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Garry's Mod

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Functional Pheropods
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Dec 4, 2018 @ 7:00pm
Feb 4 @ 8:18pm
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Functional Pheropods

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Bend the insects to your will!

This addon allows players to manipulate Antlions to do their bidding using Pheropods with extensive versatility not otherwise achieved by global settings.
  • Antlions and Antlion Workers passively follow players with Bugbait in their inventory.
  • NPCs who are normally friendly to players but hostile to antlions won't start a fight with baited antlions.
  • "Move" command: You can throw Bugbait at a point to get antlions to move there.
  • "Attack" command: NPCs and players struck with thrown Bugbait will be attacked to death by the antlions (even friendly ones c:<).
  • "Regroup" command: Pressing the alt-fire hotkey with Bugbait equipped will make nearby antlions temporarily stop attacking their targets and run back to you.
  • With a convar enabled, Antlion Guards and Guardians can be controlled!

  • fp_enabled: Enables the addon's effects.
  • fp_playerenemy: If enabled, other players on the server will automatically be treated by antlions as enemies of whoever holds Bugbait instead of as their friends.
  • fp_guards: If enabled, Antlion Guards and Guardians can be controlled with Bugbait.
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Mar 6 @ 8:27am
PINNED: Bug Reports
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.jam Apr 7 @ 8:33am 
yeah, except it actually works unlike the gmod ones.
Mexify Feb 21 @ 8:59am 
what da fish is going on
Lukethegamer Feb 14 @ 8:04pm 
So this basically adds original (HL2) Bugbait functionality?
Macho Man Randy Savage Feb 1 @ 6:05pm 
next time ill see the script errors, ill send it your way
Sninctbur  [author] Feb 1 @ 4:01pm 
How does it conflict? Any errors? With what explosive addons? I can only fix as much as you explain.
Macho Man Randy Savage Feb 1 @ 3:53pm 
Love the mod, but it conflicts too much with many explosive addons. Sorry
Uncle‎‎‎‎_Lemon Jan 31 @ 2:03pm 
Oh shit, at least someone finally made such an addon. I was 4 years ago looking for something like that, because I wanted to make fun with antlions
rtkz_wasa19741 Jan 28 @ 10:42pm 
Hey! im selling for Functional Pheropods
player *buys*
player *throw himself* *antilion attack friendly*

Sninctbur  [author] Jan 21 @ 5:54pm 
The backdoor has been taken down. Let me make a reminder that none of my addons need "fixing" unless I say so.
Sninctbur  [author] Jan 21 @ 12:32pm 
Stay safe, everyone.