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Ratkin Edition
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New Ratkin Race mod
This mod improvement of older versions and adds new content.
Unfortunately, it is not compatible with old version.
Please start with a new game.

What is the Ratkin
Ratkin is a human-like species with mice genes. They are small, agile but a bit weak race.
There have advantages on mining and agriculture, but they have minor disadvantage to fighting.
But as they go through the research, can overcome the disadvantages in fighting.

+ Faster Mining speed
+ Bonus on Agricultural
+ Bonus to Toxic Sensitivity and Immunity gain speed
+ Temperature resistance slightly high.

- Penalty for aiming Speed and
- PainShock limits are little lower than human
- Carrying Capacity bit low and gain hunger faster
- Disadvantage of Social impact

What is different from the old version?
- Rebalance race stat and equipment
- Add new clothes and weapons
- Add factional and race characteristics
- Add race research
- Add a variety of different jobs and fashions
- Add BackStory
- Add Ratkin's Production Building

Ratkin weapons have the following characteristics.
+ Higher penetration
- Lower Damage and little Short Range

Ratkin's equipment consists of a total of 3 tiers.
And from 2 tiers, it adds a professional effect.

Ratkin Kingdom
The new faction, will be more merciful.
They will always be friendly unless you do something bad.

Storyteller Rotty Milden
Rotty Milden, based on random, is a little more benevolent storyteller than RandyRandom.

- Increases the frequency of minor accidents
- Reduces the frequency of major accidents.
- Mitigated the destruction of events by overlapping events with complete randomness.

Art: Gloomylynx
Programming: NukaFrog

Mod used for Preview
Statue of Colonist[1.0]
Gloomy Furniture

Direct Download Link: GitHub[github.com]

Translation Fix

Alien Body Addon Graphic Bug Fix
When Ratkin sleeps on a bed, the problem with no ears drawn has been fixed.

New Weapon
Dagger, One/Two handed sword

Wooden lance, Heavy lance
Melee Weapon with high penetration and destructive power. It's hard to hit if Melee skill is low.

Add Backstory & Pawnkind
Knight: Knight is specialized for melee combat.

Faction Group rebalancing

Pluse Rifle drop rate rebalancing

Add Research
Piercing Weapon: Can make a penetrating weapon(Heavy Lance).

Change Log
Readjustment due to newly added research coordinates & prerequisites.

Ratkin research changed
The cost of the following research has 30% increased.
Micro optical 600 -> 780
Flechette bullet 1200 -> 1560
Pulse tech 2600 -> 3380
High class clothing 1200 -> 1560

And can research it without racial restrictions. (Any race is possible.)

Ratkin glasses
A bonus research speed(+40%) has been added.

Ratkin race stats
A research speed has been reduced from -10% -> -20%
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Nov 12 @ 2:29am
PINNED: Bug Report
< >
AquamanIV Dec 4 @ 9:52am 
Okay, fiddling around with it a little, it looks like the turret had the weapons accuracy profile, declaring accuracy at certain ranges. I switched it out with the <ShootingAccuracyTurret> (I made it .96 like vanilla mini turret).
Now the turret weapon has a list of accuracy at ranges, and the turret base has a static accuracy, I think it's far more representative of what was intended. (the same 20% shot from before is now closer to 40%)
AquamanIV Dec 2 @ 8:25pm 
Is the balista supposed so inaccurate? The description calls it precise, but I find it often shooting with around 20% chance to hit. It says the weapon is at around ~70% accuracy but no matter what pawn is manning it, the shooter is at around ~40%. This is at about 16 tiles away.

I love the ratkin and the balista and I really want to see them work well.
Proxyer Dec 2 @ 7:01pm 
Update : Dec 3, 2019
- Race-specific research has been lifted.

GitHub version only:
- Several race-specific hairstyles are now for both male and female.
Captain Waifu Dec 2 @ 6:02pm 
What updated?
Teleria Nov 28 @ 1:55pm 
Does it work with the Multiplayer Mod?
Koshechka-Ninja Nov 21 @ 1:46pm 
is there a way to make the xmas (red) coat by yourself?
Krasor Nov 21 @ 5:21am 
Hello, is there a possibility to make version for medieval playthrought? Greaaaat mod :D
Proxyer Nov 1 @ 9:52pm 
Update: Nov 02, 2019

- The following hairstyles are now for both men and women.
middl, side tail, WavelongA, long hair(A,B,D,E), ponytailA, side ponytailA
贝克街的阿杰 Oct 28 @ 11:15pm 
Got it. Thanks! @DestyNova
Proxyer Oct 26 @ 5:13am 
Update : 26 Oct, 2019

- The cost of the following research has 30% increased.
"micro optical" 600 -> 780
"flechette bullet" 1200 -> 1560
"pulse tech" 2600 -> 3380
"high class clothing" 1200 -> 1560

- As a racial trait, the research speed penalty has been reduced from -10% to -20%.

- NewRatKin Scenario Holy War "Great Ratkinian Empire (KR:대래키니아제국)" has removed (Commented out).

As a prerequisite for the following research projects (micro optical, flechette bullet, high class clothing, pulse tech), ratkin glasses has been removed. Along with this change, Ratkin glasses bonus for research speed (40% increase) has been added due to the features of the equipment.