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Description is OCE's most popular DayZ server! We strive to provide a unique game play experience while staying true to the original vision of DayZ as much as possible.

The best way to connect to our server is by using DZSA Launcher located at

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Created by Dibbles
Modpack for server.

This mod is required to join our Modded servers.

The easiest way to connect to our server, is to use DZSALauncher,
which you can find here

Special thanks to Cl0ud
Created by ComatoseBadger
New Buildings for use in DayZ Standalone.
New Billboard as Dayz ones wont allow for a custom texture.
01/24/2020 Added 2 new Wooden Billboards
10/31/19 Fixed the tutorial config
06/27/19 Added new Building Billboard signature update
01/11/19 Simpleba...
Better Combination Lock
Created by Room Service
Want a better combination lock in general?

I am fairly certain that this will break all combination locks currently on the map, but it will be worth it.

This mod tur...
Created by Jacob_Mango
There may be some bugs. If you do find some, report them in them on my GitHub here[]

This is the first set of GUI based admin tools created by the...
Created by thurston

This mod allows you to be able to move whilst you have your inventory open!

If anyone finds any bugs or problems with it, contact me on Discord: Thurston#3469 or leave a comment!

If you also want to see what wa...
Created by Jacob_Mango
This is a Community framework for DayZ SA.

One notable feature is it aims to resolve the issue of conflicting RPC type ID's and mods.

For help on using this mod in your own projects, follow this README on github the Community-Framework github [url=ht...
Created by KILLJOY
You are free to add the mod to your collection or use it on your server If you'd like
but please do not repack it as a new mod or remove credit from clothing.

This mod includes:
White Boonie hat
White Cargo pants
White Combat boots
Multicam Alpine ...
Created by Dr_J0nes
This Mod brings AI Trader, Tradercitys and Safezones to DayZ!
The standard Currency is the Ruble Item. You can Buy and Sell Items at the Tradercitys or just relax at the Safezones. The standard Tradercity-Locations are at Green-Mountain and Kumyr...
Created by DaOne
Instructions to install and use the mod will unlock after you donate!

Just you content.

Press M to open...
Created by Not A Banana
Official support channel for Weapon Redux Pack:

This mod's aims is to bring back most if not all of the guns missing to .63 back into the game in a placeholder state, as well as some other guns from the game files that have ne...
Created by DeanosBeano
Here we go again

same as before

I will update as i learn again time is short at moment

Camo is broken because well erm lets try and find out.

Only Jeeps for now no Buggy till weekend

No kubel because there is a better one out ...
Code Lock
Created by Room Service
Code Lock is aimed at simplifying the base combination lock. No longer will you have to scramble to lock a gate that gives access to your base. There are also tons of configurable settings for this mod including logs, raid times, ra...
Created by Not A Banana

Support channel for this mod:

MoreGuns is a well named mod that attempts to increase the armory of DayZ even further than it is now, while maintaining as high of a level of quality and polish as currently ...
Visit Chernarus in the most beautiful season...
Almost every single texture is edited.
Replaced countless assets from the Livonia-Map to the Chernarus-Map.
changed the Ghillie Suit too(Replacement - no new classes!)