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A properly(sorta) working Heli bomber!
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Dec 6, 2018 @ 3:51pm
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A properly(sorta) working Heli bomber!

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**Kinda obsolete now, but I think I won't be building solid-legged techs anymore, so I'll just leave these on here as a record of what I'd done lol**


The new control mapping update we just got has finally made me try out helicopters.
A hawkeye parts only build.


Total of 14 cruise missiles, 5 shields, 2 repair bubbles, 10 batteries and so on.

A decent turn speed in all axis, and a moderate airspeed.

Legs instead of Wheels to stop rolling all around on land.
Also for the lack of a low profile wheel option that won't give me the overloaded warning constantly.

Didn't put on any armor for the agility, and we all know what happens to block when shields go down anyways...
I'd rather put on more shields, which there are plenty of spots for. You can customise it as you see fit, but please
quote when redistributing :)

You wanna make use of the yaw, as it's pretty quick turning that way.
It would help if you had some experience flying in some other games(ex. battlefield, flight sims etc),
but just remember not to let it tilt too quickly.
Sometimes for helicopters, you move the stick, you moved it too much.

I suggest making note of where the throttle tends to give you a hover, and try not to get it below that point
unless you are descending. Even when you descend, you gotta get it back upto hover-level or
you will drop like a rock.

For finer lift adjustments, you could use the propeller key(SHIFT by default) to give you an extra push.
This works because the rotors other than the main middle one mainly serve to give you tilt, but clicking
Shift will activate altogether. (Note that the vertically placed rotors face one another so I don't strafe or turn.)

Targetting wise, you obviously wanna point the missiles in the general direction of the enemy, making sure
you aim a little above.