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Dec 4, 2018 @ 6:07pm
Jul 25 @ 12:09pm
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Thank's to you guys for reaching the 100k Subscribers!

New potentials UI design for next version, feedbacks in comment or discord would be appreciated ! - V1 -V2

Important: stop asking upgrade of party members boys, it will be in next patch, I promise lmao

Status: Semi-Stable
[WARNING] The mod is Client AND Server side.



This mod will allow you to group with your comrades in arms, now you can keep an eye on their lives.
For opening party manager press P

Server Installation

1. Subscribe to workshop mod
2. Find folder of mod it should be located in something like %SteamFolder%\workshop\content\221100\1582671564
3. Copy folder named: 1582671564 into your server folder
4. Rename the folder: @PartyMe
5. Copy Key inside @PartyMe folder and transfer it to Key of your server
6. Add to your -mod= party me ( e.g: -mod=@CF;@PartyMe; )
7. Launch your server

Custom images / Icons for trackers

- Create an or download a TGA (For transparency image need alpha channel)
- Add image into C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\DayZ\TrackingIcons
- In game press P go in options through the O next to close window
- In Icon 1 (Or 2) Image Name section, add the name of the image (That don't need the .tga, mod add it by default)
- Click Apply

What now ?

- Party up to 5 players
- HUD of party members life and name
- Party member tracking
- Tracker settings
- HUD settings
- You can implement your own icon tracker

What next ?

- Server settings for turning off friendly fire of member in same party
- Server settings for turning off party tracker
- Server settings for turning off player health
- Inspect party members outfits

There are many things to exploit; and I invite you to give ideas to complete this mod !
If you have a problem, open a new discussion on the steam page of the mod.


Thank's for OP, Not A Banana and Axelander for testing the mod with me !
Huge thank's to Rak for helping me to sign files correctly.
Also a big thank's for creators of RPCFramwork, life is easier with that.

I develop this Mod in my free time, I create the content for myself, but also to produce content that would please the community! I was asked why I didn't have a donation section, so why not create it, if you want to help me buy in my external purchases of everyday life it would be appreciated! Make a donation here![] Thank's for supporting me guys and using my mod!

[ I do not authorize this mod to be re-packed, re-uploaded, or modified in any way ]
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RAKETA 11 hours ago 
hi when will you update the mod?
KENSI |RUS| 23 hours ago 
hi when will you update the mod?
Hi, when will you update the mod?
Burschi Oct 12 @ 8:30am 
Hello Guys,

we use it on our OFG Servers nice Mod.

Description []

Greetz Burschi
♪Dj'Ctavia♫  [author] Oct 10 @ 11:42pm 
I'll check that soon, thank's Atze.
ServerAtze Oct 10 @ 7:12pm 
Is it allowed to pack your mod in other modpacks?
if not he does it.
NOVA Oct 7 @ 10:54am 
woo awesome!
♪Dj'Ctavia♫  [author] Oct 6 @ 11:37pm 
I don't think I'll make it through this mod if I would do it NOVA, main reason is mod depedency, some people would play with my mod and only marker without a map mod, other does, I don't want to force anyone to add a mod by force ! But I take note on your suggestion, your not the first one to ask it, so expect sort of addon !
NOVA Oct 5 @ 8:25pm 
can you please add the ability to see your party members on the map if possible?
Ghost_Rider_Max Oct 5 @ 7:32pm 
Love this mod use it all the time on BWAF :D Would love to be able to form groups bigger than 5 people though. :steamhappy: