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[P5] Joker P.M.
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Dec 8, 2018 @ 4:59pm
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[P5] Joker P.M.

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Think again, don't you know, what you're starting...

"I'll reveal your true form!"
- Joker

Hello, everyone! I proudly present you my latest playermodel: Joker, from Persona 5!

This playermodel has a quite interesting thing, wich is that I managed to perform a trick that made me able to use the original rig of the model, and it worked pretty well!

Well, guess you're all hyped to play as him in Smash, so why not play as him in Garry's Mod?

It includes:

- A playermodel, of course
- Jigglebones for clothes (His coat has many parts that jiggle, enjoy)
- Viewmodel hands
- Ragdoll with faceposing, fingerposing aswell (I suggest using Advanced Bone Tool)


4th Chaos Emerald - Porting to Garry's Mod and turning into a playermodel
TheImperfectAnimator - Original SFM port and rig, great job!
ATLUS - Model, character and franchise

Guess you didn't see that coming!

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P3RF3CT10N 32 minutes ago 
Okay, This is Epic
☆4th Chaos Emerald☆  [author] 19 hours ago 
@Shimoda Brian I'll port Morgana, but as a playermodel
Shimoda Brian 19 hours ago 
could you put Morgana & Arsene in Gmod?
☆4th Chaos Emerald☆  [author] 21 hours ago 
@Jerry Jeezcake I'm already working on a playermodel of the school uniform version from Persona 5, so it'll be out soon!
Jerry Jeezcake 21 hours ago 
if you make the smash bros joker please put in the standard phantom thieves and school uniform
《~Ely§ium~》 Apr 18 @ 4:14am 
we need the smash bros joker
Phantom Apr 17 @ 1:46pm 
pretty good model, thank you! although, while i dunno if it's just me having this problem, there's this weird glitch where the hands are severely flicker-y, and they also start materialising near me and flickering. this problem goes away though if i change to third person in some way.
JakeNoPro Apr 16 @ 9:06pm 
idk what part was the problem/if it was the model or somthing else with modoel as well, but as soon as i got this and spawned with a prop the map GM_Whiterige, my octloing player model and pretty much any grey color of anything including villa gmod gates became a error texure (purple and black sqares) that wernt there befor so idk BUT I WANT THE MODDEL (when u cry every time)
JakeNoPro Apr 16 @ 8:37pm 
100 ways to kill joker as a joke XD that would be funny as hell XD
Fyris Apr 7 @ 4:56pm 
joker in a splatoon map? cool