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fajny pakiet mann co
Zalety mojej kolekcji są takie że wszystkie przedmioty są do inżyniera to do wszystkich kturzy lubią tą postać.
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The Sharp Measurment v2
Any engineer needs good measurments...
...Even those that are about the dimensions of an oppoment's skull!

Engineer tried to convert this to a 7 segment digit screen calliper by attaching the screen and battery.
Obviously the attempt was failed but it...
Tinkerer's Tin Mann: Sentry Style
Created by Evil_Knevil
Resubmitted with the updated importer tool.

Paintable, Self-illum, jiggleboned mouth and arms....
Team Speak
Created by Napy Da Wise
All Class Paintable hat

Why yell your orders across the battlefield when you can yell them directly in your teamates ears?...
Tools of the Trade
Created by Wrench N Rockets

Updated yet again with the new qc lod structure. I had to force a LOD2 to fix the rigging of the wrenches to the cord. :/

Brcause one wrench just isn't enough.

Adds two s...
The Quarter Cabinet
Created by SpecialEffect
There's no coin slot, you say? We did that so you could save them for a good cause!

If this item is voted in, 1% of the community revenue share for this item will go to the artist who created it and the remaining 99% will help fund SpecialEffect - a ch...
Superb Soaker
Created by NeoDement
Water gun for the summer times. Works on multiple class animations, but only Soldier has the appropriate reload animation.

Has sweet custom particle effects by Chaofanatic, please watch the video.

Available for download as a mod/reskin to replace t...
The Conductors Carriage Cap
Complete with unidentifiable stains this piece of dapper headware is an ideal fit for taking money off strangers.

LOD 1 - 906 tris,
LOD 2 - 758 tris,
LOD 3 - 504 tris.

Team coloured and paintable....
The EZ Breather
Created by Psyke
Free yourself from your ever-crippling Mysophobia and breath easy thanks to this portable respirator!

Comes with lods!
Virtually No clipping!
Doesn't Require MAIR!...
Lubricant for joints
Created by Hunter
For robots!...
Macho Mann Glasses (Style 3)
Created by crazy-g
Third 'Goose' style of Macho Mann Glasses imported with tool. See the original here:
[Redneck Engineer Pack] Double Trouble
Created by Treythepunkid
Hey guys, here is my double barrel shotgun for my engi redneck set!...
The French Wrench
Created by alexo187
Use their own technology against them!...
Created by chelovek(MAPAT)
Helped PROOf and M1lky Way
lod00 5626 polygons
lod01 927 polygons...
The Last Second Security
Created by Ciro
Shotgun that can be used for either the Soldier, Pyro, Heavy, or Engineer. (Up to Valve I guess.)

Check out my site to see more of my work!

-----> <-----...
The Gift From Relatives
Created by Eltorro64Rus
Apiary for the bees. Linked to the bone pouch prp_pouch, therefore, an apiary has a nice physics and does not intersect with the engineer on the move.
According to information from TF2 Wiki is known that the engineer was born in a "Bee Cave, Texas, USA". I...
The Tack Driver
MANN CO. has entered the 1911 game with The Tack Driver, it hits hard and hits where it counts. Based off my personal favorite platform, the M1911A1.

2 styles-
1: The MANN CO. Service Issue
2: The MANN CO. Custom Shop

3 LOD’s


Mod now available ...
Colt SAA for Engineer
Created by Cyxopyk
Colt SAA inspired by Metal Gear Solid character Revolver Ocelot for Engineer (thats right not for spy, that 6 shooter is for real western gunslinger).

Check out more screenshots and test model at
(OLD version ther...
The Mobile Sentry Gun
Created by Linko
9314 Tris
Texture Red/Blu 2048x2048

Third person remotely controlled Sentry Gun with the wrangler. Left click to fire where you're pointing, right click to move it like a strategy game. You must run beside if you...
Going down a Notch
Created by Elephant
Be Steve while...
Playing TF2

thanks too [GMG] Mr.spagett GT for the title of this hat....
Trusty Rusty
Created by Dog
A Welding Blowtorch for the Engineer which replaces the wrench. Repairs buildings at a contant rate and does burn damage to players. Costs metal to use....
The Manatee Laser
Created by Hideous
Works best on Engineer and maybe Pyro.
A bit small for Heavy and Soldier does not like the grip.

Bigger picture:
The Kanopy Killer
Created by Sparkwire
This shotgun is intended to be a part of the my airforce pack, in addition to the russian chopper pilot hat, and the leviathan minigun. Although its part of a pack, feel free to make it available for the soldier, pyro, engineer, and of course heavy....
Cyclops Creeper
A Spider from the underworld has come to visit. If you don't instantly scream and try to blow him to smithers, he may just let you wear him on your head without eating your brains.

Fits all classes!

Larger Image:
Charlie Blackmore's Cap
Created by Double Fine
Ha ha! Look at your smart little cap! What a rascal you are! An adorable little rascal! I could just eat you up! Come over here and let me have a good look at you.

You've ever got a cute little minigun! It looks so real! Wow, it spins up and everything!...
Battle Welder Kit
Created by Donvius
Are you an engineer?
Do you suddenly need to do some welding?
And it just so happens that you are in a middle of a battle?

Well it might be your lucky day... thanks to the amazing BATTLE WELDER KIT! Wear a portable welding machine on your back everywh...
Created by MonkeyBug
Dispense faster on the battlefield!!

Blueprint included
Includes (5) Gibs

Special thanks to Frying Dutchman for the custom HUD icons.

The Nopples
Created by MonkeyBug
I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Spy....
The Marshal's Law
Created by Batandy
New Version!

The Gun that won the west now owns the Badlands!...
Phantasmal Perception
Created by Mr. Tinder
Watch the embedded Youtube video for a visual demonstration of the animated effect.

The Will-o'-the-Wisp, he has no roof,
Yet he seeks not hut nor hall;
He will not wait for a friendly foot,
But starts if a shadow fall.

Ghostly eyes for...
Laser Sentry
Created by invisibleStuff
Couldn't come up with a "clever" name for this.

Anyways, this is a Mini-Sentry Gun for my Analytic Attack set....
The Energy Sentry
Created by juiceböx
The original energy sentry! This sentry only replaces the level 3 rocket launcher and it's not a full sentry replacement.

Level 3 sentry rocket box replacement for the Engineer's Energy Pack....
Spanner Sword
Created by invisibleStuff
"The man who believes that the sword is mightier than the wrench has yet to use this beaut."

*1024x256 Texture
*2008 Triangles

I'm gonna be honest here, I got lazy with the name on this one. I tried using homophones, portmanteaus, and Olde English. ...
Raiding Aid
Created by Svdl
Just a shotgun for any or all of the shotgun classes.

Three LODs, single texture....
The Valve valve.
Created by Inter
The Valve valve

A Valve fan made "hat".

Its only a version with the valve in the neck,
no other placement, i did want to keep it classic.
i was thinking abut also making one eye version,
but i thoght it would mess upp the characters style to much....
Binary Buckshot
Created by invisibleStuff
The Binary Buckshot is a pump action, double barrel shotgun with a cylindrical receiver; mounted to the receiver is a laser and base-2 control panel.

This is a Primary weapon for my Analytic Attack set....
Welder Smelter
Created by nano393
"After many brainstorms between you and Pyro, this thing was created. Those screws and bolts will never move again... just like those idiots who get smashed by this beauty"

3 LODs and teamcolored...
The Bright Thinker
Show just how smart you are by having the universal symbol of great ideas floating above your head.
It hass jiggle bone and hovers....
The Hole Puncher
Created by Jal
For engineer maybe soldier pyro and heavy.
Mod version:
'Big-a-Boom' Howitzer Sentry Gun
Created by DaNetNavern0
Erectin' a howitzer!
Long distance. Low firerate. Big freakin' boom.



Page in Sentry Catalog:
Created by Arcaltarion
Bigger Pics!:

"Better than some non-unusual, non-genuine, non-promotional, non-vintage hats!"
The Special Eyes
Created by NeoDement
Look with your special eyes...
The Jackhammer
Created by Mad the Mike
A jackhammer inspired shotgun replacement for the Engineer, possibly part of a large upcoming item pack.

Bigger pic:
The Classic Spanner
Created by Makorus 2
Let's do this Grandpa style !

//This Weapon is a poor attempt to protest against the non-remembering of Team Fortress Classic Gameplay in TF2//

Download link (replace the wrench) : {LINK REMOVED}...
The Great Old One
Created by Populus
UPDATE: Fixed the texture and made paintable.

An all class headwear item based on the Cthulhu mythos from H. P. Lovecraft's books.

Comes with jigglebones and paintable eyes.
Boom Cylinder
Created by Svdl
I guess it's a nail gun of sorts.



Maybe not.
The Energy Sentry (All Levels)
Created by juiceböx
Upgrade your energy sentry! Full replacement for Sentry levels 1-3. Also includes a mini sentry. Be sure to check out the rest of the set by clicking on the collection link above!

Please note that the wires have a red and a blu color variant that is not...
Embedded Encounter
Created by invisibleStuff
The Embedded Encounter is a retractable arm/laser cannon.

This is a Secondary Weapon for my Analytic Attack set....
The Rayzar
Created by MonkeyBug
Original concept by VernoGuy
Model/Texture/Animation & SFM short by BANG!


#What does it do?
Nothing, the worksho...
"Duckfoot" The 4-Barrel Flinklock
Created by Dennis G
How can you go wrong with 4 barrels!?

Thanks for all the comments, Sorry for posting on all the classes, I think it could fit any class depending on its actual function ingame. All of your ideas and suggestions are highly appriciated....
The Circuit Over-Rider (set item 4 of 4)
Created by SNIPA
Zap your building into their place with this electric wrench!
Set item 4 of 4 in the Power House pack!
Check out the promo here:
Be sure to vote for the other items in this set...
The French Fryer
Created by MonkeyBug
Built to tear down.
Concept and screenshots:

3 LODs...
The Backup Plan
Created by Zoey
The Attitude Adjuster
Created by The Magic-Ion
When an associate isn’t behaving elegantly, a good knock to the head with this gentlemann's wrench will fix him and his bad behavior quicker than you can upgrade a sentry.

This is the 3rd item of 5 in the Sophisticated Scientist Pack

The Burner
Created by DANG21
Team colored

wallpapers by Kunoichi
Industrial Impact (Updated)
Engineer tried to get into a different kind of engineering

thanks to Engiebot [DesA] for the SFM vid

for people who's curious what 3d software I use, its Blender


and also, if you want to use it as a pi...
Molecular Monocle
Created by The Magic-Ion
Looking around just got less boring with this digital monocle!(note: may obscure vision)

This is the Fifth of five items in the Sophisticated Scentist Pack...
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish
Show your enemies you mean "business" while out on the battlefield.

-Now with 2 styles!

(also 50% more buttons and all buttons are 100% less square!)

Mod download:

SFM poster/wallpaper: http://dl.dro...
Created by Orko
"Builds it up, tears you down."...
Researcher's Relay
Created by juiceböx
Receive, intercept or disrupt all of those fancy electromagnetic signals flying through the air with this marvel of modern science. Created with cutting edge technology (and some old radio parts).

A secondary replacement for the Engineer's Energy Pack!...
The Bonnet-Buster
Created by Psyke
Tired of the endless flow of rocket and grenade related hate that gets slung your way on a daily basis?

Well why not give this little custom number a whirl.

or if you're feeling extra nice you could always hand it over to the eager yet quite delusion...
The Arms Racer
Created by boomsta
"You cannot run from me, my gun is faster!" - The Soldier

Has 2 LOD's and is team colored!...
The Stinger
Created by nano393
"Don't break your head thinking about how those bees survive inside. This shotgun was heavily modified to ensure that proud little soldier find its way to the enemy."

3 LODs. The bee is jiggleboned....
Created by invisibleStuff
Creative name right?
Anyways this is supposed to be a new weapon for the Engineer; passive use.
Although this could still be a Misc.

*Standard 512x512 texture
*Team colors

Any feedback or name suggestions would be very much appreciated....
The Holomobber
Created by Orko
based on a concept by Commissar K...
Western Wear 2.0
Created by Hideous
For too long have we walked with our cowboy top hats in a shameful pose - no more!

This is an update to the Western Wear that fixes/adds the following things:

-Fixes ugly smoothing error on brim
-Adds LOD mesh, for Ultimate Performance(tm)
-Adds Shotgun ...
The Shotgonator
Created by OinkOink!!!
Replace the old basic shotgun :D...
Friendship Heart Pin
Created by windex
-Can only be obtained if someone gives it to you as a gift
-Can not be crafted but can be used to make a "Good Heart" or a "Golden Heart"

Pics/Vid & Blueprints:
Safe Space
Created by lillbrorsan
We all know Space is a safe place to be, but surely it would not harm anyone to take precautions by wearing a proper helmet?

** EDIT **
I told you i would update the texture, turns out i did more then just that, here is a list of what i´ve fixed.
The Stampede Destroyer
Created by Toad
Drive your enemies back into their corrals with this powerful shotgun.

You can download this here
Defender's Restraint
Created by CoreVixen
The best way to disguise your sentry as a guard dog and also to keep homewrecker pyros close to your buildings!
For engineer, pyro and the sentry!
Paintable! 2 styles! Lods!
Only uses one texture!...
The Gutbuster
Created by ColonelBD
The first item in my Engineer pack which I created for a Gamebanana skinning contest. It got me 3rd place.

Like my NOTLU stuff, I based it off the HHHH.

Download link:
Hardhat's Hammerhead
Created by NeoDement
A smashing good time for the man who can handle the arm-breaking knockback of an impact hammer in place of a hand....
Chainsaw of Ashes
Created by NOISE
Decided for my first TF2 item that I'd make a handy little chainsaw that would fit into TF2's halloween events.
perfect for slicing apart spies or your run of the mill zombie.

Who needs a hand when you've got a chainsaw!

This was not designed with a...
Cowboy belt v.2
Created by chelovek(MAPAT)
Cowboy belt
model - 1229 polygons
lod01 - 931 polygons
v.2 Changed the holster, buckle and texture....
The Duplequation
Created by Batandy
A Double-Barrelled Pump action shotgun
for our Texan buddy.
Take 'em out with this double firing action!...
The Second View
Created by FrancoFM
Just watch the video and then if you want, rate and comment :D...
Steady Shot
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Take your time, line up your shots, and make them count! Built in fluidic hydro-dynamic compensator stabilizes your barrel and improves your accuracy between shots. Fire too fast though and who knows what you'll hit. Possibly a barn....
The Improviser
Created by Orko
"If problem arises, use downward force on object. Continue until issues have been resolved."...
Ol' Satchmo's Backup:
Created by Eedo Baba
Because blasting spies in the face is just a tiny bit more fun when using a shotgun made out of a trumpet and a busted guitar.

New! Check out the model in 3D:
The Frontal Lobe
Created by Napy Da Wise
The frontal lobe (and a bit more) of a deranged and previously harmless welshman, mounted ontop of a quite dangerous and seemingly high tech shotgun.Follow my work on Tumblr !
Dancing robot
Created by chelovek(MAPAT)
What is it? =)
It's a dancing robot, something like a taunt. Placed in the slot Misc, built with Construction PDA....
The Sentry Hat
Created by good boy
It's just like a real sentry. Unfortunately the Engineer can't reach the button on the back of the hat to turn the sentries on...


Made better LODS
Scaled the front part of the emblem down and removed the smooth so it looks more like an actual e...
The Uncivil Engineer
Created by SgtR007
This safety vest has kept clever Engineers accident-free since 1952!

Team-colored with two LODs.

*NEW* Added a second style using more red/blue team colors instead of the original Cream Spirit variation....
*OLD The Kinetic Collider
Created by Hobo on Fire!
Note: This is the outdated version.

A projectile based weapon inspired from the streamline design movement from the 30's.

Includes 3 LODs

Part of the "Aviator of Tomorrow" set. Check out the other items in the set!

Jetpack Retrofit
Parsing Pistol V1b
Created by invisibleStuff
"Process and analyze your enemies they way your buildings would, with lots of bullets."

This is an alternative version to one of my older models, but I decided to scrap it due to lack of interest. It has been sitting in my files since August collecting vi...
The Charmer
Created by Batandy
The third shot's the charm!

A new triple barrelled shotgun for the engineer...
Fortified Fawn
Created by Napy Da Wise
This is a sentry gun extension, to get it ready for the winter season....
Created by Gerre
Part of my Polycount Contest entry, a hillbilly themed Engineer pack. The pitchfork is removeable....
The Unicode Overload
Created by Psyke
Become one with the machine.

-Comes with glowing and scrolling text!
-Packed with delicious LODS!
-Also comes bundled with team colours!...
Lil' Sparky
Created by Batandy
Sometimes you just need a little less gun. If that happens, you'd better make sure that your gun packs a punch!...
The Cosmopolitan
Created by SgtR007
Bring a little piece of Texas with ya while travelin' the globe, blastin' Frenchmen. Huh? Whaddya mean, "not all Frenchmen are Spies"? Also, whaddya mean by, "not all foreigners are French?"

Included is both a steel and brass version.

Part 3 of 3 ...
Supportive Shoulders
Created by Bapaul
Part of the engineer rigsuit set for halloween

Model by Bapaul
Texture by Nassimo...
Pneumatic Pounder
Created by Pogo
Level 18 Impact Hammer
"Looking to improve long-lost performance in the workshop, garage or bedroom? Increase speed, durability and your special skill with the application of pressurized gas and a little lubrication."...
The Megavolt
Created by Rozzy
Time for a Southern style BBQ....
The Grain of Sense
Created by Vaztor
A result of desperate hat envy, the ever conventional engineer turns a busted gun into the latest in headgear fashion.
It may not be lethal, but it might deter people from capping if you wear it, crouch in the bushes, swivel, and make beeping noises!...
The Gas Guzzler
Created by Radical VEWI
We honestly don't know how it works, but it packs a punch. Also, thanks to the lack of pump action, you can now fire your absurd gun faster, hit harder, and live longer....
The Buzz Kill
Created by Batandy
A new kind of battery powered engineer hammer!

Uses Saxxy's animations...
Created by invisibleStuff
A shotgun for the Engineer crossed with a train.
*Fair amount of triangles
*Uses Phongmask
*I still need to make LODs
*I might add jigglebones to the bell

Ps. I like trains....
The Tesla Taser (set item 2 of 4)
Created by SNIPA
This shotgun will suprize you so much, it may be shocking!

Set item 2 of 4 in the Pwer House Pack!
check out the promo here:

Be sure to vote for the other items in this set!...
Big Mean Mother Hubbard
Created by [FJ] hobofett
Like big guns? Enjoy the smell of blood and metal? Then this is the gun for you!

Its big, its mean and your mother would approve!

Hive Hand
Created by
Swatting pesky critters since we don't remember when. --Bee Cave, Texas...
Engineer's Guitar Case
Created by Toad
A guitar case for engineer...
Repetitive repeater
Created by Nickel Eye
For dealing with those pesky varmints just the way your pappy taught you.
Not as powerfull as the shotgun but makes up for it with increased range and accuracy...
The Improvement King
Created by Ryu Ookami
First Engi Non-wrench/Hand Melee Weapon
Maybe the Teleporter to High-Flyer replacement.

-Constant hits instead of swung hits
-Same Damage, Repair and Buildingspeed per second as the normal wrench.
-Harder to give Damage
-Easier to repair/build instantly...
Plasma pistol
Created by Cyxopyk
One famous weapon, from one famous post apocaliptic game.

(green cylinder is transparent and glow in the dark)...
Shockgun v2
Created by mexican coybow
version 2...
The Defensive Engie Pack
Created by Jal
The concept is to have a building that generates shield similar to the one around the sentries when you are using Wrangler. There should be a special effect applied to the generator ring similar to the rotating light ring above the center control point in ...
The Southerner
Created by The Magic-Ion
The child of graceful engineering and an over-protective western spirit, The Southerner shows style and finesse in the old family tradition of blowing people to pieces. (Guns can’t have families)

This is 1 of 5 items in the Sophisticated Scientist pack...
Created by mexican coybow
First model

Nothing stops a circuit better than hooking up batteries to your shells. (Batteries not included.)

LOD0: 5210
LOD1: 2464
LOD2: 1272...
The Texan Army Wrench
Created by Stoffe
A double barrled multi-tool, perfect for any situation you may find yourself in. Comes with LOD's and skins for both teams....
LED Sentry
Created by AyesDyef
Watch out! This Laser Emitting Device packs some serious heat, and I mean the kind that'll melt holes through you AND the guy behind you; and don't touch it either, it gets really hot.

Animated gifs of the build animations can be found below: