Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta)

Serious Sam Fusion 2017 (beta)

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nano's Gamemodes
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Dec 8, 2018 @ 6:46pm
Aug 1, 2020 @ 6:35am
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nano's Gamemodes


nano's Gamemodes is a collection of all the VS gamemodes I've ever done. Keeping the dream of making VS played again alive. The current gamemodes include:

Drop It!

Drop It! is a gamemode in which a random player receives a bomb. Which then they have to pass to a different player to stay alive. The chain continues until there's only one last player left. It's like Battle Royale but with bombs, and also better than Battle Royale itself.

Gungame is a gamemode based on the gungame servers from Counter-Strike:Source, available for all Deathmatch based levels.
The objective is simple, to get to the highest level. Every kill awards you a point, and every two points award you a new weapon.
Though, with every suicide or death, your score decreases, allowing you to go back in levels.

There are multiple console commands that allow you to customize your gungame matches with custom weapons!
You can replace weapons and also save and load custom replacement orders!
All using these few simple commands:

globals.GungameEnableOverrides(true/false) - Enables/Disables weapon overrides for a match.

globals.GungameReplaceWeapon(index, "Name from NSKuber's Weapon DB") - Replaces the nth weapon with the corresponding one, according to the naming from NSKuber's database.

globals.GungameLoadConfig("config name") - Loads a custom weapon order config from the file. Currently included are "Q3A", "Quake4", "QWP", "BFE" and "HD"

globals.GungameSaveConfig("config name") - Saves the current weapon order config.

globals.GungameRevert() - Reverts all gungame settings.

One In The Chamber

One In The Chamber is a gamemode in which all you have is a single, OVERPOWERED pistol, and a knife. With every kill you do, you get a bullet in your pistol's chamber.


Sharpshooter is a gamemode in which all the players have the same weapon, which changes every 30 seconds.
Totally not based off that one gamemode for COD, ha, ha..

You can customize Sharpshooter using these few nifty global commands:

globals.SharpshooterEnableOverrides(true/false) - Enables/Disables overrides for a match.

globals.SharpshooterRotateEntireDatabase(true/false) - Enables/Disables the usage of EVERY WEAPON FROM NSKUBER'S WEAPON DATABASE (HEAVILY NOT RECOMMENDED)

globals.SharpshooterAddWeapon("Name from NSKuber's Weapon DB") - Adds a new weapon to your set based on the corresponding weapon, according to the naming from NSKuber's database.

globals.SharpshooterRemoveWeapon("Name from NSKuber's Weapon DB") - Removes a weapon from your set according to the naming from NSKuber's database.

globals.SharpshooterLoadConfig("config name") - Loads a custom weapon order config from the file. Currently included are "Q3A", "Quake4", "QWP", "BFE" and "HD"

globals.SharpshooterSaveConfig("config name") - Saves the current weapon order config.

globals.SharpshooterRevert() - Reverts all sharpshooter settings.

Also included are two in-game chat commands:

!timer (time) - Changes the current timer settings for the match.

!forcenext - Forces the current weapon switch.

- - - - - - - - -

PS: Thank you to noam 2000, Ryason and anom for helping me test this. It took AGES

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nano  [author] Jul 28, 2020 @ 1:34am 
NSKuber made a gamemode similar to what you've described, it's called Man Hunt.
cadetpirx Jul 27, 2020 @ 9:00pm 
I thinking you(or someone esle) can do a gamemode for Serious Sam Fusion.
I call it Serious Sam vs. Orks fusion.
It is heavily based on an unreleased gamemode(with the same name,but without the "fusion part at the end) for Garry's Mod.
Rules are simple;Only one player becomes Serious Sam while the others become the Orks from Serious Sam 2!
The Goal for Sam is to survive for 5 minutes,while the Orks try to kill him.
When time up or when Sam gets a certain number of frags,he wins!
As an Ork,you can choose 1 of the 5 classes,Gunner,Rocketman,Scout,Sniper,& Heavy Gunner.
Each class has their own parameters & weapon loadout!
Mike Uchiha Jul 31, 2019 @ 8:11am 
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