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The Lost Lands - Beta
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The Lost Lands - Beta

!!!Uploading so people can play the map while I build it. Let me know what needs fixing!!!!

I am new to map making, so things may come slowly.
And Probably gonna mess stuff up as I go too.
I'm learning new things everyday on how to do things better.

Also, I am not very good at naming things. So I need suggestions for biome/area/cave names!

---Map Info---

ModID# 1582981057
Map Size - Very large
Amount Complete - 10%
All resources will be in the map. (Added as the map is built)
All Dinosaurs will spawn in the map. (Added as the map is built)
Biomes -
*Temperate Biome - 90%
Occupying the Northeastern side of the map, this biome has several rivers in it, mainly flat
areas, and large outcroppings of rocks to climb around on. It is bordered on the North and
East by the ocean, the South by a sudden mountain range, and the West by another small mountain
range that seperates it from the diseased filled swamp. It has several different dinosaur
species roaming around through it and the rivers are teeming with fish.

*Mountain Range - 90%
This biome is just south of the Temperate Biome. It consistes of large sections of steep mountains
and several ravines. There is also several river sources starting here which leads to a healthy
amount of water and fish. The dinosaurs who occupy this area are very aggressive, caution is
recommended. In the center of the mountain range has a large collapse of land has formed a very lush
area where wildlife and plant life are thriving.

*Swamp - 70%
Diseased and dangerous, this biome is thankfully mostly sealed off from the rest of the surrounding
areas. A mountain range with only a few passible paths, prevent the inhabitants of this place from
wandering into other places.

*Desert #1 - 5%
This desert will contain large areas where the rocks and sand have been carved out by wind and water.
Features will be large ravines with a small river running through them. Large hills with hundreds of
rock outcroppings. This biome will be 1 of 2 desert areas, this one being a bit more on the moderate side.

*Desert #2 - 0%
This desert will be almost void of anything. Large areas of land seemingly empty. It will be really hot. \
(But I wouldnt just leave an area empty of anything right?)

*Volcanic Area - 0%
Large burnt area. Will contain lava fields. Will contain very dangerous creatures.

*Volcanic Area #2 - 0%
Small Area where lava flows have burst through the ground, a bit away from the main volcano area.

*Island in the South East Sea - 0%

*Snow Island - 0%
No Info Yet

*Great Forest - 0%
Redwood Biome

*Northwest Area - 0%
*Oceans - 2%
Oceans will have wildlife as the areas close to them are completed. As far as anything else, oceans
will be one of the last things I work on.

Caves -
No caves as of yet. Several places picked out for caves. I like caves, so expect a pretty decent amount of
them. May make a very expansive abberition type of area.

Other Info -
I plan on having all resources and dinos on this map.
I want to have all of Ark represented on this map!

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Dec 12 @ 11:54am
[ATF] Nightshift
Dec 10 @ 9:34am
PINNED: Suggestions
[ATF] Nightshift
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[ATF] Nightshift  [author] Dec 12 @ 8:38am 
Update coming in about 3 hours. Will hopefully fix the invisible rocks and meshes. Also added in more harvestable rocks.
Dr. Greenthumb Dec 10 @ 3:35pm 
No problem. I'll think to post bug or suggestion comments in the thumbnails made for it =).
[ATF] Nightshift  [author] Dec 10 @ 1:22pm 
Updated. Building works now, Sorry about that! 1 misclick can be devastating.
Dr. Greenthumb Dec 10 @ 12:12pm 
Ok, thank you. I'll test and feedback in a moment.
[ATF] Nightshift  [author] Dec 10 @ 12:07pm 
Yeah, Im still compiling the fix. It should update shortly. Takes about 4-6 hours to compile. Its over halfway compiled now. So give it another 1-2 hours and new update should be up. If you are not sure, Below the mod picture at the top of this page, the one that says 'The Lost Lands' on the right, there is a little link that says change notes. When I upload the new version, it will be changed to V.03. (v.02 right now).
Dr. Greenthumb Dec 10 @ 11:37am 
Sorry but I still can't build
Dr. Greenthumb Dec 10 @ 10:16am 
Ok, thanks for it. I'll tell you if i see other stuff
[ATF] Nightshift  [author] Dec 10 @ 9:23am 
The next update will probably see the rest of the swamp area worked out and the desert started, Also in the mountians on the eastern side of the map, with a big green valley in the center of them, will be a 'jungle' type area, so expect the temp to be a bit warm there.
I just checked out the S+ issue, And I think I know what I did wrong, I will get it fixed and push a small update out ASAP.
Dr. Greenthumb Dec 10 @ 9:01am 
Hey! Nice map; Can I suggest to put some swamp place where it's hot and wet? I mean not only in the swamp biome. I can't build with structures + mod. I like the map
[ATF] Nightshift  [author] Dec 6 @ 8:54pm 
Thanks for testing the map out!
Already reworking the spawns now, I felt the water dinos were overspawned and land dinos seemed a bit lacking. Should have a new update out tomorrow sometime.
A few more tweaks on the playable area will come also.
And I may work on the swamp area before next update to expand the play area by about 70%.