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Friendly Fire Tweaks
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Dec 4, 2018 @ 6:43pm
Aug 20 @ 1:27am
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Friendly Fire Tweaks

Changes how friendly fire works, allowing you to customize or remove it entirely.

Works for both the player, and the AI.
Includes mod added weapons and turrets.
Safe to add to or remove from games in progress.
You can still target friendly pawns manually.

  • Option to make shooting skill affect friendly fire chances, with a customizable percent reduction per skill level..
Settings to disable friendly fire for
  • Things in the same faction as the shooter.
  • Things in any allies of the shooter's faction.
  • Things in factions neutral to the shooter's faction.
  • Pawns
  • Animals
  • Buildings
  • Mountain Stones/Resources
each option can be toggled separately. So if you want to protect just animals of your faction you can do so, or you can just protect the mountain stone/resources, maybe just wild animals? The choice is yours.

Know Incompatibles
  • Combat Extended. Use Avoid Friendly Fire instead.
  • Cybernetic Warfare and Special Weapons. It's not a hard incompatibility but weapons from it can still cause friendly fire. It seems to use its own hit detection code and not the base games.

Technical Info
It works by using Harmony to prefix patch Projectile.CanHit disabling friendly fire according to the users settings.

Feel free to take this mod and do whatever you want with it.
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Alex  [author] Nov 14 @ 3:37am 
Thanks! Let me know if you come across any other potential issues, bugs, confusing wording ect. When/if I have to update the mod again I'll try to remember to add Rimworld and Royalty to the load after section, to reduce any chance of confusion for future users.
Dr Zhivago Nov 14 @ 1:19am 
Cool! Nice mod btw. I've included it in the Vanilla Friendly Combat Overhaul collection description.
Alex  [author] Nov 14 @ 12:06am 
@Dr Zhivago My mod works even if loaded before core, as it doesn't depend on anything in the core game 'mod', Royalty, or any mod other than Harmony. As long as it's loaded after Harmony it's fine as this is a pure C# change. Thanks for the info though.
Dr Zhivago Nov 12 @ 1:31am 
If your mod depends on RimWorld in any way, I suggest you change your About.xml to either:

a) Include RimWorld as a <loadAfter> requirement
b) Remove the <loadAfter> requirement

Currently auto-sort will move your mod above Core because of this oversight.
Alex  [author] Sep 30 @ 6:51pm 
@Derps It doesn't change how explosions work.
Broski Sep 30 @ 4:40pm 
Does the mod affect FF via explosions? if so its not working.
The Meow? Aug 22 @ 8:20am 
Fixed by going in option, mod settings, friendly fire, and reapplying everything there with checks where needed.
The Meow? Aug 22 @ 8:12am 
Could not find class No_Friendly_Fire.Settings while resolving node ModSettings. Trying to use Friendly_Fire_Tweaks.Config instead. Full node: <ModSettings Class="No_Friendly_Fire.Settings"><Alx_NFF_BlockFriendlyFireOnBuildings>True</Alx_NFF_BlockFriendlyFireOnBuildings><Alx_NFF_PlayerOnly>True</Alx_NFF_PlayerOnly></ModSettings>
Alex  [author] Aug 21 @ 12:36am 
I'm doing much better thank you. Your welcome, let me know if you have any issues or suggestions.
Chuck Greene Aug 20 @ 7:54pm 
Hope you've been alright and have gotten better. Thanks for taking the time out to update it!