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The Celtic Mod
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Nov 30, 2018 @ 7:32am
Aug 19 @ 4:28pm
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The Celtic Mod

Hello, this is a mod aimed at Celtic nations.
It includes several changes to the game regarding the celtic nations and cultures.

List of Features:

-Welsh culture, Scottish culture, and Breton culture are back in the Celtic cultural group.
-Brittany is white on the map and now called Breizh. Wales is yellow and now called Cymru. Scotland is now called Alba. Mann is called Mannin and Cornwall is called Kernow.
-Fixed flags to be more historically accurate: Scotland to the Blue Saltire, Green harp flag for Ireland, Kroaz Du for Brittany.
Historical events for Breton, Scottish, and Welsh cultures.
-Formable Nations: Celtic Empire (ireland, Wales, Scotland, Brittany) and Celtic Union (have all Celtic provinces under your control), Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.
-Fixed rulers names for Brittany.
-Names of provinces corresponding to your main culture.
-Celtic music culturally related (you need to have Irish as an accepted culture to have Irish music for example).

-Even more events for all celtic cultures, both generics and historical
-More music
-Celtic nation names and colonial names
Not compatible with mods that edit:

-Culture file or move them
-Edit the following countries: Brittany, Scotland, Wales, Ireland.

As a result of this, it is not compatible with Extended Timeline or Common Universalis.

If you want to see a mod included here, send me a link and I'll contact the author. If you have ideas, tell me about it.


-Thanks to Neondt for historic Breton and Welsh events. -
-Thanks to Iain the Hunter for his Celtic music mod that I improved. -
-Thanks to Toodle Arms - - for Scottish elements of the mod.
-Thanks to Verenti for the Nova Soctia mod -
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Jan 4 @ 1:04pm
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scurtis94 Sep 4 @ 9:33pm 
oh- neat. Thanks for the reply
MaitreKorda  [author] Sep 3 @ 2:52pm 
It's a mix, Tier 1 is Ireland, but I also use models from Scotland and Brittany.
scurtis94 Sep 2 @ 8:06pm 
by units from the modpack, you mean the Ireland (IRE) units right? Thanks for replying to me :)
MaitreKorda  [author] Sep 2 @ 2:07am 
Yes, I used the units from the modpack as a combination.
That's not great but it's the best thing I can do since I don't know how to make models and the vanilla one is simply ugly.
scurtis94 Sep 1 @ 7:14pm 
by "cultural units", do you mean using the Ireland (IRE) units, Wales units or some other pack? Love the concept of the mod btw.
MaitreKorda  [author] Aug 19 @ 4:58pm 
Mod updated
MaitreKorda  [author] Aug 7 @ 2:15pm 
Be warned, on next update, the mod will have Rule Brittania as a requirement.
I'm going to put cultural units for the Celtic Empire and Celtic Union.
Lukek2012-Monks- Jun 8 @ 3:11am 
Not it's not. Neither the Gaelic Highland culture, nor the Northumbrian base lowland culture is "true" Scottish culture. But if anything Lowland culture has a better claim to being "Scottish" simply because that's is what Scotland was built around. p.s But highland and lowland are a result of different peoples expanding, e.g the King of Bencia, expanding northwards, while the Gaelic highland culture was a result of them expanding from Ireland, and the Islands around Scotland.
MaitreKorda  [author] Jun 8 @ 1:50am 
In the game, Scottish is used to represent English.
Highland is the true Scottish.
Lukek2012-Monks- Jun 4 @ 8:38am 
Scottish culture is Celtic, Highland may be, but not lowlands.