War for the Overworld

War for the Overworld

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Community Spotlight - November 2018
A collection of developer curated maps from the November 2018 Community Spotlight
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True Mystical Journey. Enhanced Edition. Skill : Above Average - Very High.
Created by Green.Sliche
You are fresh Underlord named Tayriel who was summoned by Chaos Lord himself for his plan to train the Ultimate Underlord. Fight against other Underlords and learn new skills and tricks which will help you progress further. Prove Chaos Lord that you are th...
Charred Web
Created by K84
Four Underlords seem to have become entangled in the heat and confusion of this fiery, labyrinthine realm.

- 3 Core Shards per player.
- 4 Underworld Gateways.
- 5 Nether Shrines.
- 4 Artefacts of Experience.
- 4 Artefacts of Mana.
- Neutral Molten Skargs...
Fly Away Home
Created by Addoom
4v4 map featuring a gaping chasm and limited options. You'll need plenty of flying units....
Greed - Die Gier
Created by Cr4nK
In the middle of this land lies a Shrine surrounded by Gold and treasures. Many Underlords came here and fought for aeons to get this Shrine under their control but they all got infested by a illness. The greed slowly determines their thoughts and allies b...
HP004 - Too Close
Created by HPoltergeist
V4 - Added more quartz and rocky texture.

It seems that the enemies are too close here, but let's not rush ahead... This map is full of caves and passages, that is one thing, but the countless breach spots, islands and bridges make this map highly strateg...
Icey Peak
Created by Shocky
"Welcome to Icey Peak, Underlord. It looks like Iriana has completely lost control of this mountain a long time ago, because Empire are entrenced all way up the mountain sides. Better have your wits about you while climbing up to the throne room, otherwise...
Shifting Gears.
Created by Slydra Wolf
Underlord, Wellcome to fort Geartres. A fortress apon my command built and managed by underlord volta untill I had him move to other objectives...

Now for the reason why you are here...

The drone volta left in charge seems to have broken a few bolts and...
Valley of Blood
Created by Cr4nK
1v1 King of the Underhill Map...
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