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Job Descriptions (Achievement OK)
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Dec 7, 2018 @ 7:23pm
Dec 21, 2018 @ 8:34pm
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Job Descriptions (Achievement OK)

Will be in the base game next update
This mod adds the base resource consumption and production created by jobs in buildings. It does not include modifers or bonuses from traits or civics.

If anything is incorrect or missing, let me know below.

English and Spanish only as its a localisation edit however this should be outdated next patch as they're implementing it themselves.

Achievement friendly.

I made this basically as training wheels to help understand the new economy, enjoy.

For Non-English Localisations

If you're interested in adapting this for your language it's not difficult, just a very tedious process. A guide has been posted below, if you want to do it you can release it as your own mod or ill add you as a contributor on this one.

Russian Translation Here

Spanish is Implemented
Simplified Chinese Implemented thanks to Sakuya Minagami
French Implemented thanks to Thoto
German Implemented thanks to waynegtrexx

The new beta contains these changes.
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Jan 7 @ 12:53pm
PINNED: Other Language Guide
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Orange is a lie Apr 3 @ 3:12am 
@Mod-Author, is this mod still useful after latest updates? (Has Paradox incorporated this?)

PS Thanks for your efforts
yinyu Mar 30 @ 8:04pm 
I feel that version 2.2.6 is no longer available.
TMJ1964 Mar 25 @ 5:10pm 
did paradox annex your mod/
Evil_Lord_Proteus Mar 25 @ 5:17am 
What EQFL_Sapare said. Paradox's release of a blatantly unfinished, half-thought-out, broken 2.2 resulted in a seemingly relentless barrage of major patches which upset the balance of mods and saves, and this has created an environment of fear that Paradox will break our games again at any moment, especially for people who use mods.
EQFL_Sapare Feb 8 @ 5:01pm 
Gotta agree with WOOKIENATOR , I think this was better then paradox's implementation but atm I am not using this for concern it will mess with the game to have both this and paradox.
WOOKIENATOR Feb 8 @ 9:52am 
I don't think this is obsolete. It works and looks way better than what Paradox introduced.
and out of date
Yes it is obsolete
Jack_Hazardous Feb 2 @ 2:11pm 
this is obselete, yeah?
San Felipe Jan 26 @ 5:12pm 
@Job Description team - SUPERB!