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Dark Carnival: Remix
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Nov 26, 2018 @ 3:40pm
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Dark Carnival: Remix

Dark Carnival: Remix is a remake of Dark Carnival that restores beta and cut content and adds new areas of Whispering Oaks for you to explore! See the Tunnel of Love with flowing water, the towering Ferris Wheel spinning around, and the explosive Concert finale as it was originally intended. In addition, new mechanics have been added for versus mode that provide for a more competitively balanced experience. There's also a secret ending cutscene that bridges the gap between Dark Carnival and Swamp Fever if you can find all five secret coins (one on each map)! Special thanks to the original designers of Dark Carnival at Valve for providing me with information about its beta development.


1/22/2019 Update

3 new melee weapons added, including a Cymbal, Bass Guitar, and Midnight Riders Guitar to the finale. Rescue closets also added, along with some minor optimizations, bug fixes, and visual improvements. Slight rework to the beginning of Map 3 (The Tunnel of Love). Removed the second Tank in finale in Versus for balance reasons, and tweaked the map point value.

Changelog here:


More information on the restored beta content / new mechanics can be found here:

Valve for information on Dark Carnival's beta development.
Zeon for co-designing.
Daroot Leafstorm for scripting help.
Eranthis for his custom billboard textures.
SpeedBoost for his Ferris Wheel model.
MrFunreal and Roku for technical assistance.
Ysana for texture assistance.
Epilimic for providing a test server.
Olde, Jacob, Sir, Roku for beta testing feedback.

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Jan 16 @ 3:08am
Update 1.3 Bug Report Thread
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XDragneel Natsu 23 hours ago 
I cant get it to appear in my campaign add ons or load it through console commands
lavett Mar 22 @ 10:52pm 
Would be nice if you release midnight riders guitar. Really liked it :)
emeraldgreen72 Mar 19 @ 2:58pm 
I found it to be really unique & enjoyable the finally especially the cymbal and custom guitars were quite cool. I suppose my only complaint was that it felt like it took a bit too long to get to each safe room some more then others as well as having to deactivate some of the rides could sometimes be annoying but since the park is much bigger it took longer for infected to get to you so I felt it was not too overwhelming. Overall a very good campaign and I am eager to see what might be made next from you and others that helped assuming you do more work.
CP Mar 18 @ 5:28pm 
GrayIntel Mar 16 @ 1:19am 
NF  [author] Mar 12 @ 11:47pm 

I actually have a lot of new ideas for the Dark Carnival still, but I haven't yet decided if I will continue updating or start working on a new project!

@アニメ 尺工亡丹尺句回

I haven't heard this bug reported from anyone else, can you try disabling all your other addons, verifying your files, and restarting your game?
uh, the bots won't move
Saxton Mar 7 @ 8:09pm 
This version of Dark Carnival gives a more indepth of the Whispering Oaks Amusement Park than the default amusement park. And it's nice to see beta contents being putted into use.
rapnoize Mar 4 @ 5:07pm 
(I'm not using Steam Workshop for auto-updates)
rapnoize Mar 4 @ 5:06pm 
Any updates still planned?