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~Glavius's Ultimate AI for 2.2.7
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~Glavius's Ultimate AI for 2.2.7

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Currently this mod is under heavy construction and you should expect updates extremely frequently!

This mod exists to enhance the Stellaris AI and make it smarter in general. With this mod you can play Stellaris on the ensign difficulty setting and still have a challenging game.

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To the extent possible under law, Glavius has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this mod.

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Odin Gaming's Stellaris Mod of the Month September 2017

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Basically it takes all the things that you dislike in the AI and fixes them.

This mod is designed to improve the AI in several ways. Most importantly ALL changes to the AI directly impact the players sector AI. There is no difference between the sector and empire AI’s when it comes to choosing what to build on a planet. It enhances the AI’s economic play, it makes the AI choose better ascension perks, and will then focus on the AI’s military play. Finally, the mod will add more distinct AI personalities by having them play by their traditions and empire type. After all a xenophile pacifist wouldn’t logically have bastions at there borders but defended trading posts with friendly neighbors.

The second phase was to get AI fleets working correctly. For the most part they work correctly and I'm going to mark this as resolved by Paradox.

The third phase is to create distinct AI personalities. Fanatic Militant Xenophiles and Militant Authoritarian Xenophiles currently have very few gameplay differences between them. What I want to do is setup individual building weights so that the Fanatic Militant Xenophile would have large fleets, trading hubs and stations, and be willing to enter into defensive arrangements with its neighbors and friends. On the other hand, the Militant Authoritarian Xenophile would be similar, except as an authoritarian empire it would have far less interest working with its democratic and egalitarian neighbors. I can use this to determine its rival choices and who it should be hostile to.
Once these three phases are complete, I’ll go back to the first phase and start optimizing each area. Generally, after a loop or two, Paradox releases a new patch or expansion and then I start all over again.

The current focus of this mod is to finish adding AI more personality to the various AI's. Currently, personalities are used to inform focuses, decisions, polices, and ascension perks the various AI take. Most of the issues with the economic AI. I’ve got the AI working able to get out of all but the worst death spirals. Finally, I'm working with the current version of 2.2.6 to add refinements to all areas of the AI mod.

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Foxtrot 10 minutes ago 
Hard coding? Sounds like it was not intended. Still a putt off - Ment to fix the AI not brake it.
Twad 6 hours ago 
Really good AI. The sector Ai manage everything and its doing a darn fine job (and the enemy economy and fleets are pretty good). The ability to add "focus on CG or alloy" is fantastic.

I'd like to see one option to have a "focus on fortresses/fleetcap".

Sector AI just start having problems by endgame, where pop surplus and filled planets seem to confuse it. But usualy that require only a bit of manual changes to fix them, so no biggie.
A few oddities:

Sector AI like to have upgraded energy and mining booster building when the planet has very few related districts on it (like 3-4), make that slot not really useful.

Early-mid game, the enemy AI seem to hate the idea of upgrading its weapons. I see fleets with tier 3+ everything.. but its still using Tier 1 weapons absolutely everywhere. Make for really easy early wars. By the end of midgame, it started upgrading its weapons .
Glavius  [author] 7 hours ago 
It's hard coded behavior.
pingwin 7 hours ago 
my enemy isn't moving his fleet AT ALL. It just sits in the capital (which has the only starbase he has), not even trying to take back systems I captured. Granted, his fleet is a bit weaker than mine. Is it intended behaviour or a bug?
UltimateTobi  [author] 11 hours ago 
@salvor Thanks for chiming in and explaining that!
salvor 11 hours ago 

Hi, I am that mod's author (sorry if it's not appropriate for me to comment here).
When I mentioned military scripts, I talked about me reusing some of the Glavius behaviors (I've asked him and he was fine with it; both mods are in Public Domain anyway), namely clearing space creatures, it's not much but it's handy.

Most differences between glavius and starnet come in economy prioritisation (GAI gets highest growth possible, Starnet gets just enough to keep growing and reinvesting everything else in fleet and techs) not from military tactics (which is mostly hardcoded). So the reason AI wars better isn't in its fleet management but rather it's taught how to make much bigger fleets so even if they are mismanaged they are scary (also I reworked diplomacy behavior so AI is less roleplaying and more ruthless).

There are some readme files inside explaining how does it work (if you or Glavius are interested in it).
Tikigod 12 hours ago 
Not paid a whole lot of attention on specific fleet behaviours at the moment, mostly just observed the increased AI activity whilst playing when it's in use.

Once my Glavius + NSC campaign is finished I'll be spending more time with my current StarNet campaign and seeing how it plays out across later game periods when larger and more numerous fleets are in operation.
UltimateTobi  [author] 12 hours ago 
@Tikigod I saw him mentioning using fleet scripts. Am I right in assuming he is "modifying" fleet behaviour of the AI?
Any experiences there you can share?
Tikigod 12 hours ago 
@UltimateTobi Popped up start of this week. Works great stand alone but is lacking certain compatibility support with some larger addition mods like NSC.

So I have been running a new game with just StarNet running this week alongside my existing campaign which is using Glavius + NSC.

Difference in AI interaction and behaviour between Glavius and StarNet is pretty significant, almost like a different game at times. heh
UltimateTobi  [author] 12 hours ago 
@Awesome85 Military AI cannot be modified unfortunately; not to that degree. Paradox has still a ways to go to fix military AI play.

@Tikigod Looks interesting. When did that mod crop up?