduce the screen space that it occupies.
- Change: Custom nameplates will now be on by default, showing the clan name instead of the Steam name.

- Built with the latest devkit
- Fixed an issue where the mod settings panel would sometimes not be clickable

- Built with the latest devkit

- Added an option to toggle the bubble off, but keep the typing indicator on
- OOC messages have a different color

- Fixed the player's own bubble not showing

- Added option to display the player's clan name (if custom nameplates are enabled)
- Fixed the bubble config not saving

- Fixed the [...] indicator occasionally popping up when switching tabs in Pippi

- Fixed players being able to see their own nameplates when typing
- Fixed a bug where the bubble would have a hitbox, and could be hit by other players
- Clan members's names are now colored

- Added a settings UI which can be opened with /bubble_config
- Removed all previous slash commands

- Added an experimental opt-in name plate redesign
- You can toggle this feature with /bubble_name_on and /bubble_name_off

- Fixed compatibility issues with Pippi
- Decreased font size

- Fixed the [...] not disappearing when not sending a message.
- Throttled the server update calls.

- Added option to disable the mod for individual players with /bubble_on and /bubble_off
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Mar 30 @ 10:00am
What is the Speech Bubbles mod id
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kerschi Jul 2 @ 4:52pm 
Can you add a option for admins to hide all steam names ? Wold be great !
Dots May 24 @ 1:20am 
@Stack - It works fine on my end but my friend says she has invalid version for this game.
Stack  [author] May 23 @ 11:09pm 
Can you send me a screenshot of that happening?
Noctua May 23 @ 12:30pm 
Hello, I have an issue with your mod. When i speak, my text appears twice, could you please give me some tweaks for fix this ? Thanks and I love your mod :)
Dots May 20 @ 11:22pm 
for some reasons the game says this mod is the wrong version, thus my friends can't join my game.
Kiroh Apr 21 @ 8:00pm 
Is this player sided? :)
Stack  [author] Apr 9 @ 11:13pm 
That would be impossible, because parenthesis is used for OOC.
RhemaTom Apr 5 @ 6:17am 
Would it be possible to remove emotes in parenthesis from the chat bubble? For example, say I enter in Local: Greetings. (bow)
My character will bow, and Pippi removes the (bow) from the chat window, but it still appears in the speech bubble. Would be great if you could. Thanks.
PS: Love this mod. :)
Shallow Apr 3 @ 1:38pm 
Thank you =)
Stack  [author] Apr 3 @ 11:25am 
Sorry, nightmate, nothing I can do. I don't have older versions saved anywhere.

Shallow - I'll look into it.