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Not Thiago Mottas 2-7-2 Tactic
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Not Thiago Mottas 2-7-2 Tactic

This tactic is made on a picture I found on Twitter about Thiago Mottas 2-7-2 tactic. However, this turned out to be wrongly interpreted.

The tactic I made isn't Thiago Motta's 2-7-2 Tactic, because this isn't how he plays, but based on the Tweet with the wrong formation.

The tactic focuses on short passes, a small playing field, mainly through the middle of the field with crosses from the wing backs and a counter Gegenpress. If you’re gonna use the tactic, you’ll need to keep the following things in mind:

1. Fast defenders
Since you only have two “real defenders”, you’re going to need defenders who have some pace.

2. Players need stamina
You’re players, especially the wingbacks and the center midfielders, will be running a lot. So they need to have a high stamina rating or else they will be dying at the end of the match.

3. Very attacking
This tactic is very attacking. This isn’t a surprise given the fact that the formation has three attacking midfielders and only two defenders. So keep in mind that it may not work for smaller teams, since they’re of lower quality compared to other teams.

4. Passing
Good passing is very important in this tactic. Especially for the center attacking midfielder; the advanced playmaker. His job is to put the striker in one-on-one situations. The higher his passing rating, the better the tactic will work.

5. Away games
As said before, this tactic is very attacking so away games are sometimes a problem. We suggest at least to change the mentality to Defensive for away games. Or else you’ll be completely overrun in those games.