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IJ's Custom Owned Trailer
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Dec 3, 2018 @ 10:55am
Mar 25 @ 6:11am
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IJ's Custom Owned Trailer

This mod contains a custom Owned Curtain & Flatbed Trailer based around the SCS trailers, and has a significant amount of options for tuning.

For templates and skinning info please see the discussion thread.

Change Log:
Version 9: TBC - Please note: This version will require you to sell any SDC trailers and repurchase them.
Rework of SDC 4m trailer model.
Rework of SDC trailer locations.
Support for game versions 1.44 and older will be dropped.

Version 8.x:
Crash fix for game version 1.47

Version 8:
Gray & Adams Reefer Trailer Added
Some minor quality updates to the GA double deck.

Version 17.4:
Added Mudflaps for GADD
Removed ToolBox accessory for DD
Added missing extinguisher to F_body
Bug fixes

Version 17.3:
New Rear Bumper Lights
Custom Number Plates - Not available for all rear bumpers in this build.
Dry / Reefer with Side Door
New Aero Skirts for Aero Chassis
SDR Refit
SDC Refit

Version 17.2:
1.44 update - new PMA model version for landing legs
Added SCS trailer versions of the NHS Charity skin.

Version 17.1:
Tweaked shadow for Double Deck Trailer

Version 17:
Added custom tipper
Tweaked EuroLED II lights
Added white xmas light option

Version 6.11:
Added Christmas Lights for dryvan and reefer.

Version 6.10:
Changes for 1.43
Removal of old Michelin trailer tyres & additional of no-paint versions of the new DLC tyres.

Version 6.8:
Bug Fixes

Version 6.7:
Removed reflectors requirement from WF and Dry/Reefer Boxes so they can be removed completely.
Added rear reflectors with no side reflectors.
Changed the Dry/Reefer side reflectors to be solid on the bottom instead of squares.

Version 6.6:
1.41 related changes
Added double deck owned trailer*
Added Gray & Adams owned trailer*
*Please note that these are the first two trailers I have made from scratch, they may not be perfect.

Version 6.1:
Added dry van front top light nodes
New rear bumper lights (EcoLED II)
Hauling Hope skins
NHS skins (charity event)

Version 6:
General 1.40 changes
Tweaked painted mudflap texture

Version 5.13:
Added horizontal square reflector options for dryvan/reefer.
Updated trailer rim shop icons.
Added shop icons for truck lux (inverse and edge) rims.
Added Michelin tyres for trailer + no paint versions. - Requires Michelin DLC
Updated tyre icons in shop.
Fixed missing textures on cargo.

Where can I find more of your Work?

Most of my mods can be found on my Wordpress page[] I only keep a limited amount of mods on Workshop as I find it more of a pain to keep updated. All Wordpress mods are kept updated, and all use Google Drive links. No shoddy download sites with questionable ads.

Do you accept donations?

Sure just send a donation to my PayPal[] page or become a Patron[]. All donations are greatly appreciated and help to keep my mods going.


All my mods are release under a Creative Commons license. Full information & terms can be found here:
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Alison Oct 27 @ 10:02pm 
Trucking Adventures Sep 13 @ 6:25am 
@woldguy100 Read the description. His pc is broken and is unable to update it but works fine for me on 1.48
UKRGazBank Sep 11 @ 6:30am 
Does it work in MPtruckers or playing together Ets with friends?
charlie08black Aug 12 @ 9:15am 
where is templates?
WolfGuy100 Aug 7 @ 9:58pm 
Never mind, just saw your news about PC failure...I'm sorry that happened! Hopefully you're able to get it altogether in the future :)
WolfGuy100 Aug 7 @ 9:47pm 
Do you plan to update this mod? Because apparently, either this mod or other trailer mod is causing some sort of crash. I'll update you if I got another crash. I removed other trailer tuning mod and see if it works
[CVMA]Popeye_x27 Jul 3 @ 4:03pm 
Attention please; IJ has had a catastrophic pc failure, please consider donating:
gofundme com recover-from-a-catastrophic-pc-failure
Skippy Jul 2 @ 3:56pm 
Update: It was a different tuning mod lol
Skippy Jul 2 @ 3:52pm 
The "Custom Pretuned" tab in the trailer store page crashes my game when i try to select it
_bratan_35i_ Jun 11 @ 4:03am 
hey one question the trailer lights can you add them to slots that you can attach the lights to slots like the license plate please