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Ratkin Edition
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New Ratkin Race mod
This mod improvement of older versions and adds new content.
Unfortunately, it is not compatible with old version.
Please start with a new game.

What is the Ratkin
Ratkin is a human-like species with mice genes. They are small, agile but a bit weak race.
There have advantages on mining and agriculture, but they have minor disadvantage to fighting.
But as they go through the research, can overcome the disadvantages in fighting.

+ Faster Mining speed
+ Bonus on Agricultural
+ Bonus to Toxic Sensitivity and Immunity gain speed
+ Temperature resistance slightly high.

- Penalty for aiming Speed and
- PainShock limits are little lower than human
- Carrying Capacity bit low and gain hunger faster
- Disadvantage of Social impact

What is different from the old version?
- Rebalance race stat and equipment
- Add new clothes and weapons
- Add factional and race characteristics
- Add race research
- Add a variety of different jobs and fashions
- Add BackStory
- Add Ratkin's Production Building

Ratkin weapons have the following characteristics.
+ Higher penetration
- Lower Damage and little Short Range

Ratkin's equipment consists of a total of 3 tiers.
And from 2 tiers, it adds a professional effect.

Ratkin Kingdom
The new faction, will be more merciful.
They will always be friendly unless you do something bad.

Storyteller Rotty Milden
Rotty Milden, based on random, is a little more benevolent storyteller than RandyRandom.

- Increases the frequency of minor accidents
- Reduces the frequency of major accidents.
- Mitigated the destruction of events by overlapping events with complete randomness.

Art: Gloomylynx CC BY-NC-ND[creativecommons.org]
Programming, Content: NukaFrog CC BY-NC-SA[creativecommons.org]

Mod used for Preview
Statue of Colonist[1.0]
Gloomy Furniture

Direct Download Link: GitHub[github.com]

Remove pawnkind - Deletion by copyright request
- Ratkin_SeamstressStudent
- Ratkin_GuardenerB
- Ratkin_Seamstress
- Ratkin_FarmLaborer
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Evensong May 7 @ 5:37pm 
the ratkin cannon seems to be broken for me.. no mater what I did I always got "no unreserved shells" despite all other mortars and cannons from other mods working fine for me.
Sleepless Homunculus May 5 @ 1:53am 
Social Impact actually has a small buff.
The Negotiation ability (wardening) is what got a debuff.

Research speed also takes a big hit.
Nitsah May 1 @ 3:36am 
@dzlockhead it's intergrated in the latest update actually it has been for a while.
Proxyer Apr 30 @ 11:02pm 
Update: 1 May, 2021
- Removed the prototype pulse rifle from the initial equipment at the beginning of the game.
dzlockhead Apr 28 @ 5:09pm 
Any CE compatibility patches coming? Can't seem to find one myself
Proxyer Apr 25 @ 11:25am 
Update: 26 Apr, 2021
- Changed the equipment of ratkin demoman.
- Comment out "pulse tech" research.
- Changed "prototype pulse rifle" to non-production.
- Reduced "RangedWeapon_Cooldown" for "ratkin shotgun" from 1.3 to 1.1.
Cost Changed: WoodLog x20 , Steel x35 , Component x2 to
WoodLog x30 , Steel x55 , Component x5.
"Buck bullet" changed; warmupTime 1.25 to 0.9, base damage 3 to 5,
stopping power 1 to 2, AP 20% to 45%.
"Slug bullet" changed; warmupTime 1.75 to 1.55, range 26.9 to 27.9,
base damage 18 to 25, stopping power 2.5 to 3.5, AP 35% to 60%.
Legacy of a Bellringer Apr 24 @ 6:31pm 
Not seeing any recent updates in the Update Log. What got updated? D:
Ayaka Apr 24 @ 3:01pm 
Oh hey, did you update the Ratkin Order Uniform? It's more dress like in appearance, it seems.
*눈꽃* Apr 18 @ 7:54pm 
아니다 CLS모드 문제였어요 !
*눈꽃* Apr 18 @ 7:53pm 
모자모드 문제인지는 모르겠지만 모자를 쓰면 머리카락이 작아져서 탈모와요.... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ