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How to play KnightComp - A Knight's favourite Competitive Mode
By SolarLight (KnightComp Admin) and 1 collaborators
This guide will teach you the basics on how to play Demoknight in a competitive environment - without getting yelled at for "throwing" or playing badly.
What is KnightComp?

"This somehow looks like a sh*tpost but plays nothing like one."

KnightComp is a Competitive 6v6 mode where you can run up to 6 Demoknights, up to 1 Soldier, and up to 1 Medic. No other classes are allowed in gameplay, and no stickybombs are allowed. This forces each team to use 4 or more Demoknights.

In a short period of time, KnightComp has gathered a dedicated and healthy community that has a united love for Demoknight gameplay. Demoknight players have historically been discouraged from playing other competitive formats such as 6v6, Highlander and Prolander, for various reasons. But with this gamemode, the Tides have Turned. For WE are now in control of the rules.

Are you a Demoknight player? Players of all skill levels are welcomed!
What are the rules, exactly?
First and foremost, every single type of Demoknight is allowed! This includes Hybrid Knights, Pure/Full/Bootie Knights, Cannon Knights, Bottle Knights, whatever. There is no limitation on what type of Demoknight you can play as. Unless it involves stickies, but if you're using those are you really a Demoknight?

Team size: 6v6

  • No limitations on Demoman
  • Maximum 1 Medic
  • Maximum 1 Soldier
  • No other classes are allowed in gameplay

Weapon bans:
  • No Stickybomb Launcher
  • No Scottish Resistance
  • No Quickiebomb Launcher
  • No Sticky Jumper
  • No Vaccinator (Ban necessary because of the explosive-biased nature of the format)
  • No B.A.S.E Jumper (Ban necessary because of the sheer lack of hitscan weapons in this mode. In addition, Boot Knights have no means of damaging a parachuting Soldier at all.)

That's right. All grenade weapons are allowed. Rocket Launchers are allowed. Even the Quick-Fix and Reserve Shooter are allowed. Go nuts.

Anyone who uses any form of forbidden weapon with intent to disrupt the match's intended gameplay will be punished. You may not be warned.

Gamemodes in particular follow ETF2L ruling.
  • King of the Hill is played first to 3.
  • 5CP is played in a 30 minute server timelimit. When timelimit runs out, team with most rounds won is decided as winner. Win-difference of 5.

What does it play like?
Almost everyone in the server.

KnightComp plays less like Medieval and more like traditional 6v6. Some people roam across the map and try to harrass the flank or go behind the opposing team. Others tend to the Medic in an attempt to protect him.

Because the Tide Turner is a shield that grants massive amounts of damageless mobility, this mode can get very hectic and fast paced. On maps like Process and Badlands where Hybrid can be very viable, it can sometimes be even faster than traditional 6v6 due to how many trimping options are available.

On the other hand, maps like Gullywash are very close-quarters and can be very Boot-dominant. Be wary when near corners, expect the unexpected, and don't get baited!

Here's a fragvideo from a Tide Turner player's perspective:
Is there a meta?
We don't know at this point in time. Nonetheless, I can give you some recommendations.

Having a Medic and a Soldier on your team is recommended, though some teams have managed to win with a team consisting of ONLY Demomen.

The Chargin' Targe can be useful for tanking damage, perhaps as a pocket role. Pair it with an Iron Bomber and any decent melee of your choosing and you have yourself someone who is wanting to help protect their team's Medic and act as the main tank. You could also use a Loose Cannon, since it is very strong at denying charges, effectively being a counter to Boots in exchange for being worse against Hybrids.

The Tide Turner is a powerful tool for roamers. It allows you to cover massive distance in a short amount of time, and allows you to focus more on your grenades. As a result, you'll want to use an Iron Bomber with this. Claidheamh Mor is also recommended because it extends your charge duration and lets you charge instantly after a melee kill if paired with this shield. This combo is great for attacking weakened players or harrassing, especially when it comes to Medics.

The Splendid Screen is seemingly a go-to for anyone who wants to use the Ali Baba's Wee Booties. A Demoman with the Boots and Splendid Screen is able to get critical melee swings, especially if you take advanatge of more primitive forms of trimping. It is notable that no melee resistance exists. Eyelander or Persian Persuader is recommended for this loadout.
The KnightComp League
The home of competitive Demoknighting, regardless of type. SFM Artwork by ReCommN

KnightComp League Season 1 has opened, and will be your one and only place to compete to be the best Demoknight in the world. Or just goof around and see how far you get. It's entirely up to you. Either way, Season 1 will support divisions for EU and NA. We hope that Asia and Australia will follow in future seasons.

To sign up for the league, join the KnightComp League Discord Channel[]. You will be redirected to the signup page when it goes up.

Compete for glory, or for one of these amazing medals created by Squeezit.
Where do I sign up?
If you are in Europe:
SolarLight's Discord Server has been repurposed for hosting the EU KnightComp games. This is the most popular region for KnightComp. Please make sure to follow rules.

If you are in America:

We have recently created an NA Discord server. Please note that this server is very new, and we're looking for people to host games in the NA region.

If you are in Asia:

A group of Japanese players have decided to open a Discord for hosting KnightComp games in that general area, officially endorsed by the original KnightComp staff. If that sounds most relevant to you, you should join that one!

In addition, they've translated this guide into Japanese!

What else?
Our Steam Group also puts out announcements when pick-up games start. Just in case Discord was not enough on its own. Link below:

Reminder again: We're looking for NA pug hosters and players. If you are an NA player and you want to play this gamemode, then by all means message us on the EU server!
Want to help?
KnightComp is a brand new format. This means we are looking for staff, particularly staff for NA and Asia. If you want to see this gamemode played in NA or Asia, and you're willing to learn how works, please join the Discord server linked in the "Where do I sign up?" section and give SolarLight a message. He will provide you with the required config file and instructions.
Common questions
Why not Degroot Keep, or other Medieval Mode maps?
Simple, Medieval bans Hybrid Knight (and many other weapons), which is not only a shame but it also introduces inconsistency in the rules.

When does Season 1 start?
Dates are not confirmed yet but we hope to open the signup period at the end of January, or early February. From that point, there will be several weeks for you to prepare your team and sign up. After those weeks pass, the season will start and you will be given a match to complete every week until the season is over.

How is this league operating?
We're going to be operating through Discord and Challonge. I know some of you out there won't like using Discord, but please bear with this for the first season. We hope to launch a website at some point in the future, which would make things easier for Season 2. Unfortunately, websites take time to develop, which is why Season 1 will use Discord and Challonge.

A unique Discord server for KnightComp League Season 1 will be opened when sign-ups start. If you want to play in the season you will have to join that Discord server. You will be notified of this through the existing pick-up game discords, and the Steam Group, via announcements.

How do I find a team? -OR- How do I find players for my team?
We will provide Discord channels for this within the KnightComp League Season 1 Discord server.

Do we get in-game medals? What are the types?
Yes! You can get either a Participant medal, or if you're really skilled, you and your team can get Gold, Silver or Bronze team medals!

And, if you're really helpful, you can ALSO get a KnightComp Helper Medal, meaning you get double the medal!

What qualifies for a KnightComp Helper Medal?
Acting as staff for a long period of time, providing quality artwork that ends up being used within promos, hosting large numbers of pickup games, gathering large numbers of players who end up joining teams or several pick-up games (with proof of you doing this), among other things.

In short, if SolarLight decides that you've helped the community, he will grant you a helper medal. You'll need to make your efforts visible though, Solar isn't omnipresent and can't see everything at once.

You cannot get any more than one Helper Medal, unless something has gone horribly wrong.
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SolarLight (KnightComp Admin)  [author] Feb 16 @ 2:45am 
lgbt let's get this bread Feb 15 @ 6:10pm 
Once I enter my team into the competition, am I still able to add players to my team?
Smudgeiyo54 Feb 14 @ 6:41pm 
Aww... No Aussie? :steamsad:
MrPhoney Feb 12 @ 10:09pm 
Sounds odd...
SolarLight (KnightComp Admin)  [author] Feb 12 @ 1:42pm 
As far as I am aware, does not allow for being in multiple teams at once. You can participate as a merc for another team whilst already in a team, but mercing won't count as you actually being in their team's roster.

They'll probably figure out that only allows for one team at a time.
lgbt let's get this bread Feb 12 @ 1:29pm 
Can players be part of multiple teams within the league? If not, what should I do about players that have joined my team and are advertising for a separate team as well?
Flying Seducing Bread🍞 Feb 12 @ 12:42pm 
pl4nty Feb 12 @ 4:22am 
can we get an F for aus players
SolarLight (KnightComp Admin)  [author] Feb 10 @ 12:27pm 
Default match days are Saturdays at 7PM GMT/EST for EU/NA. You can play your match on an earlier date/time if you ask your opponents and they agree.
lgbt let's get this bread Feb 10 @ 9:15am 
At what time do the matches normally take place? or is that within our discretion?