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Friendly Fire Tweaks
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Dec 4, 2018 @ 6:43pm
Jul 27 @ 12:37pm
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Friendly Fire Tweaks

Changes how friendly fire works, mostly by removing it.
Works for both the player, and the AI, and most mod added weapons and turrets. You can still target friendly things manually. Explosions are still not safe.

Safe to add to or remove from games in progress.

Config options.
  • Shooting skill affects friendly fire chance, or just disable it all together. No more will your ‘Legendary Master’ sniper kill your front line fighters for the 13th time.
  • Customize that amount each shooting level decreases the likelihood of friendly fire. Want to make it so at level 10 your pawns stop shooting each other? You can do that now.
You can decide exactly what can and can’t be accidentally shot as each option can be toggled separately. So if you want to protect just animals, or just the walls of your killbox you can.
  • Pawns
  • Animals
  • Buildings
  • Mineable Stones/Resources
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Jun 18, 2020 @ 2:00pm
Odd little error that seems self issue?
Jul 27 @ 12:39pm
mecanoid shoot me and i get this error
TwotoolusFLY LSh.st
Apr 6, 2020 @ 6:59am
Non-steam version?
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TodayIsNice Nov 24 @ 8:13am 
perfect mod, saved my dogs and buildings
Droante Nov 16 @ 3:31am 
Would also really like a the guass weapons from VE to be added to this as they are stupid awesome just deadly to everything outside of a 1 tile radius of the pawn...lol
Eloquent, My Dear Oct 8 @ 9:42am 
Please could you add an option to have turrets act 'vanilla' while pawns are affected by the mod settings? I'd like to use the 'Shooting skill affects friendly fire chance' for my pawns, but have turrets unaffected by the mod. Thank you.
RatcaveSF Oct 7 @ 2:19pm 
Randy gave me a gauss rifle early on, was stoked, until I utterly decimated my own comrades with it. Is it possible to add gauss weapons from VE? to this mod?
Ridesdragons Aug 13 @ 10:10pm 
did another test, this time on the uranium slug side. no friendly fire whatsoever. only a single test here, so not statistically significant, but considering how people say uranium turrets kill friendlies more than enemies, this seems to be a major improvement.

@creepy-streaker did you make sure to have pawns selected for protection from friendly fire? seems the mod assumes no protection if you don't select anything
Ridesdragons Aug 13 @ 10:04pm 
just gave it a test regarding turrets. just to make sure, I set it to 6% instead of 5%, so the reduction should by 100% by level 17, and started a raid. I also made sure to save after adding the mod, and reloaded the save. I have two front lines, one defended by uranium turrets, one by twin autocannons. in both cases, my colonists which stood a few tiles in front of the turrets did not get shot. result: pawn got an ear shot off by a uranium slug. however, I didn't set an option for protection (I figured with no setting it'd just be any case that's considered "friendly").

next test, I enabled protection for pawns, animals, and buildings, and started a raid. only happened on one side, with the twin autocannons, so test may not be accurate, but from what I can see, no wounds from friendly fire. will do another test.
Visoth Aug 10 @ 5:11pm 
@creepy-streaker I'm also looking for similar, only for more specifically turrets. I just don't want turrets friendly firing. I put uranium sluggers all around my base to protect against drop pod raids, but they often cause more harm than good. I believe they can 1 shot unarmored pawns/animals. I just hate turret friendly fire.
Gary Aug 6 @ 7:04pm 
Thank you for this mod. I noticed it doesn't seem to work with Vanilla Expanded's Gaus weapons. I'm not sure if it works with other vanilla expanded weapons or not.
Rayven Feather Jul 30 @ 2:43am 
thanks. got really tired of "aw yeah look at the war elephants go! oh...wait....nevermind teamkiller mcdumbfuck just shot and downed them"
creepy-streaker Jul 28 @ 10:54am 
Unrelated, it would also be cool if you could toggle friendly fire for different sources so that you could have something like pawns able to be friendly fired upon in general but maybe charge weapons never will friendly fire regardless of shooting skill.