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[WARNING] The mod is Client AND Server side.
Discord of mod:

Mod description

PartyMe is a mod that allows you to have a group with your friends. In the game as is, you don't have the possibility to know exactly where your friends are, or see their health.

With this mod, you'll be able to see your friends health, but you'll also have an icon that follows your friend telling you the distance between you and them. This mod aims to facilitate communication between friends, and not to spend hours looking for your friend who doesn't know the names of the cities!

For opening party manager press P

Server Installation

1. Subscribe to workshop mod
2. Find folder of mod it should be located in something like %SteamFolder%\workshop\content\221100\1582671564
3. Copy folder named: 1582671564 into your server folder
4. Rename the folder: @PartyMe
5. Copy Key inside @PartyMe folder and transfer it to folder "keys" of your server (if doesn't exist, create the folder)
6. Add to your -mod= party me ( e.g: -mod=@CF;@PartyMe; )
7. Launch your server

Custom images / Icons for trackers

- Create an or download a TGA (For transparency image need alpha channel)
- Add image into C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\DayZ\TrackingIcons
- In game press P go in options through the O next to close window
- In Icon 1 (Or 2) Image Name section, add the name of the image (That don't need the .tga, mod add it by default)
- Click Apply

Note: The new icon appear only with new party members

What now ?

- Party up to 5 players
- HUD of party members life and name
- Party member tracking
- Tracker settings
- HUD settings
- You can implement your own icon tracker
- Key binding for menu and hide trackers in dayz settings

What next ?

- Server settings for turning off friendly fire of member in same party
- Server settings for turning off party tracker
- Server settings for turning off player health
- Inspect party members outfits

There are many things to exploit; and I invite you to give ideas to complete this mod !
If you have a problem, open a new discussion on the steam page of the mod.


Thank's for OP, Not A Banana and Axelander for testing the mod with me !
Huge thank's to Rak for helping me to sign files correctly.
Also a big thank's for creators of RPCFramwork, life is easier with that.

I develop this Mod in my free time, I create the content for myself, but also to produce content that would please the community! I was asked why I didn't have a donation section, so why not create it, if you want to help me buy in my external purchases of everyday life it would be appreciated! Make a donation here![] Thank's for supporting me guys and using my mod!

Repack and others:

You are authorized to repack the mod. But, I like you to read my opinion on it.
Also, if you repack, quote me, or at least the steam page of the mod.

Repacking mods will not improve your server's performance; using the excuse that it will reduce the number of mod names is slightly stupid.

Server hosts can create groups of mods to overcome this problem, or clients using the official or unofficial DayZ launcher can download mods before entering a server.

Concerning people wishing to make changes to the mod, if you only want to change a few values, I advise you to make a mod that mod PartyMe. You can find more details on the official DayZ wiki:

The main advantage, is that you change only what you need, instead of having all the code, rework a code, even a few lines, if you don't know where you are you can quickly get lost. Especially in the current mod code which is not documented.

That's all I have to say, having a little credit if you do repacking or modification will be a great pleasure!

Have a good time!
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Scorp Jul 30 @ 3:59pm 
Is there anyway to increase the number of people in a party?
adapterraptor Mar 27 @ 1:10pm 
this mod is great just wish you could make it so they have to wear armbands like factions so people cant just join you find you and kill you because my server has factions and i want to put this mod but im afraid people are going exploit it
Farticus Mar 23 @ 4:51am 
errors with compatibility with dayz editor in offline mode.
Knightmare Mar 8 @ 12:20am 
Is there a way to have the party saved so there's no need to add players again to the party after reconnecting? Thank you for making this great party mod!
moomasterX Feb 28 @ 6:32pm 
how do you see player ids?
♪Dj'Ctavia♫  [author] Feb 21 @ 12:34pm 
Thank's for your feedback!
Noize Feb 21 @ 12:30pm 
Well, i thought the same that i had misclicked somehow. After i tried for a second time, it actually downloaded 3 mods, none of them were the plugins i needed.

After the 3th time, i had your mod. It was a really strange day tho, as if steam workshop had some hiccups today. No names in comments but numbers, workshop items that doenst exsist, i think its related to that so i'm leaving it for now.

Thought, ill let you know its solved now. Happy weekend!
♪Dj'Ctavia♫  [author] Feb 21 @ 11:10am 
5 mods for PartyMe? You're probably downloading the bundle of a server modifying layout mostly, only CF and PartyMe itself are needed for running, asks to server owner where you're playing, he could probably answer you more accuratly on why they are needed than me since I don't know which mods has been installed for you!
Noize Feb 21 @ 1:45am 
any reason why i download 5 mods for just party me?
♪Dj'Ctavia♫  [author] Jan 14 @ 9:53pm 
You're free to do whatever you want with the mod at your own risk, I invite you to read the last part description of the mod ;)