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Stygian Building Kit
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Nov 30, 2018 @ 7:13pm
Oct 29 @ 10:30pm
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Stygian Building Kit

A simple kit for making clay brick buildings based on those found in Sepermeru. There's a 1 point feat under master mason to learn recipes.

Known issues:
*Pool lacks water physics and underwater shader.

Mod compatibility notes
item/recipe IDs: 1775041-1775062
feat ID: 1775040

(Gates for fence frame can be found here: )
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< >
williamsheridan11 Nov 28 @ 3:57pm 
and maybe make the houses accessible
williamsheridan11 Nov 28 @ 2:02pm 
Just an idea, could you add a "Pool ground plate" so basically a floor or1/4 high foundation with water on top so we can make pools wider than 2?
illspirit  [author] Nov 12 @ 11:09am 
No idea what could be causing that. Will it let you snap new pieces onto the buildings?
Khorthar Nov 10 @ 10:47pm 
I no longer have the option to select individual components.
Only what is behind the wall appears in the radial menu.

The walls are partially permeable and I can disappear into them

Climbing on the house ends in this

Do you have an idea what happened there and how I can change that?
illspirit  [author] Oct 29 @ 1:57am 
Working on updates now.
TornadoF5 Oct 28 @ 3:21pm 
Any chance we can get an update? I know it stinks with the new devkit, but pretty please? With sugar on top?
Eccentric Satyr Oct 26 @ 12:08pm 
Any chance you would be willing to share your uasset recipe table with me and AbsolutePheonix so we can add your mod to the builder's workbench reborn and the addon? It would mean we override your recipes table but your mod assets would be safe. (your mod would be a soft requirement of ours and this would not cause any issues for updating for you other than resharing the recipe table if you change it)
Pizzalicious Oct 20 @ 11:16am 
Hows the mod doing over a month later?
Boni Oct 20 @ 6:03am 
Hey, we were using your mod on our server and i don't know what it is but my game either crashes to desktop or just straight up bluescreens me whenever i interact with any of the pieces from the mod. Even loading into the game straight up next to the tiles practically makes it impossible, i straight up crashes the game or just bluescreens me. I thoroughly tested it to make sure it was the build set pieces and nothing else in singleplayer and even that did it. Just thought I'd post it here so maybe you can take a look into it for possible fixes or something. Otherwise its a pretty smooth and sweet mod. Thanks :DerketoMask:
The 20 Aeons Old Chronocoomer Sep 19 @ 12:12am 
Is it possible for you to consider making a fence piece that does damage to climbers, like vanilla game fence pieces do?